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Benefit of QuickBooks Desktop Remote Sharing

    It is unquestionably useful to have QuickBooks Desktop remote access. This feature of the Intuit program will benefit numerous businesses in a number of circumstances. You can help your clients whenever they need it using QuickBooks remote access. Receiving remote access to QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Enterprise, and other software versions will be a terrific idea for providing convenience to your organization as well as clientele.

    In this blog, you’ll learn the benefit of QuickBooks Desktop Remote Sharing, different setup methods for it. Moreover, you can discover the advantages, security, and expenses associated with this feature as well.

    Understanding of QuickBooks Desktop Remote Sharing

    QuickBooks remote access is basically a secure server that assists users in accessing their PC from any other system. This requires a strong internet connection. It also allows you to access an email documents, and many other essential things, regardless of the location. This feature also helps in transmitting the files from one system to another. There can be countless benefits of QuickBooks Desktop remote sharing which will be discussed later in this article.

    Important Note: It should be noted that unfortunately after may 31 2020 access to add on services has been discontinued for QuickBooks Desktop for Windows 2017. This also includes the versions of QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise solutions 2017.

    Benefit of QuickBooks Desktop Remote Sharing

    Because of all advantages it provides, many users choose remote access to the QuickBooks program. We estimate that using QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions remote access will provide you more than one benefit.

    Let’s examine each of these advantages individually:
    ✔ You won’t need to travel to your client in order to use QuickBooks if you have remote access to it.
    ✔ Having remote access to QuickBooks will help managers and clients keep track of the accountant’s operations.
    ✔ You can work on QuickBooks from home if travelling is not an option.
    ✔ With remote access to QuickBooks, folders and entire folders can be moved from one computer to another.
    ✔ By using this software function, many users can simultaneously work on the same QuickBooks company file.
    ✔ You may use QuickBooks on a computer or a mobile device with a remote accessibility.
    ✔ No matter where you are, using this function will increase your productivity.
    ✔ You have access to your client’s system at any time using this capability outside of regular business hours.
    ✔ Files and directories can be copied as well as pasted between local and remote computers.
    ✔ Unexpectedly, printing multiple documents using both a local printer and a distant system is also possible.

    Intuit Supported Remote Access Options

    When using QuickBooks’ remote access feature, we have the choice that is given below.

    Let’s examine those options:

    Switching to QuickBooks Online

    QuickBooks Online is one of Intuit’s best products and performs all of its functions entirely in the cloud. All that is needed to access this is an active internet connection, which can be found almost anywhere. According to plan one’s alternatives, the amount of staff that will collaborate can be chosen.

    Due to its extensive security features and usage of remote servers for data storage, QuickBooks Online also protects data from unauthorized users, viruses, and malware attacks. The one drawback to QuickBooks Online is that not all of the capabilities that are available in QuickBooks Desktop are available. Compared to the PC version, it is very different.

    Hosting QuickBooks Desktop on Cloud

    Another option is authorized hosting of QuickBooks Desktop on third-party servers. Intuit permits authorized hosting of QuickBooks Desktop software on third-party servers. This means that the QuickBooks installed on the server of the hosting providers can be accessed by the authenticated users from anywhere using the internet.

    All the features of the desktop version are available for us and also it supports the cross device operations. This service gives an edge for the accounting professionals, as the extra hassle of maintenance of the software is taken care by the service provider. We also get multi-user collaboration and easier integration of QuickBooks add-ons. The security issues are also taken care by the service provider.

    QuickBooks Remote Access Tool

    Basically, this program enables us to connect to a distant system that has QuickBooks installed on it. The official Intuit website makes it simple to access this product. Additionally, there is a wide variety of third-party software with comparable features on the market. Basic operations like file transfers between local and remote systems, printing data from a remote server to a local printer, etc., can be carried out with this.

    The Cisco WebEx tool, which supports online meetings and communication services, is essentially what this software is based on. It is a QuickBooks software add-on that comes in two flavors, QuickBooks Access and Full Desktop Access. On Intuit’s website, you can directly buy this tool.

    Security and Reliability

    No matter what industry a business is in, the accounting activities are private for each one. At every level, there should also be a security check. It is impossible to deny the requirement for a trustworthy medium to carry out accounting tasks and gather information for both online and offline companies. Due to their effectiveness and dependability, QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Remote Access Tool are the most advantageous choices at this time. Additionally, these tried-and-true methods are effortlessly dependable.

    When using cloud-based services like QuickBooks Online or hosting, security is reliable. To ensure that the client’s data is totally secure, only commercial hosts that Intuit has authorized are used. Encryption with 256 bits is used by many service providers. Additionally, both the online and remote access tools for QuickBooks have roughly the same level of encryption. Alternatively, if we use another type of remote access tool, the tool’s capabilities are limited by security issues.

    Different Ways to Access QuickBooks Desktop Remotely

    The first method entails remote access to the Intuit program through your web browser. After downloading, there is a second option to use the QuickBooks Desktop Remote Access Tool. By selecting a hosting company, the third method will enable you to access QuickBooks Enterprise.

    In the below section, we’ll go over the specific steps you need to do to use these three options to access the accounting software remotely.

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Access your QuickBooks Remotely via Web Browser

    You must complete the necessary setup in order to get remote access to your QuickBooks company file. You can give the PC a nickname after logging into your account. After that, click the Connect button and carry out the remaining instructions. By reading the steps below, you’ll get to know the complete process for the same.
    ✔ Start the browser on the remote system
    ✔ Check out the “QuickBooks Remote Access” webpage
    ✔ Ensure that your QuickBooks account is logged in
    ✔ You should enter a “Nickname” for the computer and check the box next to it
    ✔ Moving forward, hit the “Connect” tab
    ✔ In the next step, your desktop must receive authorization
    ✔ In order to accomplish this, choose “Passcode
    ✔ You can also select “Phone Number” as an option
    ✔ You must sign in to your QuickBooks account while entering the code you received via one of these methods in order to obtain remote access
    ✔ After that, “Remote Access” can be chosen from the dropdown menu
    ✔ Finally, press the “End QuickBooks Remote Access Session” when the session is over.
    The setup for QuickBooks remote access is now finished. You can use it to begin completing your important work.

