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How to Delete Payment in QuickBooks

    Delete Payment in QuickBooks

    When it comes to record keeping, a lot of tasks come to mind. Be it a recording profit and loss, counting expenses, ensuring to record payments from customers and what not. It becomes really a tedious work when it comes to sort through transactions and get the corrected entries. But as a part of record maintenance, it is a vital step and should be done with constant vigilance. With QuickBooks, you can say good bye to those lengthy and time consuming hours of entry corrections. The ease and simplicity of this platform will leave you in awe and turn you into a pro.

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    The very first step for you is to make a backup for the existing data. So there will be a zero risk for the same of data loss at any point.This approach seems to do the wonders. For further process you can refer to the following steps:

    Steps for Delete Payment in QuickBooks

    • Login to the account
    • Look for the invoice tab and open the affected invoice.
    • You will see two tabs on the right-panel of the Create Invoices window.
    • Click on the Transaction tab.
    • Look for Related Transactions, it will show the deposit you use as the payment.
    • Choose the deposit transaction. This will take you to the Make Deposits window.
    • Click on Edit menu and choose Delete Deposit (shortcut: Ctrl + D).
    • Click OK to confirm the action.

    After deleting the chosen deposit, it will open the invoice page again. Then, you can cross check to ensure that you do not have any important entry. When you are done sorting, you can choose to export the data in excel sheet and make it colour coded. It will be processed with quick fix approach and will be streamlined in no time. Keeping your records updated was never this easy. It is almost like going through crash course of accounting technique first hand.

    At this point, you can take care of any specific kind of payment. All you need to sort through and within few minutes time, you will have your transactions on your tips. This accounting software will take your stress and time consuming procedures away. Be it a bulk transactions file or specific payment entry sorting, QuickBooks is the best answer you can look for. It is a smart choice for any size of business that needs upgraded technology to handle transactions records and cash inflow and outflow for the business. This is the reason we have been seeing people considering switching over to this platform that has plethora of options to explore.

    Choosing QuickBooks is important owing to numerous factors. If you are looking for the below mentioned features, this is the right platform to go ahead with:

    • User friendly system
    • Quick operations
    • Affordable packages
    • Convenient navigation
    • Smart cloud based tech memory

    You can avail the support of our tech team anywhere or anytime you want. All you need to do is dial a toll free QuickBooks support number. They can help you with anything related to this platform in no time.