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How to Convert QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro or Premier?

    Whenever your business progresses, the strength of the organization automatically increases. In order to manage data related to information and the software solutions, the company need advance software solutions.

    When your business needs to be changed, the conversion is carried out. In case you are using the basic functions, you need to use QuickBooks Premier or QuickBooks Pro. The QBES that is QuickBooks Enterprises subscription is the most prevalent software for the conversion of data or files. The high demand of this application in the market is making it expensive day by day.

    QuickBooks Enterprise Version is one of the powerful finance management systems with outstanding enhanced functionalities and features. Although QuickBooks enterprise contains unlimited accounting options in many scenarios it does not suit the business requirements like it is too expensive or when there is a need for limited features for running a small organization. In such a case, it is a great option to Convert QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro or Premier. 

    Users are interested in leveraging QuickBooks Online because the tools of QuickBooks Online make the requisite tasks really easy, simple and fast. The platform helps in customizing invoices along with creating the sales documents. You can also add user in your QuickBooks online account by having specific authorities. It makes your work easy as the work is divided among the group of users.

    The QuickBooks online provides one subscription to one user. For the other users, you have to create another new account and thereafter sign it with the help or credentials and then subscribe it with this new account. You can switch your companies by signing in both the accounts.

    You can easily perform importing of QBES data in QuickBooks and export it back to the desktop version as per your need. It is possible that you can you move QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise to the QuickBooks online version.

    Features of Convert QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro or Premier

    β˜‘ It helps in converting the financial as well as non-financial transactions. For example Banking, A/P, Payroll, purchasing Order, A/P, estimates and all the other kind of conversions.
    β˜‘ It helps in creating links between the transactions such as the payment which is received is applied to the invoices.
    β˜‘ Helps in creation of all types of lists like accounts, customers, classes, vendors, employees and all the other items which are from other list.
    β˜‘ The user’s names, preference, and other embedded subscription data all can be converted.
    β˜‘ All type of data which is available in your company data file, can be easily converted with the help of it.
    β˜‘ It is promised that the company file is converted from enterprise to pro or premier as per your requirement.
    β˜‘ In this the size of the file doesn’t matter it will be converted easily in very less period of time.

    Causes of Not Converting the Data

    There are a few reasons due to which the conversion of the data from QuickBooks Enterprise to pro is not possible:
    β˜‘ The size of the file is not to be more than the 2 GB and not less than the 500 MB.
    β˜‘ The active database of the enterprise is not valid in order to convert the data.
    β˜‘ The file in the database must not be damaged as if it is damaged then there is a issue in converting the file.
    β˜‘ The file name must be limited.

    Why Do You Need to Convert QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro/Premier?

    β˜‘ Selecting the right version varies with the organization size and the need for the functionalities and features. If you are already using the Enterprise version of QuickBooks and find that it’s not meeting the business requirements.

    β˜‘ If you require the basic functions available in QuickBooks pro or premier version 

    β˜‘ When your company discovers the enterprise version is too expensive according to the organization budget then it may be time for processing QuickBooks enterprise to Pro conversion

    β˜‘ If you realize your business does not require sophisticated inventory tools, there is a need for less than users and general features then it is the best decision to downgrade your QuickBooks enterprise version to the Pro version.

    Convert QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro Premier

    Working of the Software

    The following are the steps which are to be pfermoed in the particular sequence:
    β˜‘ With the help of link first you have to upload the purchases of the enterprises.
    β˜‘ You just have to sit aside and follow the online instruction while the software is perform it job that is the conversion of the file.

    Steps for the Conversion Service

    There are only two simple steps in order to convert the file:
    β˜› Purchasing
    β˜‘ First you have to click on the cart in order to view the purchasing of the firm.
    β˜‘ Add to cart is just above of the start button.
    β˜‘ From the cart only each and every file is converted.

    β˜› Submission
    β˜‘ Now you have to submit the conversion request.
    β˜‘ Once you are done with the conversion then you have to upload’s the file for the conversion.
    β˜‘ As you are done with all the above steps now you can share your company file on any platform as QBB Backup, or QBM portable file.

    Steps for Convert QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Pro Conversion

    It has been confirmed that there is no direct method available to convert QuickBooks Desktop enterprise to pro but you can still do it. You have to export data from enterprise and then import the same into QuickBooks pro. This process might be frustrating or complex if done without any expert assistance.

