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How to Backup Sage 50 File Extension (.ptb files)

    Backup Sage 50 File Extension

    In this article, we shall be discussing in detail about the backup of Sage 50 file extension and explain suggested techniques to backup and restore your Sage company data.

    Do you regularly take a backup of your Sage 50 file extension? If no, then we would recommend you to make it your habit as backing up your business-related data is indisputably one of the most imperative tasks that the subscribed users of this accounting software should carry out periodically. Sometimes the software app runs into processing error which could result in data loss.

    What exactly does the backup of company data mean?

    A backup is a technique that enables the users of accounting software to save complete business-related information in Sage 50 P11D (a backup wizard) and keep a copy of information while running the backup.

    What is the maximum limit of size for Sage 50 backup file extensions?

    A backup of a blank database is roughly 750 KB. However, the file magnitude tends to expand with the number of employers, employees, profits and expenditures you include in the existing data. If the backup turns out to be too enormous while you are trying to run the backup process, then the Backup Wizard divides the complete backup process into different sessions. In case, the backup appears to be extremely massive, then you need to run the Compact and Repair routine to abridge its size.

    Why is essential for all the subscribed users to take the backup periodically?

    It’s certainly significant that you take backups of your P11D data periodically. You may have to reinstate a backup in the given scenarios:

    • Process again because of a slip-up that transpires when you are using Sage 50 P11D.
    • When you are trying to transfer your data to another PC.
    • When your PC becomes impaired or inoperative.
    • When your data is corrupted or impaired.

    How to Store the Sage 50 backups

    There are more than a few ways to store backups and for that, you can perform the following locations:

    • Somewhere on your PC local hard drive.
    • You can make use of the USB memory stick.
    • You can even use a network drive on the respective server.
    • A Tape is one good alternative
    • Zip drive, yet another option to use

    Tip: If you feel confused at any point, get in touch with the Accounting Problem QuickBooks Tech Support Team now.

    It is always good to keep as many backups as possible for as long as you can. This way you can stay rest assured about data security and ensure to save the backup up to a year time frame.

    For Sage 50 backup file extension and restore log, you need to follow the given steps in the sequence as mentioned:

    Whenever you wish to verify the exact location of the backup you have stored, you need to run the Backup and Restore Log report. This report records the backups and restores from Sage 50 P11D and consists of the date, time, and the place the backup was kept or reinstated from.

    Steps for Create and Restore Sage 50 Company File Backups (.ptb files)

    πŸ’  Click on the File menu
    πŸ’  Look for the View Backup & Restore Log and click on the same.

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Take a Backup of Sage 50 File Extension

    Before you back up your data you must ensure you are the only user logged in to the software.

    πŸ’  Firstly, go to the File menu
    πŸ’  Look for the Backup option
    πŸ’  Press on the Next and make sure you have clicked on the β€˜Data Files’
    πŸ’  Click on Next
    πŸ’  To find the drive or folder, press Browse. Otherwise, type the drive and file name into the Path box
    πŸ’  Click Next and then Finish.

    Restore Sage 50 Backup File Extension

    πŸ’  Select File >then Restore and Next.
    πŸ’  To find the sage 50 file extension backup you wish to restore, click Browse.
    πŸ’  Select file type restored, for instance, Data Files > Next. >End.
    πŸ’  Fill in your user name and password details in the boxes given> Login.

    Tip: You need to make sure that the user name and password you are trying to fill in while signing in the Sage 50 P11D are the ones that were filled in during the time backup was processed.

    πŸ’  A Sage 50 P11D window will open and show your newly reinstated data.

    If you have any queries or doubts in regards to Sage 50 backup file extension, feel free to touch base with our highly experienced technicians on Accounting Problem Sage 50 technical support.