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Cannot Send Email Through QuickBooks

    Cannot Send Email Through QuickBooks

    Some customers have experienced difficulties while using Outlook to send messages from QuickBooks. “QuickBooks is unable to send your email to Outlook,” states the failure notice when emailing the contact fails. This problem occurs as a result of settings and configuration difficulties. To fix this problem, users only need to set up the settings appropriately.

    Verify your membership information by logging into Microsoft Office. If you have an operating version of Microsoft Outlook running on your computer, use the techniques listed below.

    Administrative Privileges in Windows

    QuickBooks Desktop running as an administrator may cause this error because the other softwares isn’t using the same level of usage rights. So the data from QuickBooks may not be transferred to the emailing software on your system. This leads to unknown errors, but you can follow the steps below to resolve such issues.

    1. Go to the Taskbar.
    2. Close all instances of QuickBooks desktop.
    3. In the Start menu, search for QuickBooks and Right Click on its icon.
    4. Click on Open file location.
    5. Find QuickBooks.exe and right click on this file.
    6. After selecting properties, go to the Compatibility tab.
    7. Disable the Run this program as Administrator option by removing the check mark against it. You can select Show Settings for All Users if the area is g rayed out or disabled.
    8. Click on Apply, then Ok.
    Open file location

    If you aren’t using an admin account, you’ll be prompted for authentication details of an admin account just to verify that you have the right to make changes to secured files and folders on that system. You can also set restrictions in QuickBooks Desktop to improve the security of your financial and accounting data.

    Set the Correct Email Preferences in QuickBooks Desktop

    In QuickBooks Desktop, you can set email preferences so that your accounting software will use the desired email software to send documents. You have a variety of options when it comes to selecting email service providers. Many popular services such as Outlook and Gmail can easily integrate with QuickBooks Desktop.

    Here are the steps to set email preferences in QuickBooks desktop:

    1. Click on Edit from the main menu.
    2. After clicking on Preferences, sign into Microsoft Outlook. You can use the Microsoft Exchange Server to perform the login. Before moving to the next step, make sure that you’re signed into Outlook, or the process will fail.
    3. Choose Send Forms.
    4. In the My Preferences tab, choose Outlook as the default email client.
    5. Select Ok.

    Outlook has now been set as the default email client for QuickBooks Desktop on your system. You can change these preferences if you don’t like using Microsoft Outlook. However, Outlook is the easiest and most reliant email client to use with QuickBooks.

    Next, send a test email to check if the error “Cannot send email through QuickBooks” has been resolved. If it hasn’t, you can follow the steps given below to check with options other than Outlook.

    Here are the steps:

    1. Click on Edit from the main menu.
    2. In the Send Forms menu, click on My Preferences.
    3. Click on Webmail or QuickBooks Email.
    4. Select Ok to change your preferences in QB.
    5. Now go back to the My Preferences tab and choose Outlook to be the preference for sending email and documents.
    6. Select Ok and Exit QuickBooks Desktop.
    7. Start using QuickBooks after you’ve restarted your system.

    Now we’re trying to send emails and documents through other email clients. It can be very useful to check with other email clients because you can then narrow down the problem to either QuickBooks or the email client. Remember to restart your system before you verify because QuickBooks needs to set the options right.

    Change Preferences in Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer is the main browser used by QuickBooks desktop to perform a variety of tasks, including connecting to the internet. Preferences of internet explorers influence the way in which QuickBooks works.

    In QuickBooks, internet explorer is the default browser for running background services related to the web.

    Note: Before you begin, make sure to log in with an admin account or at least have authentication details for such an account. A standard account does not have the privileges required to change email preferences in internet explorer.

    Here are the steps to change Email preferences in Internet Explorer:

    1. Close all programs including QuickBooks.
    2. Go to the Start menu and select Internet Explorer. You can use the search field to find the software.
    3. From Tools, click on Settings, then Internet Options.
    4. From the Programs tab, click on Set Programs.
    5. To select a particular email service, click on Set your default programs.
    6. Click on Apply, then Ok.
    7. Close Internet Explorer and restart your system.