    Therefore you can opt for the QuickBooks downgrade migration service from any QuickBooks reseller website because Intuit will not help you in migrating some versions. Hence you need to choose the trustworthy one with respect to its experience and credibility. Let’s discuss the method to convert QuickBooks enterprise to QuickBooks Pro if you decide to do it by yourself.Β 

    Total Time: 10 minutes

    Importing Enterprise Files to QuickBooks

    β˜‘ First you have to login to your QuickBooks account by using your log in ID and Password.
    β˜‘ Now you have to take the backup file of the enterprise.
    β˜‘ Save the backup file in your local system.
    β˜‘ In order to perform your job you have to restore the backup file then perform your task.
    β˜‘ On the desktop click on the Enterprise option in order to open it.
    β˜‘ Now press ctrl and one together on the keyboard in order to open the product information window.
    β˜‘ Now you have to press ctrl and b together on the keyboard.
    β˜‘ On the keyboard hold ctrl + q key for some time.
    β˜‘ Hit OK button in order to move forward.
    β˜‘ QuickBooks login page will open in front of you, so enter your login ID and Password in order to open the QuickBooks.
    β˜‘ In terms and services tick in front of the statement that is I agree all the terms and services are followed by me.
    β˜‘ Hit the submit button, as you hit it all the changes we made are saved automatically.
    β˜‘ In last you have to check for the list which is imported.
    β˜‘ After going through the data move forward as the instruction are flashes in front of you.

    Export Data from QuickBooks Enterprise Version

    Follow the below steps to Export Data from QuickBooks Enterprise:
    β˜‘ Open the Payroll/Customer/’supplier center
    β˜‘ Give a click on the drop-down menu named Excel
    β˜‘ Choose Export list if you need to export data like contact information, name, customer balance, or employee
    β˜‘ Select Export transactions if you need exporting specific transaction
    β˜‘ Hit on the option named Create a new worksheet
    β˜‘ Choose Export button
    β˜‘ Following are the steps you need to follow to export items:
    β˜‘ Locate menu named listsΒ 
    β˜‘ Hit item list
    β˜‘ Give a click on the drop-down named excel
    β˜‘ Choose Export all items
    β˜‘ Select Create New Worksheet
    β˜‘ Hit Export button

    Below are the Instructions to Export Reports:
    β˜‘ Locate the report
    β˜‘ Hit tab named create new worksheet from the drop down named Excel
    β˜‘ Click PreferencesΒ 
    β˜‘ Select ExportΒ 
    β˜‘ Now you need to repeat the above procedure for suppliers, lists, customers, and reports.

    Convert the File to Premier or Pro Version

    As the data is imported and exported as will in above steps, so now we have to convert the file in pro and premier, so for this you have to follow the following steps:
    β˜‘ First you have to open the QuickBooks Desktop on your system.
    β˜‘ From the list of accounts you have to select the companies file which you want to convert.
    β˜‘ Once the file is selected hit the convert button in order to apply conversion.
    β˜‘ Now you have to follow all the instruction which will see on screen in front of you in order to convert.

    Follow the Post-Conversion Steps

    As, the conversion is done so, its time to check it, so for that you have to follow the following steps:
    β˜‘ First you have to open the internet explorer on your system.
    β˜‘ Press Alt plus T together on the keyboard.
    β˜‘ As you press the button the tools menu will be open in front of you.
    β˜‘ Click on the internet options.
    β˜‘ Now you have to choose security tab from the internet option.
    β˜‘ Now set all the zones default by clicking on the message that is reset all the zones to the default level.
    β˜‘ Hit apply button and the OK button in order to save the data.
    β˜‘ As work is done successfully, now close internet explorer, and check if the conversion is done successful or not.

    Downgrade of QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro

    In order to downgrade the QuickBooks data in enterprise to pro can only be done in one condition that is the file will not exceed 3,50,000, in case if it is so then the software is unable to trim it.
    β˜‘ First you have to open your QuickBooks enterprise account with the help of admin rights and password. (Without admin rights you can’t process on the data.
    β˜‘ Be sure that you have the enterprise backup file.
    β˜‘ But you have to work on the other copy of the file which you have saved locally.
    β˜‘ Always keep in mind not to do any editing or settings etc. In the original copy. As if you do anything in original file and if something is done wrong then it will harm our data and the system.
    β˜‘ The copy which we are editing is the secondary copy, saved locally in place of server.


