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How to Disable QuickBooks Web Connector?

    Disable QuickBooks Web Connector

    QuickBooks is one of the robust yet user-friendly accounting applications that empower end users to seamlessly manage and control all their business transactions. When you intend to download this accounting software, not only you download files related to this product but also a range of add-ons to help you during the usage time. One such add-on that comes along with this product is the QuickBooks Web Connector.


    The installation of the QuickBooks Web Connector empowers the program to start each and every time you turn on your system. It runs this program in the background even when you are not even using it. This results in unnecessary usage of the resources, thereby making your system slow. Well, you can disable QuickBooks Web Connector from starting when you boot your system by removing the correct ‘Startup’ entry. If you are looking forward for the fastest way that can do this task for you, you can simply reach out to our Accounting Problem team of professionals.

    In this article, we will discuss some of the related issues with QuickBooks Web Connector and simple steps following which you can easily disable the application before it launches.

    Access Denied in QuickBooks Web Connector

    In most of the transactions taking place between your QuickBooks (by way of the web connector program) and your online service, most of the processes will carry on as per your anticipations as soon as the web connector comes into action.

    However, there are possibilities that you may encounter error messages and incapacity of your online service to open QBWC is one of the most common of these issues.

    Sometimes QuickBooks web connector does not allow you to access QuickBooks because of some reasons that further lead to no data transaction. Let’s have a quick look at some of the causes that result in such kind of error:

    ⛔ The company file cannot be found

    ⛔ The file you are trying to open is not opening in QuickBooks

    When you are recurring experiencing such kind of issue, your online service should be able capable to take hold of such kind of issue correctly.

    Way to Disable QuickBooks Web Connector

    Here are some of the simple ways that you can follow to resolve the issues related to QuickBooks Web Connector:

    • The first and foremost thing is to ascertain that your QuickBooks accounting application is not opened. If it is opened, then close all the opened files and exit from the application. Besides this, in case any other program is opened in your system make sure you close that as well.
    • In the following step, you should not fail to remember that you are supposed to press on the ‘Startup’ tab that you can find on the lower and left-hand side of your system’s desktop.
    • After completing the step 2, hover your mouse over the ‘All Programs’ option and click on the right-side click button in order to delete get the desired options. When the options will appear, you need to look for QuickBooks web connector application in the list of programs.
    • While moving on to the next step, you need to click the right button when you hover the mouse over the ‘QuickBooks Web Connector’ option and after this choose the ‘Delete’ option from the rest of the options that you will see. Opt for the “Delete Shortcut” right from the “Shortcut Delete” box.
    • After the step 4, you will almost reach the last point of disabling QuickBooks web connector application running in the background so you need to now click again on the ‘Startup’ button and then select the ‘Shut down’ option from among other options that you see. Otherwise, instead of shutting down the system you can even simply select the ‘Restart’ option in order to reboot your system and try to open the QuickBooks accounting software application ensure whether it is opening or not.

    Final Words

    In the end, the above mentioned steps help you in disabling the QuickBooks web connector application on your system. If you still have queries regarding QuickBooks software or not able to resolve the issue despite following above steps, then try to get in touch with our QuickBooks tech support number. To disable QuickBooks Web Connector, call us toll-free at our QuickBooks helpdesk number.