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How to Downgrade your QuickBooks Online Plan

    downgrade your quickbooks online plan

    Are you using a plan of QuickBooks that doesn’t suit you? Now you want to downgrade your plan according to your requirements. Thinking about it can be done or not so, yes it can be done easily. We are here to help you out in downgrading your QuickBooks Online plan. You just need to follow the process that we are providing you so that you can easily downgrade your subscription.

    Downgrade your QuickBooks Online Plan

    Follow the steps below to get it done smoothly:-

    1. Open your system first
    2. Sign in to the account of QuickBooks Online as an admin
    3. Now go to gear like icon called Settings and select Account and Settings option in it
    4. After that in settings, tap on Billing & Subscription option
    5. Make sure your payment info is updated and valid
    6. Select the Downgrade option
    7. Then the “Change my plan” page shows your current plan and other plans you can downgrade to
    8. Now you have to select the new plan you want to take
    9. After that select Choose Plan option and then select Next
    10. Check your new billing details and select the Change plan option to complete the process of downgrading
    11. Sign out of QuickBooks Online and again sign in to apply the changes you have done in the whole process.

    Check that the Changes in your Plan are Done or Not. To Check the Subscription Follow the Steps

    1. Firstly, sign in to your QuickBooks Online account’s an admin
    2. Then go to Settings
    3. In settings, select the Account and Settings option
    4. Now clock on the Billing and Subscription option
    5. After that, check your plan details that the changes you have done applied or not.

    If you change your mind, you need to wait 24 hours before you can go back to your previous plan.

    How to Contact Us?

    We are here to help you out 365 days a year in any condition. You can contact us anytime as we are just a call away so contact us at our QuickBooks toll-free number . You can send us an email [email protected] or do a QuickBooks live chat with our experts.

    Our team is experienced, knowledgeable, trained and professional to solve all your queries. They understand your situation better and provide you the best QuickBooks solution. We are glad to help you out and wait for you to contact us; so that we do solve all your issues.