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How to Convert Sage Intacct Data to QuickBooks Online – Import and Export

    Sage Intacct is one of the most popular software of Accounting which is backed by several E-commerce services. It is widely used to satisfy the various needs of small to midsize accounting organizations.

    With the help of this cloud based software solution, you would be able to automate complex financial processes. In addition to this, you will have the operational as well as financial insights that would help you improve productivity.

    The Convert Sage Intacct Data to QuickBooks Online is very easy and effortless process. You can transfer your Sage Intact Data to QuickBooks promptly without making any type of errors by following steps explained in this article.

    Scope of Work Convert Sage Intacct Data to QuickBooks Online

    The brief review of the conversation of the sage is explained in the below article. So, follow the following detail of work in order to convert sage Intacct data to QuickBooks Online.
    ☞ You can transfer the master records easily and efficiently. Master records are the important item of our accounting. Master records are like customers, vendors, Inventory, Average cost, sales, Description of goods etc.
    ☞ Transaction are transfer openly which includes charts of accounts, Balance sheet, Profit and loss account, Open account receivable, open account payable, sales and purchasing orders, open invoices and estimates.
    ☞ File is to be analyzed with the certified conversion engineer for which you have to fill the form first.

    Switching of Sage Intacct Data to QuickBooks

    There are five phases through which the switching of sage Intacct data to QuickBooks can be done.

    Following are the phases of the process for switching:

    Total Time: 20 minutes

    Determine the Need of Product

    The first step is to determine that what type of product, in which Quantity is required by the company. Which product is in more demand in comparison to other. This type of analyzing is to be done first.

    File Template Setup

    In this process we need to develop the proper workflow which will make the QuickBooks fit in your business. Be sure that all the data is collected from the current accounting system.

    Train Your Team and Go Live

    It is very important to train the employees or the users that how to use and when to use this software.

    Close and Review Books

    In this we came to know that if the additional data or monthly reports of the company are required or not. Many of the time it happens with us that we don’t know what information we require to complete the task until we work on that software.

    Follow Up and Maintenance

    In this the data is checked that how is kept and what kind is kept.

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    ☛ Frequently Asked Question

    How Can I Transfer Data of QuickBooks Online?

    Follow the following steps in order to transfer the data of QuickBooks Online:
    ☞ First step is to choose the plan.
    ☞ Now sign in to your QuickBooks Account.
    ☞ Upload the data which you want to transfer.
    ☞ Upload the backup of the data
    ☞ Once the data is uploaded hit the transfer button in order to transfer your data.
    ☞ As the data is transfer you will get the notification in order to review your transferred data.

    How Can I Import Old Data in QuickBooks?

    Follow the following steps in order to import old data in QuickBooks:
    ☞ First you have to log in to your new account.
    ☞ Now hit the gear icon on the top right of the screen.
    ☞ Navigate to the tools and click on it.
    ☞ Select the import data option from the drop down menu of tools.
    ☞ Now select the type of data which you want to import.
    ☞ Hit the browse button in order to select the file which is to be imported.
    ☞ Once you browsed and upload the file just sit aside and wait till the time the importing of the file is completed.
    ☞ Follow the online instructions till the time the data is completely imported.
    ☞ The message flashes on screen that the file is imported successfully so hit the Ok button and come out from the screen.

    How Can I Export All the Transaction From the Wave?

    Follow the following steps in order to export all the transaction from the wave :
    ☞ Click on the setting button in order to set the tools.
    ☞ Now from the drop down of the settings data export option is available hit on that.
    ☞ Now select the data which you want to export.
    ☞ The data which was exported is sent to your register mail ID by using the wave application.
    ☞ Once it arrive on your mail then download the data in order to save it in your system.

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    In this article, we have tried to explain all the possible steps in order to convert sage Intacct company data to QuickBooks online. In case if you still face some issues while converting Intacct Data to QuickBooks Online, we have a team of professional technicians, who can migrate your records safely. Moreover, they are capable to move your data in the precise manner without any trouble.

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