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Be Prepared for New Sage 50 US Edition 2020.0

    Sage 50 US edition 2020

    Sage has recently released an official statement their support site about the release of new Sage 50-U.S. Edition 2020 to be launched in July 2019.

    This statement holds a lot of significance as the new version will no longer work on the Pervasive SQL Database Engine. It will be replaced by Actian Zen.

    A New Generation Shift from Pervasive to Actian Zen

    Actian Zen uses a No SQL a database used in real-time web applications with an application programming interface (API). Actian Zen will use a combination of API-based access and SQL relational access. This will enable Actian Zen to offer a perfect blend of performance and the most popular operating environments of SQL.

    Its Zero-DBA design and fantastic backward compatibility enables a rollback and restoration to a lower/previous version database. This makes it significantly adaptable towards Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and the costs are also kept under check.

    A NoSQL and SQL database support enables developers to deliver performance for embedded business applications such as interactive dashboards, reporting platform, etc. with more flexibility under the reliance of standard SQL access.

    Advantages of Latest Upgrade to Actian Zen (V13)

    Actian Zen v13 better support and compatibility for Windows 10 environment. An upgrade is important to maintain the latest Actian Zen.

    Switching to the latest Actian Zen improves the installation which would result in fewer installations, activation, re-activation issues in Sage 50.

    • Better scalability & maintenance
    • Easier backward compatibility with support for multiple versions along with reliable, simple upgrades. Users can move from single-user to large client/server environments without any need to change the application or the database
    • Actian Zen also provides direct access via ODBC so there is no need for an ODBC adapter code that saves a lot of execution time.
    • Nano Foot-print database – Small business users want to hide the complexity of the database are better off with Actian Zen’s installation as it can be kept hidden in the ISV application. Also called “The silent install” it enables users to pick features and discard the ones not needed.

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    Sage 50 2020, will use Actian Zen instead of Pervasive and an upgrade is required to Actian Zen v13 post-Sage 2020.0 release in July 2019. Sage users with an older version of Sage 50 will no longer be able to maintain prior versions along with the new 2020.0 version.

    When you install the latest version 13 Actian Zen on the machine, Sage’s Pervasive License check for versions 2018.2 and earlier looks for 25-character “activation key” for Pervasive; particularly the Pervasive version 11 license key. However as a part of this upgrade, the pervasive v11 keys are made inactive which means that the earlier version of Sage 50 cannot work together.

    • Sage 50 users who do not purchase an annually renewable subscription for Sage 50 should start thinking about upgrading their existing licenses before July of 2019.
    • Users will no longer be able to maintain prior versions (before 2019) along with the latest 2020 version on the same computer.
    • Also, Sage 50 2018.2 and earlier versions will no longer get the customer-support from Sage. All users of 50 2018.2 or earlier need to look for upgrade options.

    Final Words

    Installation of Sage 50 2020.0 needs pre-preparation in terms of installing the necessary pieces of equipment to run different versions of Sage 50 on separate machines. For example, you need to get prepared for running Virtual Machines like VMware. Call Accounting Problem for any assistance regarding issues with the Sage functionality, features, and errors. Avail Sage technical support via different mediums like troubleshooting through remote support over the phone, email, or engage in a live chat session to clear doubts regarding Sage. Keep our Sage 50 Help Desk hand, this is open 24*7. For detailed query on Sage 50-U.S. Edition 2020, you can email us on [email protected]