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How to Recover Deleted Transaction in QuickBooks

    Recover a Deleted Transaction in QuickBooks

    Whether you use QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise option for your small, medium, or big business, the auto-save feature of the software makes it easier for you to keep all information saved correctly, taking all the backups from time to time.

    However, there are instances where you delete a transaction by mistake and realize it would be needed in the future. This is where knowing the steps to recover a deleted transaction in QuickBooks becomes important.

    Why Deleting Files Is Required?

    Sometimes, we have files in our systems that are corrupt and are unfit to be stored as they lead to the malfunctioning of the system. As a result, deleting those files becomes important even if they are required.

    Steps to Restore Deleted Transactions

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Using QuickBooks Recovery Tool

    πŸ’  Download the tool
    πŸ’  Install the same
    πŸ’  Scan your hard drive from where you are planning to delete the files
    πŸ’  Run Quick Scan
    πŸ’  Go for Deep Scan to get a list of files deleted files
    πŸ’  Select the QuickBooks files into the software you are using
    πŸ’  Click on either Restore heading or Recover, whatever option you get

    For Ledger Transactions

    πŸ’  Go to Reports menu
    πŸ’  Select Accountant and Taxes
    πŸ’  Choose Voided/Deleted Transactions detail
    πŸ’  Get the date when the transaction was deleted
    πŸ’  Re-enter the transaction for the date


    This is only valid for the transactions that are posted to the ledger. Thus, the sales orders and purchase orders detail couldn’t be handled following the above steps.
    Also, take care that you don’t restore your backup copy by overwriting the live data file.

    In case you are viewing an existing transaction and you make changes by mistake, you can undo it by clicking on the Revert button to retain the original version. Remember, revert is not used to get back the lost or deleted transactions. It only undoes your last changes.

    Using Backup Files

    πŸ’  Go to the QuickBooks File menu
    πŸ’  Scroll down and select the Open or Restore Company option
    πŸ’  Choose restore a backup copy key
    πŸ’  Click Next
    πŸ’  The users get a question if they want to choose to restore the files online or through a local area
    πŸ’  If you choose to restore files using an external drive, select the local backup key
    πŸ’  Click Next
    πŸ’  Browse to the location you want to save the restored file
    πŸ’  Choose This Location
    πŸ’  Click OK
    πŸ’  Double-click the file
    πŸ’  Again. Click OK
    πŸ’  Choose Save all your backup files to fix a location to store all restored file over there
    πŸ’  Click OK
    πŸ’  Open the file and verify the data to check if the deleted transactions are finally included

    Final Words:

    Though the steps are quite easy to follow, if you still get stuck at any of the above steps, you can connect with the QuickBooks experts immediately on for instant technical help and assistance.