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How to Use QuickBooks Password Reset Tool

    Automated Password Reset Tool for QuickBooks

    QuickBooks is one of the most widely used, fantastic accounting software. And, to maintain the privacy, passwords are used to keep the data in QuickBooks secured. In order to use all the features of QuickBooks, passwords are used at various different levels. However, at times, the user can forget the password, and there comes the need of an QuickBooks Password Reset Tool.

    This solution is utilized to reset the password of QuickBooks Admin account. This is helpful in the case you have lost the password or forgotten it.

    Important Things That You Will Require In Order To Use Password Reset Tool

    • License number of the accounting software
    • Your contact name
    • Phone number
    • And, your Postcode

    Initially, you would have to choose the tool as per the QuickBooks Accounting Software’s Version that you are currently using.

    Always remember, password reset tool is used only in the cases where you have either lost the Admin password or you have forgotten it completely. The tool helps the user to quickly reset as well as alter the change QuickBooks password into a newer one by just following some very simple and easy steps.

    Firstly, you would need to determine the exact edition of the QuickBooks accounting desktop software.

    Now, you must be thinking how to determine the last edition used?

    Steps for Use QuickBooks Password Reset Tool

    • Firstly, look for both, the product version as well as the important release numbers and after that select the item from the shown list. With a few simple steps you would be able to find out the required answers.
    • Get to the Statement Writer, for this you would have to select Reports in QuickBooks and then click on QuickBooks Statement Writer.
    • Once the program opens up, click on the option that says help. After that, just click on the ‘About’ option.
    • Here, in the About section you will find the version details.
    • Point Of Sale: Click on Help and then go to the Product Information. Here you may find the required details about the version
    • Or in QuickBooks Payroll, click on employees and go to the Payroll Centers.
    • After that, click on Payroll Tab
    • On a MAC, click on Help and product information option to get the necessary details at ones.
    • If you are using the Desktop edition, Press F2 from the keyboard to open up the most necessary Product Information Window.

    Here’s the next step

    • Choose the QuickBooks desktop edition which the user last updated to open the QuickBooks company file.
    • From here, choose the edition of QuickBooks Desktop.
    • Insert all the required details like license number as well as the business info and select Submit.
    • Now, just click on the option that says download.
    • After accepting the download, key in the token number and choose the version of QuickBooks
    • Choose the right company file of which you would like to reset the password.
    • Just enter and confirm the new password.

    Conclusion :

    Listed above are just a couple of steps to get the information about the version. Once, you get it, it is easy to use the Password reset tool. And, if you face problems, do not get stressed because we have got your back! Just dial Quickbooks Support Phone Number to get any kind of QuickBooks related support and QuickBooks enterprise support at any time of the day or night!