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How to Convert Sage 50 to QuickBooks Online

    Sage 50 will convert most of the QuickBooks list automatically such as customers, vendors, accounts, items, employees, jobs, transaction and the current balances etc.

    If you want to shift from Convert Sage 50 to QuickBooks Online then you have to convert your all account data in QuickBooks Format. Due to data switcher service provided by the Intuit, the process of switching becomes easy for the users.

    Requirements for Convert Sage 50 to QuickBooks Online

    Following are some important points which you have to keep in mind in order to check before switching the data successfully from Convert Sage 50 to QuickBooks Online:
    ☞ Check for the operating system that what kind of operating system is running on your system like Windows 8.1, windows 10 or windows 8.
    ☞ What type of processor is running on your system? The minimum requirement for the conversion of file you need 500 Mhz intel Pentium II.
    ☞ Check the memory of the system that is the RAM. We require minimum 512 MB.
    ☞ Your system requiresHard drive up to 2.5GB free space in order to perform easy conversion.
    ☞ Minimum requirement of Microsoft .Net framework is version 2.0.
    ☞ The QuickBooks Desktop is recommended are Pro, Primer, Enterprises 2016 or higher.
    ☞ The required version of sage 50 is the version 2013 or above.

    Conversion Can be Done

    Following are the items which can be converted:
    ☞ The vendor List, customers, Employee, Account and the item.
    ☞ The balance of the accounts.
    ☞ The detail of Contact and the profile of the employees.
    ☞ Paychecks and the paychecks which are converted as journal entries.
    ☞ Payroll general ledger account balance info.

    Conversion Can’t be Done

    Following are the items which can’t be converted:
    ☞ The items of the payroll which are used to calculate the paychecks.
    ☞ The information of the employ for the year to date and the transaction of the payroll.
    ☞ The deduction information of the individual employee wages.
    ☞ Work Tickets and the fixed assets are can’t be converted.
    ☞ The partially or the fully closed purchase orders, sales orders and the estimates.

    Preparing of Sage 50 File

    Before converting the Sage 50 company file to QuickBooks online, first we have to follow the following steps. If these steps are followed and the report of these steps is OK then only you can move forward to the step of Convert Sage 50 to QuickBooks Online.

    Steps are followed:
    ☞ First you have to launch the Sage 50.
    ☞ Now you have to open the file which you want to convert.
    ☞ Once the file is open, now select the users for the profile who work on it for the conversion.
    ☞ Select the setup security in order to sett all the privacy and security for the staff.
    ☞ Click on the data access tab and the crystal reports tab in order to get full detail for the data.
    ☞ Now check the option in order to follow the login information.
    ☞ Select the change option in order edit the data.
    ☞ Now set the password of your account.

    Conversion of Sage 50 Company File to the QuickBooks File

    In order to convert the sage 50 company file to the QuickBooks file you have to follow the following procedural steps, the steps are:
    ☞ First you have to upgrade your application, so that you can get data switcher on your system.
    ☞ Navigate to the data switcher.
    ☞ Now you have to entre the register email address, so that you are able to get the confirmation.
    ☞ You need to check the terms and condition in order to agree it before running the application.
    ☞ Hit the button Ok in order to run th4e application.
    ☞ From the list of options select sage 50 to QuickBooks online conversion.
    ☞ Now read all the instruction flashes in front of you on the screen carefully.
    ☞ Enter the detail information which is asked in their desire fields. details are name of the organization, The email address of the organization, contact no etc.
    ☞ Hit the continue button, in order to move to the next page.
    ☞ If you want any additional options then you can select that from here. The options are like Company Info Updating, Inventory detail, Classes and the locations, the time period etc.
    ☞ Once you are done with the above steps then hit the confirm button in order to confirm that all the data you entered is correct and you want to go with that.
    ☞ Now you have to provide the checklist before you proceed with the conversion of the file.

    The items which are to be ticked according to you choice, in order to provide information are listed below:
    ☞ Reconcile of all the accounts.
    ☞ The tax reporting is to be complete.
    ☞ Extract all the open invoices and the credits of the data.
    ☞ Then extract the detail report of the company data.
    ☞ Click on browse button in order to select the sage 50 file which you want to convert.
    ☞ Now entre the credentials in their desire field that is entre the user name and the password for the sage 50 company file.
    ☞ Now set the time period for the import of file.
    ☞ We recommend you to select the starting date of financial year.
    ☞ Now you have to click on the option that I have read and understand all the details and the limitation for the conversion.
    ☞ Hit the continue button in order to move forward.
    ☞ Once you are done with all the above steps, so now your file is uploaded and converted automatically.
    ☞ It will take 72 hours in order to process the conversion.
    ☞ Once the file is converted then you will get the confirmation on your email address.
    ☞ In email you get the link in order to confirm so, just click on it and confirm it.

    Transfer of Sage Account

    Once you are done with the conversion then you can easily perform the post conversion check.

