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How to Convert QuickBooks File from MAC to Windows

    Convert QuickBooks File from Mac to Windows

    QuickBooks is one of most popular accounting software used by small and medium sized business houses to keep track of financial position of organization. With the help of this accounting software, one can get rid of paperwork and obtain error free results. While using the software, there are cases where one needs to convert QuickBooks Desktop for Mac file to a QuickBooks Desktops for windows or convert your Windows file to Mac file. This process is termed as round tripping, as QuickBooks file will go from Mac to windows PC and then come back again to your Mac. This process is done due to difference in types of database each program uses.

    Important Points to be Considered when Converting Mac to Windows and Windows to Mac

    • QuickBooks Desktop data file for Mac and Windows should of same year and same version ( if one is using QuickBooks data file for Mac 2018, one must use QuickBooks data file for Windows 2018).
    • Some of data will not be converted due to lack of some of features in QuickBooks file for Mac as compared to QuickBooks file for Windows.
    • One should not process payroll in the QuickBooks data file for Windows, as one may lose data when file is converted back to QuickBooks file for Mac, due to absence of internal payroll.
    • One should not enter any data while QuickBooks data file for Mac is being converted , otherwise one need to re-enter the data when the data file is received
    • Once backup for Windows is created , QuickBooks data file for Mac should not be updated.
    • One will need an administrator password to complete roundtrip process.

    In case one needs additional support one can get in touch with our Accounting Problem QuickBooks Enterprise Support helpdesk.

    Steps to Convert QuickBooks Data File from Mac to Windows

    If case there is any problem related to QuickBooks conversion from Mac to Windows or Windows to Mac, it is wise to approach the Accounting Problem QuickBooks Online Support experts.

    🔶 Update QuickBooks Desktop data file for Windows to the latest release.
    🔶 Re-sort the lists and rebuild and verify company file data.
    🔶 Open the data file in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows.
    🔶 Choose the option “File” from the menu, then select option “Utilities’’, choose option “Copy Company File for QuickBooks Mac”. Now you need to save the file as qbb backup file in desired location.
    🔶 Now one need to send the qbb file to the Mac user through DVD , USB drive, FTP  website , flash drive, disk  or secure transfer service.
    🔶 To restore the data file using QuickBooks Desktop data file for Mac, choose the option “File” from the menu, select option “Open Company” or browse to locate the file you want to restore. Now select the .qbb file and click Open. Enter the name and location  for restored file and click on “Save”

    QuickBooks Technical Helpline

    Hope the above information will be fruitful to help you convert a QuickBooks file from Mac to Windows and Windows to Mac as all the details about conversion has been furnished.

    If you need any further information related to QuickBooks products and services, please contact our QuickBooks Technical Product support experts for instant support.