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How to Delete a Duplicate Payment in QuickBooks

    Delete a Duplicate Payment in QB

    Mistakes do happen and they are very much a part and parcel of life. Right? They may happen while using user-friendly accounting software like QuickBooks as well. One fine day, you may suddenly discover that you have actually paid a customer or vendor twice inadvertently. This is the reason why we keep getting queries such as How to Delete a Duplicate Payment in QuickBooks. The frequency of such questions has made us believe that this mistake is a pretty common one.

     If you are using QuickBooks, you are nicely covered, even if you have made duplicate payments or transactions. This premier accounting software has provided a feature with which you can effortlessly correct such mistakes. Yes, you can delete any duplicate payment with ease, in QuickBooks. 

    In this blog, we will tell you the step-by-step procedure to delete a duplicate payment in QuickBooks.

    Steps to Delete a Duplicate Transaction or Payment in QuickBooks Desktop

    In QuickBooks Desktop, duplicate transactions can be removed from the bank feed itself.  However, the procedure to delete such transactions varies according to the mode you are using.

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Delete Duplicate Transactions or Payments in Register Mode

    In this mode, you would find your register on the top of your screen. The downloaded transactions can be seen at the bottom.

    Here are the steps to delete-
    🔷 Navigate to the Banking menu.
    🔷 Click on the Bank Feeds button
    🔷 Click Bank Feeds Center.
    🔷 Go to the Items Received From Financial Institution section
    🔷 Search for and click on the statement 
    🔷 Then click on View.
    🔷 Match the relevant transactions. 
    🔷 Click Done to match them.
    🔷 Click the Yes tab in the Not Finished Matching window. 
    🔷 You will be redirected to the Online Banking Center.
    🔷 Go to the Items Received From Financial Institution section.
    🔷 Locate and click on the particular statement to delete
    🔷 Then click on the Delete tab

    Deleting the statement as shown above would prevent unwanted transactions from appearing in the statement, when you download it next time. If the matched statement is not deleted, the transactions that were not matched would keep on appearing.

    Remove Duplicate Transactions or Payments in Side-by-Side Mode

    In this mode, you will see the downloaded transactions on the left hand side of the screen. Here are the steps to delete-
    🔷 Navigate to the Banking section.
    🔷 Click on Bank Feeds 
    🔷 Then click on the Bank Feeds Center tab
    🔷 Go to the Items Reviewed section
    🔷 Choose the account with the transactions to delete.
    🔷 Click on Items to Delete.
    🔷 Choose the transactions to delete
    🔷 Click on the tab named Delete Selected
    🔷 Finally, click Yes to confirm the deletion

    Please Note: If you have already matched your statement, you can also click on the ‘Select all downloaded transactions older than’ tab. Then, you can set the date to the last statement end date. Next, click on the Delete Selected tab. Finally, switch to Register mode and delete everything

    Procedure to Delete a Duplicate Transaction in QuickBooks Online

    Please follow the steps below-

    • Click on the Banking menu from the navigation tab on the left.
    • Click on the In QuickBooks tab
    • Choose the duplicate transactions. 
    • Click on Undo.
    • Go to the For Review section
    • Select the duplicate transactions 
    • Navigate to the Excluded tab
    • Tick the boxes for the duplicate entries
    • Now click on Batch actions 
    • Finally, click on the Delete button
    • Once done, you may reconcile your account.

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    Final Words:

    In the discussion above, we have shown you the step-by-step procedure of deleting a duplicate payment or transaction in both QuickBooks Desktop and Online. If you  have any more queries in this regard, you may clear your doubts by consulting  with any of the experienced QuickBooks experts.

    👉Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Procedure to Void a Check from a Prior Accounting Period in QuickBooks?

    You need to follow these steps in order to void a check from a prior accounting period:
    ▪ Create a deposit to offset the check that is to be voided. Click on the “New” button from the dashboard and then select the Bank Deposit under Other.
    ▪ Fill in the Bank Deposit form.
    ▪ Mark both the original checks and the deposit you just created as reconciled. If the voided check was used to pay a bill that is still due, you will be required to create a new bill dated in the current accounting year

    What is the Difference Between Making An Invoice Void  and Deleting An Invoice ?

    When an invoice is deleted, all the information related to the invoice (invoice number, customer name etc) gets erased from the system. This means, by deleting the invoice, you delete it permanently from the QB Company File.  
    On the other hand, when you ‘void’ an invoice, you simply make the invoice amount to be nil or zero. Here, all the other information related to the said invoice very much remains in the system and you can use the information later on. You only prevent the concerned payment from being realized by the QuickBooks software.

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