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Best Cloud Computing Service Provider Companies

    Cloud Computing Service Provider

    This article mentions some of the prominent cloud hosting service providers in the US. Cloud hosting service providers have replaced the need to store data in physical hard drives in computers. Cloud hosting service providers in the US, and also elsewhere, provide facilities, such as storage, servers, databases etc.

    Cloud Hosting Computing Services are of 3 Types

    • Software as a Service or SaaS allows access to applications via the internet on the basis of subscription. For Example: Google apps
    • Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS provides servers virtual machines networks and operating systems on rent. For example: Amazon web service (AWS) and MS Azure
    • Platform as a Service, or PaaS is utilized for developing testing and maintaining software. For Example: Red Hat Open Shift

    Below Mentioned are the Top Cloud Computing Companies

    The following are some of the well-known cloud hosting service providers in the US:

    Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    AWS is very safe and provides services, such as networking, computing and database storage. It lets users host websites that are static and create applications that are safe and best.

    Microsoft Azure

    It allows users to create, launch and maintain applications via a global network. Microsoft Azure provides support to different operating systems, databases, frameworks and programming languages. It provides a free trial period of 30 days.

    Google Cloud

    This platform is an integrated storage medium that enterprises and developers use for live data. Google Cloud Platform utilities computers, virtual machines at Google’s data centers to provide services. Although it provides free trial, it also offers various plans on a Pay-As-You-Go basis.


    There are many Adobe products that offer cloud hosting services, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud. Adobe Creative Cloud provides Software as a Service, which lets users access various Adobe tools for editing videos, images and creating graphics.

    Adobe Experience Cloud provides access to various solutions meant for advertising, campaign building and business intelligence.

    Adobe Document Cloud provides services for different types of electronic documentation.


    VMWare provides virtualization and cloud infrastructure services. It offers exclusive cloud computing service, which reduces complexities in the IT industry, as well as costs. VMWare’s vCloud Air is a cloud platform that provides services related to networking, computing, storage and data recovery.

    Its cloud solutions allow organizations to maximize cloud computing profits by bringing together services, technologies, and guidance necessary for managing staff, among other things.

    IBM Cloud

    It provides SaaS, PaaS and IaaS via the different cloud delivery modules that are available. IBM Cloud allows users to choose and combine the desired tools, data and delivery models when they build new services or applications.

    Using the IBM Blue mix Cloud platform users can include high-performance cloud communications and services in their IT environment.

    Verizon Cloud

    Verizon Cloud allows maintenance of enterprise workloads while also providing security and guaranteed performance. It lets users choose various flexible services that are needed for enterprises and also for keeping data safe in a customized environment.

    Verizon Cloud lets users reduce the risk and maintain integrity of data across different applications.

    Oracle Cloud

    Oracle Cloud provides SaaS, IaaS and PaaS. It lets organizations transform businesses quickly and reduce the complexities related to IT. Oracle Cloud’s SaaS provides a cloud environment that is data-driven and safe.

    Its PaaS allows IT companies and developers to create, connect, share and protect data across different applications.

    Its IaaS provides subscription-based services that are integrated and allow running any workload of enterprises.

    SAP Cloud Platform

    It’s an enterprise platform that provides different services needed for developing applications. It is supposed to be the best cloud hosting services provider because it offers cloud collaboration, strong IT security and powerful business networks.

    SAP HANA is the base for SAP’s Cloud Services

    For more details on cloud hosting service providers in the US, please contact our Accounting cloud hosting help-desk team at this toll-free number.