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Fixed : Cannot Sync QuickBooks License with License Data

    Fix Cannot Sync QuickBooks License with License Data

    QuickBooks is a matchless software that has ruled the accounting industry for years. This software has made a marked change in the way people perform their accounting activities. There is not even the slightest of doubt that QuickBooks has been the apex in accounting solutions for organizations universally but since nothing can be perfect this software too has certain technical snags but you don’t really have to worry because each and every error is allocated to an error code or error message, that makes it convenient for the users to perform effectively.

    If you are facing issues in synchronizing your QuickBooks license data while working with sync license, then you don’t have to stress for the reason being it’s a very common error that a QuickBooks user faces frequently. It usually occurs when a user makes an attempt to sync the license data.

    Indications of This QuickBooks Error Where you Cannot Sync QuickBooks License with License Data.

    • If you are not able access the company file in QuickBooks
    • If your computer system is getting hanged
    • If QuickBooks is crashing frequently

    Causes of Cannot Sync QuickBooks License with License Data issues

    How Can You Fix Issue Where you are Facing Trouble Syncing QuickBooks License with License Data?

    • Before proceeding further the user needs to make sure that the date and timing setting on your computer system are accurate.

    There are numerous ways to solve this issue. You just have to follow the below-stated steps to get your issue resolved.

    Step to Fix Syncing QuickBooks license with License Data?

    Total Time: 40 minutes

    Solution 1:

    Cross-check the right license and product number.

    You need to make sure that the license and the product number are accurate. This is how you can check it:

    Open QuickBooks.
    πŸ”· Press the F2 key.
    πŸ”· Now your system will display the product information window.
    πŸ”· You need to double-check the name of your product, license number, and product number.
    πŸ”· Afterward, you can look for the release at the end of the name of your product.
    πŸ”· Later, you have to see in the file section for the edition.
    πŸ”· You will find the list arranged in fact including the previous version too.

    Solution 2:

    Cannot Sync QuickBooks License with License Data

    Examine and confirm the network connections:Β 

    There might be chances you are facing the issue because of the poor internet connection. You can check your network connection via following these simple steps:

    Open QuickBooks.
    πŸ”· Look for the help menu and select β€œinternet connection setup”
    πŸ”· Afterward, you will have to select β€œuse my computer’s internet connection settings”.
    πŸ”· Now you have to tap on the Next button.
    πŸ”· Subsequently, you have to select β€œadvanced connection settings” and a list with various network options will be displayed on your system.

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    Solution 3:

    You need to change the name of EntitlementDataStore.Ecml FileΒ 

    A user can fix this error by changing the name of EntitlementDataStore.Ecml File by following the given steps :

    For Windows 10 Users:
    πŸ”· Go to your system tray.
    πŸ”· Tap on the folder icon to start the File Explorer.
    πŸ”· Go to the view tab and tap on the hidden items.

    For Windows 8.1 And 8 Users:
    πŸ”· To open a file explorer you have to press the β€œWindow+E” key.
    Β  πŸ”· Afterward, tap on the view tab.
    πŸ”· The last step would be to choose the hidden products and file extensions.

    In case you want to look for files in windows 8, 8.1, and 10:

    πŸ”· To view windows explorer you need to press β€œWindow plus E” 
    πŸ”· To open the search box you need to press the β€œCtrl plus F” keys together from your keyboard.
    πŸ”· By chance, if you forget the entire name of the file then you have to type the partial name of the file.
    πŸ”· If you only know your File Extension then you have to replace an asterisk for that certain file and then type the extension.
    πŸ”· Now, you can see the results.

    It might happen that the same exact file shows up in numerous folders.Β 

    You need to stick to the following steps to rename EntitlementDataStore.Ecml File:

    πŸ”· Press β€œWindows+R” to see the Run command.
    πŸ”· Afterward, you need to copy and paste the provided path.
    πŸ”· Press the Enter key to proceed further.
    πŸ”· Look for the folder named V8.
    πŸ”· Tap on the rename button.
    πŸ”· Finally, you can easily change the name of the folder.

    Solution 4:

    πŸ”· Your system will display a drop-down menu, from there you need to select the β€œAbout” option
    πŸ”· Go to the system specification and look for the system type.
    πŸ”·The last step in this process would be for you to check the processor’s speed.

    Solution 5:

    The network connection is not blocked by the firewall.

    You need to make sure that your internet connection is not blocked by the firewall. If in case it is blocked then you will have to perform the following steps:

    πŸ”· Add firewall port exception for the QuickBooks.
    πŸ”·Then you have to go to the Windows Start menu.
    πŸ”· Tap on the β€œWindows firewall” and you will be presented with a new window on your desktop.
    πŸ”· Go to advanced settings.
    πŸ”· Right-click on the Inbound rules.
    πŸ”· Click on the port.
    πŸ”· Go to the next button and select TCP.