    When you restart your system, you can launch QuickBooks and send a test email to verify the resolution of this error. Till now, the email error would have been resolved for most of the users. However, in rare cases, we need to move forward with the next process.


    The fixmapi.exe file can be used to repair the MAPI32.dll file on your system. This file is essential for sending emails via QuickBooks. Again, you’ll require an admin account to perform the following actions. If you’re not comfortable with changing system settings, you can get in touch with our experts.

    Here are the steps to repair the MAPI32.dll file:

    1. Restart your system.
    2. Press Windows + R.
    3. Enter “C:/Windows/System32” and hit Enter.
    4. In the search field, type Fixmapi.exe and double click on the executable.
    5. Follow the on-screen instructions until the file is repaired.
    6. Restart your computer once the process is complete.

    Once again, you need to launch QuickBooks and send a test email. Almost all users should’ve had the error resolved on their system.

    Check Internet Settings

    Before we move to the repair or reinstall option, you should verify that your internet is working properly. If there is a problem with your network connection, then you won’t be able to send emails using QuickBooks.

    If you have a network connection problem, then you can always reach out to your internet service provider to get the issue resolved. You can test the network connection by using a different network to send the email.

    Repair or Reinstall QuickBooks

    This is the last method in our toolbox, and it can easily resolve the “Cannot send email through QuickBooks” error. However, ensure that you’ve been through all the methods stated above, as you will have to reset preferences in QuickBooks after you’ve reinstalled the software.

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    Fix Error Unable to Send e mail from QuickBooks to outlook

    You can uninstall the program by going to the Start menu > Control Panel > Programs and Features > Uninstall a Program > Select QuickBooks > Select Uninstall.

    Follow the on-screen instructions, and restart your system once QuickBooks has been completely uninstalled.

    You can then download the setup for your version of QuickBooks and run it to install QuickBooks once again on your system.

    In windows 10 and 11, you’ll have the option to Add or Remove programs in the settings menu. You can uninstall QuickBooks from there and then reinstall it on your system.


    When you uninstall QuickBooks, your company files aren’t removed from your system because they’re stored in a separate folder than the program files. Because only program files are removed, you’ll still have your accounting data with you. But create a backup copy of your company files before you uninstall QuickBooks.


    When you cannot send email through QuickBooks, there can be a variety of underlying causes leading to this error. In this post, we’ve provided steps to resolve each cause of this error. Start with the first method, verify that the error still occurs by sending a test 📧 [email protected], and then move onto the next method.


    If you still cannot send email through QuickBooks, you can get in touch with our experts via live chat.

    đź”” Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. What Will Happen if I use the Repair Feature to Fix the Email not Sent Error in QuickBooks?

    Ans. The repair feature simply repairs all the program files related to QuickBooks. The option is available in the Add or Remove Program window in Windows 10 & 11, and the Uninstall a Program window in all the previous editions.

    When you select the repair option, the installshield wizard will appear and prompt you to select between repair and uninstall. Instead of uninstalling, you can select Repair. The on-screen instructions will guide you through the whole process. The tool will automatically fix the errors so that the user doesn’t have to intervene and do the technical stuff. Even after repairing the software, you may have to reset your preferences.

    Q 2. What Kind of Email Can I Send with QuickBooks Desktop?

    Ans. You can send a variety of documents via email from QuickBooks. You need to integrate an email client which can do most of the heavy lifting while keeping everything organized. That’s why people often rely on Microsoft Office Outlook and Gmail to send email through QuickBooks.

    Documents such as invoices can be sent directly to the customer or client. The invoice can even contain a payment link which can redirect the user to make payment online. Once the payment is made, the receipt is automatically provided to the customer.

    Q 3. How Can I Secure my Company File Before Uninstalling QuickBooks?

    Ans. The best method to secure your company files is to create a recent backup for each and then store the backup files on a remote server or workstation because if anything goes wrong with the main system, you’ll at least have a copy of the most recent accounting data with you.

    You can set automatic backup in QuickBooks, select a directory, and choose the number of backups to keep. The data entered after the backup was created can be manually entered later on. But at least you’ll have the most recent data on hand with you.

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