    Hopefully, the write-up helps you with the procedure to convert QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro version if you don’t require advanced inventory features of the enterprise version. In case you face difficulty in data migration or need assistance to downgrade the QuickBooks version feel free to contact the best QuickBooks downgrade service provider. You will get an exceptional service suitable to your business requirement.

    πŸ‘‰Frequently Asked Questions

    How Would I Know the QuickBooks Enterprise Data Imported into QuickBooks Pro?

    The several reports in QuickBooks like Profit and loss statement, Balance sheet, etc. are used to confirm the converted data accuracy. If you find the report balance match that specifies the success of company file conversion. In case any discrepancy happens you need to find the error.

    What If I Need to Create a Report in QuickBooks?

    β˜› Choose the Reports tab from the main button
    β˜› Click on the report you need to run
    β˜› Select the range of the date
    β˜› Hit Run

    How Would I Move QuickBooks Enterprise Data to Pro Edition Through the Backup File?

    Restore the backup to avoid manual data transfer. Follow the steps:
    β˜› Ensure that you store the backup file on the local drive
    β˜› Login to the QuickBooks with administrator rights
    β˜› Hit File menu, choose Restore CompanyΒ 
    β˜› Choose to restore a backup copy
    β˜› Hit option named Next
    β˜› Choose Browse button to select the file on the hard drive
    β˜› Select Open tab
    β˜› Hit Save option

    Visit Details: QuickBooks Pro to Enterprise Data Conversion Service

    Can all Companies be Converted to the Pro Version?

    Yes, make sure the source enterprise company file is a compatible version and files must not be converted. If the file size is beyond the Pro and premier limit you need to review it or your service provider will help you with it.

    Which are supported versions that can be easily converted to pro?
    The source company file should be US Enterprise versions 6.0 – 21.0.
    QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2017 – 2021.

    Do I Convert Enterprise Payroll Data?

    β˜› Yes, even the payroll details can be converted to the Pro version

    What Happen if I Cancel my QuickBooks Enterprise Subscription?

    In case if you cancel your QuickBooks Enterprise subscription then your refunds are not available in the current billing period. Once your subscription is cancel then you can’t able to access your QuickBooks Desktop. All the data file which you have saved on your QuickBooks account will stay on it, in order to access it you have to take subscription, otherwise it will be not.

    What Steps Should be Taken in Order to Convert QuickBooks Desktop Company File to QuickBooks Online?

    In order to convert the QuickBooks desktop company file to QuickBooks online then you have to follow the following steps:
    β˜› First you have to review and restore all the critical and important information before converting your file.
    β˜› Now you have to export your QuickBooks desktop company file data.
    β˜› Now connect you QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks online in order to import the data.
    β˜› QuickBooks online account should be connected to HCP in order to import data.

    How Can I Convert QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Online?

    Follow the following steps in order to convert QuickBooks enterprise to QuickBooks online:
    β˜› Open your QuickBooks on your system.
    β˜› Navigate to the company tab.
    β˜› Hit the button in order to export company file to QuickBooks Online.
    β˜› It will ask for the user Id and Password in order to Export to the QuickBooks online. So, enter your QuickBooks credentials that is your user ID and password in their desire field.
    β˜› Hit tick in order to agree all the terms and conditions.
    β˜› The window pop up in front of you that you want a copy of your company file or not. So hit yes, in case you want otherwise no.
    β˜› Be sure that your enterprise file is successfully imported in QuickBooks Online.
    β˜› If it is not imported then first import it.
    β˜› As, you import you get the message that β€œLooks Good, we will take it from here”.
    β˜› Once the above steps are completed hit the OK button in order to confirm and save all the changes which you made.
    β˜› As soon as you hit Ok you get the confirmation mail that is your data is know on QuickBooks Online. It is successfully conversion of QuickBooks Enterprise to the online version.
    Always be sure that you have your account on QuickBooks Online. So, that you can easily verify that the data you had converted is accessible. QuickBooks offers us many type of conversion software for different programs.

    In case if you face any issue in conversion software then you can reach us with the help of mail, chat or voice call. We had a huge team of experts who have good knowledge about such issues. They will help you in resolving your issue in the simple and a perfect way.

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