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Download QuickBooks 2016: Pro, Premier, Enterprise & Mac

    QB 2016 Download

    There is no ground for comparing when it comes down to accounting software that is fit for all small to medium-scale firms. With enhanced features and a hand-free accessible interface, QuickBooks software is widely demanded by medium sized businesses.

    Along with timely updates and upgraded versions, QuickBooks allows users to tone down the work pressure and helps in a more profound and organised way of working efficiently.

    With QuickBooks being a major accounting solution for many years, QuickBooks 2016 stands out and is an adequate version that can help more profoundly with business objectives.

    QuickBooks 2016 version most importantly grabs attention with two of the most adored features i.e are that the 2016 version works right on reliability and stability. This blog particularly is sketched out in a manner where you’ll be able to access all necessary information regarding the QuickBooks 2016 version. Go through the following for the same.

    QuickBooks 2016 Version Newly Designed Features

    Just like any other update, QuickBooks accounting software also expands with new versions, which are laid out more enhanced for a better working capacity.

    Although QuickBooks 2016 variations are mostly minor tweaks and improvements in the software, some of them are just a perfect fit that can act just as the right missing puzzle piece.

    The foregoing are advanced and improved features of QuickBooks 2016 are listed below, take a look to have a detailed insight:

    • Filter the Report by Fiscal Year-to-Last Month: Now, in addition to all of the reports available in previous versions of QuickBooks, with the QuickBooks 2016 version you will be able to create a “This Year to Last Month” report.
    • Statement Writer for QuickBooks: Your system will allow QuickBooks Statement writer to function when the QuickBooks 2016 version program will patch your system. If the user is using Microsoft Office 2013.
    • Clear Send Forms in Bulk: The QuickBooks 2016 version provides a quick and more appropriate approach for selecting and removing multiple documents from the transmit queue.
    • Support Continuous Feed Label Printer: With the 2016 version, you can print on single-roll continuous labels in addition to label sheets.
    • Auto Copy Shop-To Address: when creating a purchase order from a sales order or estimate, there is no need to manually enter the address from your sales order with QuickBooks 2016 version. Unfortunately, QuickBooks Pro does not support this feature.
    • Upgraded Streamlined Experience: With QuickBooks 2016 version, This feature helps in the creation of a new backup file with the help of an easier dialogue in order to end up upgrading an existing file.
    • The Bill Tracker: With this feature being present you can access all of your outstanding bills, item receipts, and purchase orders in one place further eliminating the need for multiple reports. QuickBooks 2016 version, with the help of its feature, presents an immediate medium of tracking “money-out”.
    • Bill Payments Screen Search Options: If you are tired of browsing through endless transaction pages to find some significant payment transaction. This feature is present with the 2016 version, to make your work more effortless. This feature will allow you to now sort by column in the payment screen to find the exact transaction without wasting time.
    • Attribution of Comments in Reports: Initially QuickBooks 2015 version, introduced a feature for feedback from the users or for them to raise any questions regarding QuickBooks and added a comment section for the same. The new updated version, however, QuickBooks 2016 Comment section has made users update or create each and every comment on a report. The report, therefore, helps to keep a track of who to contact if the questions are problem-specific.
    • Updated Insights Tab: In one of QuickBooks 2015’s mid-year updates, the Insights tab (The Insights Tab) was added to the Home window. The Net Profit Margin graph compares your company’s net profit margin for this year to last year for the date range you select. The Business Growth graph compares your total income over time, with the change in total income in dollars and percentages shown on the right. Also, three graphs were added to the Insights tab.

    QuickBooks 2016 Version System Requirements

    In order to Download QuickBooks 2016 Version, there are a few necessary system requirements that are required to be followed for an error-less downloading procedure. Here’s what the requirements are:

    Hardware and Operating System Requirements

    • Minimum required processor: 2.4 GHz.
    • Required Display Resolution: 1027*768.
    • RAM: 8 GB required (4GB minimum).
    • Disk Space: Disk Space shall be 2.5 GB.
    • Optical Drive: For CD installations 4*CD ROM is needed.
    • Windows: US version for QuickBooks US Software and likewise, Canadian version for Canadian QuickBooks Software.
    • Requirements for Server RAM:
      • 0-5 Users= 8GB RAM
      • 10+ Users= 12GB RAM
      • 15+ Users= 16GB RAM
      • 20+ Users= 20+GB RAM
    • Mandatory good Internet accessibility.

    Required Similarly Among Firewall/Antivirus Software:

    • ESET
    • McAfee
    • Avast
    • Microsoft Security Essentials
    • Window Vista Firewall
    • Kaspersky
    • AVG
    • Symantec
    • Windows Server Firewall(All Editions)
    • Windows 8 and 8.1

    Database Servers

    • Linux: Important System Requirements for QuickBooks 2016 version when installed with the QBES database server, such as opens use 13.1, red hat 6.8, and fedora 20.
    • Windows: Intrinsically installed & Windows 8, Windows 7 or Vista (SP2) with UAC enabled, Windows Server 2011, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 – Terminal Server Configuration, Windows Server 2003 (SP2)* as well as Windows Small Business Server 2008.

