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Disable Merchant Services in QuickBooks MAC

    Disable Merchant Services in QuickBooks MAC

    QuickBooks desktop software can be run on several platforms including Windows and MAC. For MAC users, however, the instructions to operate QuickBooks are a little different from that done on Windows systems. One of the features is ‘Disable Merchant services in QuickBooks for MAC users’. While you can always call up the accounting Hub technical support for assistance on any operations, disable Merchant services can be performed in-house too, with little instructions.

    Unused or expired credit card services or other merchant services can be disabled on MAC, provided you are quite sure that it is not required for use anymore. Once you disable merchant services, you cannot pay through this medium for any new invoice entered. Here is a detailed, step wise tip to disable merchant services in QuickBooks.

    Disable Merchant Services in QuickBooks MAC

    Steps to Disable Merchant Services in QuickBooks MAC

    1. TO begin with, find and hit ⌘ + F commands on MAC. If you are not sure where to find this shortcut, read the instruction manual before proceeding. This command is mandatory for this operation.
    2. Now, on the right top corner of the screen, on the search space, search for the ‘KEYCHAIN’ option, and click on ‘KEYCHAIN ACCESS’ once it is displayed on the screen.
    3. Again, once the KEYCHAIN ACCESS is open, on the search window, type ‘QUICKBOOKS’ to search for it. Select ‘CONNECTION TICKETS’ for QuickBooks merchant service.
    4. Now, click on the ‘EDIT’ button, and click ‘DELETE’ to delete the CONNECTION TICKETS. When a prompt appears to ask if you want to delete it, click ‘YES’ to confirm.
    5. The merchant services you have selected and edited will be deleted permanently from the records. In order to ensure the merchant services has been removed completely, log out of MAC and restart the computer to allow it to make the changes.

    One thing we need to remember here is that several KEYCHAINS are created for each application that is connected to the QuickBooks in MAC. Hence, while editing or deleting any Merchant service, try to ensure you are deleting the correct one. Deleting another merchant service might lead to confusion, and rework. Also, instead of keying in the works ‘KEYCHAINS’ you can type the specific merchant service on the search window.

    For instance, if the merchant service to be deleted is, for example, ‘ABC CREDIT CARD’, just type these specific words on the search engine. Once it gets displayed on the screen, you can directly click on it and ‘DELETE’ it immediately.

    Doing this specific search can avoid mistakes while disabling a merchant service.

    Alternatively, the ‘Automatic Updates’ feature on QuickBooks software in MAC also allows you to delete any unused merchant services directly while installing updates. This can be done at the time of updating the software (whenever they are available). Once a merchant service is disabled, they will not appear while an invoice or payments are being prepared.

    The above-mentioned steps should successfully resolve the issue pertaining to disabling merchant services. In case any error pops up while disabling a particular merchant service or you are not able to ‘DELETE‘ it, call our excellent QuickBooks technical support. The experts in the QuickBooks helpdesk will be able to assist you regarding the issue.

    The Accounting Problem QuickBooks technical support team has experts who can handle issues related to QuickBooks software in MAC, Windows or in any other system efficiently. They are available 24/7 for assistance regarding QuickBooks software-related products. Call their help desk toll free number in case you are not able to disable merchant services or have queries regarding any other features for QuickBooks on MAC.