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Create a New Sage ID Login: What is a Sage ID?

    What is Sage ID

    Businesses are accepting changes with technological advancements. Growing startups and even multinational companies are switching over to accounting software that helps in making tasks quicker and easier. Sage 50 offers a range of services and applications by which you can manage the core tasks of the office.

    However, to use this accounting software you need to sign up and create a new Sage ID login. Sage ID is a must before using the application, without it, you won’t be able to work on any shared company files, for instance, Sage Drive and Sage Payments.

    Sage ID is a sign-in application used by Sage to connect with the services, which include, Sage Drive, Sage Managed Payroll, and Sage Direct Deposit.

    How To Create A New Sage ID?

    When you sign up for an accounting application, you are required to create a Sage ID. In case you are registering with multiple services with the same e-mail address, then your Sage ID will be linked will be lined to all Sage online services.

    Let Us Take A Look At The Methods Followed To Create Sage ID

    • First of all, open the existing company on Sage
    • Open sage drive
    • Once you reach sage drive, share your company screen
    • Now, you can sign up
    • After signing in, create a new Sage login ID.
    • Enter credentials including Email, Password, and finally Confirm Password

    Note: Do not forget your Login Password otherwise you won’t be able to log into Sage.

    • Once you have successfully entered the credentials, refer the Password Security on the right-hand side of the page
    • Click on Create option
    • A window will flash stating Welcome to Sage Drive
    • Now, that you have created Sage ID, you need to register Sage Drive with your Sage ID
    • Click on the Register option to register your Sage ID
    • After registration, you will receive a message of Successful Registration

    Note: Now that you have successfully created Sage ID, you are able to connect to Sage data anywhere at any time.

    • A secure area has been created on the server, you can begin uploading data
    • Go back to the program and Sign In to start uploading the data.

    If you are unable to create your Sage ID, then it is advised to seek the help of the trained and skilled Sage tech support team from Accounting Problem. Once you have completed the process of Login, reset Sage ID password.

    For resetting, you need to simply visit the login window and choose the password option for the relevant application.

    Note: The new password should be used to access all Sage online services and applications. This reduces the need for memorizing countless IDs and password.

    Your Sage password will remain the same but different applications have a different level of security. For example, one application or service requires only a password while other applications require other credentials as well for security purposes.

    Most of the applications may give a captcha image, which you have to recognize or 6 digit PIN number for authentication. This additional security measure is used to keep your Sage data secured from hackers. While logging into the application next time, you will have to use the same PIN number and security questions when you will access the application.

    In case, you entered the wrong credentials three-times together while logging in the Sage application, your account will be locked for 20 minutes. After the span of 20 minutes, you can log in but if you don’t remember the password details, you can reset the password. Moreover, if you think the security of your account is at risk, you can reset and strengthen your password, so that it cannot be hacked.

    Final Words :

    Furthermore, our Sage Help support team is available round-the-clock for its Sage users. If you witness any type of error while creating new Sage ID, you can seek the help of our Sage professionals of Accounting Problem and resolve all your queries at the earliest. For more information, you can connect with our Sage 50 help support.