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How to Combine Two Companies in QuickBooks

    Combine QuickBooks Reports

    Combining QuickBooks Reports means integrating more than two reports and files together. This feature allow users to combine two or more business related sections together, so that you can conveniently view two different reports at a time as one.

    Do you know how the QuickBooks Reports are combined? If the answer is NO, then we would like to tell you that it is not just interesting but will be of great use. Let’s discuss here, how the multiple data files are merged and how useful it could be in monitoring your day to day business status. You can combine different reports together and then transfer it to one Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

    Before Combining Reports, Keep Following Aspects in Mind

    • In order to ensure that the reports you are creating are readable, then make the Chart of Accounts in various company files as identical as possible
    • You will be able to combine the Accounts easily if they are of same type, have same heirarchical level and same name in all reports.
    • Accounts that you won’t be able to combine are:
      • Accounts at different levels can’t be combined, for example, you cannot combine Telephone account with Telephone sub-account
      • Difference in spellings, for example, you cannot combine phone with telephone
      • Account numbers that are different
      • One having account number whereas other without the account number
    • Listing of Accounts are done based upon their type. You will see that in within the each type, the accounts will be listed as per the systematic order, like what was done in the company selected first. Appended subsequent accounts from another company files is done in the exact order of how they encountered
    • You could also be prompted to login to the files and then change their mode to the Multi-User mode, so that combination routine is easily accommodated

    Steps for Combine Two Companies in QuickBooks

    • Firstly, open the QuickBooks software and then go to the main menu and search the Reports tab, after finding it, select Combine Reports from Multiple Companies, option
    • Then click on Add Files tab and search for the another report, which you want to integrate, and after finding it click on Open. Follow these steps for all the other files as well, that you want to combine together
    • Now select and finalize the reports that has to be combined together under Selecting Reports for combining, option
    • Go to the date range and mention the time of the reports in From and To format
    • Get the basis finalized for reports
    • Choose, Combine Reports option in Excel. By doing this, you will be able to see the information of combined reports in new Excel sheet

    Integration of Combined Report Tools within QuickBooks

    QuickBooks Enterprise Version has the feature of, Combine Reports, integrated in it already. This ensures that users can conveniently maintain their reports and can have a clear view of the position of their business. With this tool, users can easily combine the reports of different company files. Below is given the list of the reports, that you can combine by using this feature:

    • Balance Sheet Standard
    • Balance Sheet Summary
    • Trial Balance
    • Profit & Loss by Class
    • Cash Flow Statements
    • Profit & Loss Standard

    By following the steps mentioned above, you will be able to successfully generated and then combined report for numerous files. If in case, you are encountering some problem, then call our QuickBooks Customer Support team. You can call our QuickBooks Enterprise Support team on the toll free number.