    For that you have to use the following lists:
    ☞ The trial balances
    ☞ Report of the balance sheet
    ☞ The statement related to profit and loss A/C
    ☞ A/P summary aging
    ☞ A/R summary aging

    Now you have to create the report for the fiscal year. O nce you create the report then you have to match that report with the sage 50. So, there are some elements which are not available in the conversion list.

    All that type of elements is mentioned below:
    ☞ The record of the payroll
    ☞ The detail of the Budget
    ☞ The details of the projects which are done.
    ☞ All the attachments.
    ☞ The entries which are not posted.
    ☞ Detail of the sales orders.
    ☞ Memorized transactions as they are not recorded.
    ☞ The detail of the templates that is invoice template and the other all templates.

    Opening of Old Sage File

    In order to restore the old sage file, you have to follow the following steps:
    ☞ First you have to open the sage 50 file.
    ☞ Now select the file which you want to restore.
    ☞ Once you are done with the selection of file then you have to click on the restore button.
    ☞ Now you have to click on the browse tab in order to select the backup file from the location where the file is restored.
    ☞ Select the open button in order to open the file.
    ☞ Hit the next button in order to move to the next page.
    ☞ Now select the restore method as per your requirement.
    ☞ Overwrite the data of existing company.
    ☞ The new company is to be created by using the restored data.
    ☞ You can use one from the above two option in order to restore your file.
    ☞ Hit the next button in order to move forward.
    ☞ Now you have to select the desired restore options.

    Following are the options:
    ☞ The data of the company.
    ☞ Forms are to be customized.
    ☞ Web transactions
    ☞ Reports of the intelligence report.
    ☞ Hit the next button in order to move to the next step.
    ☞ Now you have to verify the restore option and then hit the finish button in order to exit from the screen.
    ☞ As the restore is completed the company will open automatically.

    Creating of Sage 50 Backup

    Follow the following steps in order to create the backup of the sage 50 company file:
    ☞ First you have to log in to the company which you want to take backup.
    ☞ Navigate to the menu bar click on the file tab.
    ☞ From the list of option select the backup option from all the options.
    ☞ In the backup window you have to enter the name of the file which you want to restore.
    ☞ Now you have to select the file where you want to save your file.
    ☞ There are some rules of selecting the folder in order to restore the file.
    ☞ Never save your file in .saj folder as these types of folder stores the backup of the software’s.
    ☞ The last path where you store your file will automatically become the path for the next file.
    ☞ Never overwrite the existing file till the time you are not sure for the backup.
    ☞ Once you are done with the saving of the file steps, so now you have to hit the OK button in order to start the backup of the file.

    Migrating of Sage 50 in QuickBooks

    In order to move your sage 50 company file to cloud you have to follow the following steps:
    ☞ First you have to prepare your data which you want to transfer. It is very important to prepare your data and keep it up to date before you select it for the migration.
    ☞ Second step is to download the switching reports. Switching reports are very helpful in importing your data in the sage accounting. It helps to bring your sage data in correct format.
    ☞ Third step is to export the data from the sage 50. As it is helpful in exporting the items as CSV files. In case you want to use the chart of accounts then you can easily import it from the CSV file.
    ☞ Fourth step is to always keeping the check on the settings of the accounts. As if someone causes the harm to the account it will harm the data file and the status of the company. So, it is necessary to keep check on the QuickBooks.
    ☞ Fifth step is to import the data file in sage accounting. So, in order to import the data you have to export the CSV file.
    ☞ Sixth and the last step is order to import your data file.

    Frequently Asked Question’s ✍

    Can We Convert Sage 50 in QuickBooks Online?

    In order to Convert Sage 50 to QuickBooks Online by uploading the sage 50 file in data switcher conversion wizard with the help of secure connection. Once your file is uploaded successfully then the file is automatically go to the data switcher in order to convert the file. The app need 72 hours in order to convert your sage data in QuickBooks online.

    What Will Happen if I Don’t Renew Sage 50?

    Your data will become read only in case you select the stop renewing sage fifty. Whenever you stop renewing sage 50 then you can’t able to edit or entre anything in the file.

    Where Sage 50 Data is Stored?

    In order to know that where the sage 50 data is stored you have to follow the following steps:
    ☞ First you have to open the sage 50 file of the relevant company.
    ☞ Navigate to the menu bar on the screen.
    ☞ Select the help button and from the drop down menu of help click on the about option.
    ☞ In the detail of about you will see the detail area of the program where the file is stored.
    ☞ You will get the detail of the location where the file that is under the data directory.

    We hope that the above article helps you in resolving the issue of Convert Sage 50 to QuickBooks Online. With the help of this article you can easily perform various actions with your sage 50 company file, for example edit, convert, migrate, restore or backup etc. But still if you face any type of issue in performing your job or converting the file in that case you can call or chat with us in order to resolve the issue which you are facing. Our technician team will help you in the better and the easy way and will give hundred percent of them to bring you out from that situation and make your work easy while saving your time and energy.

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