    Make Changes in the Internet Explorer Settings:

    πŸ”· Open windows.
    πŸ”· Go to the programs section.
    πŸ”· You need to open β€œInternet Explorer” and choose tools.
    πŸ”· You need to tap on the Next button.
    πŸ”· Afterward, you need to go to the β€œAdvanced tab”.
    πŸ”· Later, you have to Reset the Internet Explorer settings.
    πŸ”· Choose the reset option.
    πŸ”· You need to ensure that you want to reset the settings and tap on the Reset option.
    πŸ”· Once you click on the default settings, then tap on the close button.
    πŸ”· In the end, you need to restart your system to cross-check if the issue has been resolved or not.

    If internet explorer is not opening or your system is not able to load the page, that’s probably because of a bug. You can fix the error by following certain steps:

    πŸ”· Go to the start menu.
    πŸ”· Click on the settings.
    πŸ”· Tap on the system.

    Another Solutions for Cannot Sync QuickBooks License with License Data

    Method 1- Rename the folder named Intuit Entitlement client:

    The entitlement client folder is one of the hidden folders required to display the hidden files & folders. Here are the steps to find the files through Windows 10:

    • Locate the System Tray
    • Choose the folder icon to display the File Explorer window
    • Click on the view option and then hit Hidden items
    • Once you are done with the above steps then follow the below:
    • Open the keyboard
    • Now hit the Windows+R button to display the Run Window
    • Copy the path C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client and then paste it
    • Hit Enter button
    • Now give-a right-click on the v8 folder
    • Choose Rename button
    • Then give a folder name to v8(OLD)

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    Method 2- Reset the settings of the Internet Explorer:

    Follow the below steps::

    • Open Internet Explorer
    • Give a click on the Tools button
    • Hit the Internet Options tab
    • Give a click on the Security option
    • Click on the icon named Internet and then select a Default level
    • Hit on the icon which says local Intranet
    • Select the default level
    • Locate the Advanced option
    • Hit on the button named Restore advanced settings
    • Click on the Reset tab to reset the Internet Explorer settings
    • Give a hit on the Ok button to save the applied changes
    • Now close & restart the IE

    Method 3- Firewall settings configuration:

    If the error persists then configure the firewall applications to permit QuickBooks Desktop POS. Following are the steps to configure the Windows firewall :

    • Open the keyboard
    • Hit Windows+R to display the Run command
    • Enter control and then hit the OK button to launch the Control Panel Page
    • Now set the tab named view by to Small icons
    • Choose the Windows Firewall button
    • Click Advanced Settings then select the inbound option
    • Hit New Rule
    • Click on Port then hit the Next button
    • Now write the port numbers and then hit the Next tab
    • Choose a button named Allow connection then hit the Next button
    • Enter the firewall rule and then hit the Finish tab
    • Now generate a new outbound rule


    So, this was the entire list of the solutions or the fixing methods to resolve the sync license QuickBooks bug and hence we come to the end of this article. We really hope that this article assists you in resolving all your doubts or queries and turns out to be an efficacious article.

    If you are unable to fix the error or the error still persists even after applying the above-mentioned solutions, DO NOT WORRY!

    Under that circumstance, you can contact customer service. The Team will assist you in every possible manner.

    Accounting Problem

    πŸ”” Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    βœ… How to Run a Neat Installation of Windows and QuickBooks to Solve the Sync License QuickBooks Bug?

    ⏩ First of all, you will have to download the latest windows update. After that, you will tap on the All Programs tab and then Windows update options. Later you will have to end the upgrades of all the windows updates and subsequently, you’ll have to set up QuickBooks software. Afterward, you will need to recreate the destructed EntitlementDataStore.ECML file and then resolve the license and fix registration issues. The last step in this procedure would be to tap on reinstall and perform a neat installation.

    βœ… How Can you Get Your License Number While you are Fixing the Error of Syncing QuickBooks License with License Data?

    ⏩ If you’re making an effort to search for your license number in your QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) account, then you will have to press the F2 key on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can also go to the Customer Account Management Portal (CAMPS) to obtain your product and license number from there, only if you registered your product.

    βœ… How to Remove the ECML While you are Fixing the Error of Syncing QuickBooks License with License Data?

    ⏩ The first step in removing the ECML file would require you to press Windows + R keys simultaneously and then, a window will be displayed on the screen of your system and then you will have to type or copy and paste C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8. Afterward, you’ll have to look for a windows explorer. Later you will have to right-click and select the delete option to eradicate the ECML file. Once you are done, close the windows option. In the end, you have to access QuickBooks and then register the product once again, and you are golden!

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