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How to Backup QuickBooks Data Files

    Backup your QuickBooks Data Files

    Are you planning to backup copies of your QuickBooks business data to defend against inadvertent data loss? Well, taking a backup of your company data periodically is quite indispensable for your business.

    The reason being is that you can reinstate the backup of your company data with the use of backup copy you have saved with you.

    In this write-up, we shall be describing in detail how you can create a backup of your QuickBooks company records.

    Simple Steps for Creating Backup QuickBooks Data Files

    Note: Please consult our Accounting Problem QuickBooks tech support team member if you are unable to understand the given steps at any point of time.  Call us on our QuickBooks Enterprise Support helpdesk number  .

    1. Turn to single user mode. (Go to File >Turn to Single-user Mode).
    2. Go to QuickBooks File menu; choose Backup Company then Generate Local Backup.
    3. When Create Backup dialog box opens, choose Local Backup then select the Options tab.
    4. When Backup Options dialog box opens, click on Browse and choose the place for the backup copy.
    5. When you have selected the location, hit the OK button
    6. Check the other choices on this page and pick any that you like. Every option is elucidated in detail here. Press OK when you have selected the option.
      1. Look over the Add the day and period of the backup to the file labels (suggested) to make it simpler to differentiate between backup files.
        1. Confirm the box maximum limit for the number of backup copies you can add and provide a number if you wish to limit backup numbers generated for a single company.
      2. Put a tick mark on the box for getting notification for backup creation when you close your file and set the occurrence if you would like to get a regular backup notice.
      3. Choose options for authenticating data when you save. Your choices are:
        1. Full verification (suggested)
        2. Rapider verification
    • No verification
    1. Click Next.
    2. Select whether you wish to save your backup now, schedule it in future , or both:

    Sort Out the Memory of QuickBooks

    Why are QuickBooks Backup Temp folders basically used?

    • The QuickBooks Backup Temp folder is a reserve area for QuickBooks file modules during the QuickBooks Backup (.QBB) file generation procedure.
    • This is a provisional folder that should get erased automatically when the backup is finished.

    Can’t to find the right answers?

    Speak to our Accounting Problem QuickBooks technical support team for immediate assistance in regards to backup creation by calling on our QuickBooks helpline.