    Access your QuickBooks Desktop Remotely

    It is necessary to sign in to the Intuit website in order to utilize QuickBooks Desktop remotely. After that, go to the QuickBooks Remote Access website and sign in with your credentials. For the QuickBooks Remote Access Tool to download, you must next click on Setup Computer. You can use QuickBooks Desktop remotely once you have set up the tool’s settings.
    ✔ Initially, open your web browser
    ✔ Afterward, go to the Intuit’s official website
    ✔ You will have to sign up for it in order to access QuickBooks remotely
    ✔ Move to the “QuickBooks Remote Access” webpage
    ✔ After that, sign in to your account by logging in
    ✔ For the “QuickBooks Remote Access Tool” installation to download, choose the “Setup Computer” option.
    ✔ Put a nickname in the “Nickname” field for your computer
    ✔ Once done with that then you’re supposed to select the “Next” button
    ✔ Now, you’re supposed to tick the options listed mentioned below:
    ✔ Select the “Use Full-screen View by Default” option
    ✔ “Make the keyboard and mouse on this computer inactive
    ✔ Screen resolution can be automatically reduced to match
    ✔ “Leave the screen blank on this computer”
    ✔ Then check the boxes next to the PC apps you want to be able to use remotely
    ✔ Select the “Next” button
    ✔ Make certain the verification option is chosen
    ✔ A “Passcode” or “Phone Number” entry option is available
    ✔ To end the process, click on the Finish tab.

    Access the QuickBooks Enterprise Remotely via Hosting

    A hosting company must be chosen in order to gain remote access to QuickBooks Enterprise. Checking factors like SLA, security, pricing plans, etc. is necessary before choosing this company. You can then move both your data and the license for this accounting software. The next step is to log into the relevant portal. Your supplier will supply you with information such as a password, username, etc. After that, the remote access process for QuickBooks Enterprise solutions will be completed.
    ✔ The first step is to choose a reliable hosting company
    ✔ You can choose the supplier based on the features that are necessary, the size of your company, and your budget
    ✔ Some factors that the hosting company should have in its services should be examined before choosing a cloud provider
    ✔ Choose a hosting company that Intuit has approved to host the program
    ✔ Verify that the hosting company has adhered to appropriate security requirements
    ✔ The “SLA” of the hosting provider should be examined to see if it contains characteristics like service terms, uptime, etc.
    ✔ Identify the number of days the hosting company will retain a backup of your data
    ✔ Look at the hosting company’s price schedules
    ✔ Make sure that these strategies meet your needs
    ✔ The hosting company must, above all, provide dependable customer service around-the-clock
    ✔ The following step entails hosting “QuickBooks Enterprise” with the specified cloud provider`
    ✔ Transfer your data to the cloud server if the program license was previously installed on your local desktop
    ✔ To log into the portal, use the “RDP Software
    ✔ It also offers a browser login option
    ✔ Your cloud provider will supply the credentials to you
    ✔ Enter them accurately
    ✔ Finally, you’ve completed the QuickBooks Enterprise remote access procedure and begin utilizing the accounting program because you’re aware of how to do it.


    Well, QuickBooks accountant remote access feature will increase your output at all times and is well worth trying. You can maintain your commitment to your clients from anywhere by offering remote access to this program. Moreover, you can remotely connect to this accounting software and complete all the important works at times when travelling appears like an unlikely option. QuickBooks Desktop Remote Sharing will need little effort if the techniques and other details mentioned above are followed correctly.


    How Much Does QuickBooks Remote Access Cost?

    Working on this accounting software remotely via QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, or QuickBooks multi-user remote access is a very safe solution. However, a subscription charge may be necessary to gain remote access to the software or any of its variations. Depending on the plan you choose, it can change. You may verify the precise cost and select the plan that best suits you as you try to join up for this service and gain access to it.

    Is QuickBooks Remote Access Secure?

    Businesses need to perform tasks like bookkeeping. Security issues when engaging in such activities are more crucial than that. Security issues won’t occur whether you access QuickBooks Online or through the Intuit QuickBooks Remote Access Tool. It is both safe and dependable to access QuickBooks via one of these methods.

    How to Download Remote Access Tool for QuickBooks Desktop Remote Sharing?

    The instructions listed below are pretty easy for individuals who desire to access QuickBooks from a distance. With the QuickBooks Remote Access feature, users have access to the greatest tool available for remotely accessing their data from any other system at any time. It must be downloaded in order to utilize this tool.

    The steps for downloading the tool are listed below:
    ✔ Visit the Intuit website to first register for the QuickBooks remote access tool
    ✔ To start using QuickBooks Remote, open a web browser on your system
    ✔ Once you’ve done so, log into your account on the website for QuickBooks remote access
    ✔ To obtain the installation file for the remote access tool, click setup
    ✔ In the Nickname area, type “Computer nickname” followed by clicking on the “Next” button to continue
    ✔ Mark programs that are available remotely with a checkbox
    ✔ Only use your QuickBooks accounts to view the monthly fees
    ✔ After that, press the Next button
    ✔ Then select “Authentication” from the menu
    ✔ You can now access QuickBooks remotely by entering the received passcode or by dialing your phone number
    ✔ The IT staff will call you at the specified number and inform you how to obtain the code
    ✔ At last, hit the Finish button.

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