    Supported Operating System

    • Only QuickBooks 2016 R7 and Enterprises 16.0 R7 require Windows 10, 64-bit in all editions.
    • Windows 7, 64-bit editions, and Windows 8.1 (64-bit) are required.
    • Windows Vista with 64-bit is required (all editions) is required.
    • Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2008 must be 24-bit.
    • Windows Small Business Server 2008, Windows Server 2012 is required.

    Hardware and Operating System Requirements [Client and Server]

    Software Compatibility

    QuickBooks software holds the capability to integrate with numerous third-party applications. It also comes with the following integrations.

    • QuickBooks For Mac 2016
    • Gmail, Yahoo mail, Windows Mail, Hotmail, and AOL
    • Turbo Tax 2016 and 2014 (Personal and Business)
    • Internet Explorer 11, 10, and 9
    • Reading forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or later
    • QuickBooks Point of Sale 2014 (V12.0), V11.0, V10.0
    • Internet access for over 56kbps connection speed(DSL or cable modem) is required to use
    • Payroll or various other online features.
    • Lacerte 2016 and 2014.
    • Microsoft Office:
      • For preparing letters Microsoft word 2013, 2010, and 2007 (32 bit) is required.
      • Microsoft Excel 2013, 2010, or 2007 is needed for Exporting reports.
      • Microsoft Outlook requires Outlook 2013, 2010, or 2007 in order to perform Contact synchronisation.
      • Office 2010 and Office 2013/365 are both 32 bit and 64 bit.
      • QuickBooks Contact Sync with Outlook required for Synchronisation with outlook.

    System Requirements of QuickBooks 2016 for MAC

    Listed below are the requirements for a system of Quickbooks 2016 for Mac. The information presented here is inclusive of all minimum as well as compatibility needs. Take a look for a better understanding:

    Listed below are the requirements for a system of Quickbooks 2016 for Mac. The information presented here is inclusive of all minimum as well as compatibility needs. Take a look for a better understanding:

    The below-mentioned are the minimum system requirements for MAC:

    • Multi-user Server: The server must be powered by an Intel Core Duo or higher processor.
    • A minimum of 250 MB of disc space should be available for MAC.
    • A requirement of RAM: 2 GB ( 4GB is recommended).
    • Intel Core 2 Duo or higher processor is the top-most requirement.
    • A need for Product registration is required.
    • To install QuickBooks for Mac, there is a need for a CD/DVD drive or an Internet connection.
    • Printer: If you are looking to print deposit slips, invoices, lists, checks, purchase orders, reports, mailing labels, or graphs, you’ll need a Macintosh-compatible printer.

    Requirements for integration/compatibility:

    • Payroll processing in QuickBooks for Mac requires a paid subscription in all terms(which is sold separately), an EIN, and Internet access. Intuit QuickBooks Payroll for Mac is compatible with QuickBooks 2016 for Mac.
    • Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage 2008, or Outlook 2011 for Mac are required for Email.
    • In order to export report data, you’ll need Apple Numbers ’09 or Microsoft Excel 2008 or 2011 on a Mac.
    • To print checks and forms, QuickBooks Payroll for Mac requires an internet connection and with Adobe Reader there is a high probability that additional fees may apply.

    Aspects to Ponder Before Downloading and Installing QuickBooks Desktop:

    You are already a QuickBooks user and are planning to upgrade the version to QuickBooks 2016. There is a required need to consider the following steps before starting with the downloading procedure. Follow for more detailed insight.

    Proceed to Create a Company File Backup

    • The first step is, Browse and start to Open the QuickBooks and go to the File menu.
    • From the File menu, move to the Back-Up Company and select the same.
    • The next step is to choose the option Create Local Backup.
    • The screen will present all the detailed steps and instructions for creating a new backup file.
    • Follow the onscreen instructions for the creation of the company file backup accurately.

    A Backup file is advised to be made in order to eliminate the chances of losing the acquired data in case of any wrongdoings or technical errors during the installation process.

    To Rebuild and Verify the Company file

    For verifying the data follow the given steps in an organised manner:

    • For the foremost step, proceed to the File menu and then locate Utilities OPtion and click on the same.
    • Now, from the Utilities grid, hit on Verify Data.
    • For closing all the open windows on the screen, hit on the OK button.
    • If there is no detection of any sort made by QuickBooks then Click on Ok.

    To Rebuild the data, follow the given steps:

    • For the first step, Browse the File menu.
    • From the File menu, navigate the Utilities option and click.
    • With the Utilities grid menu, choose the option Rebuild Data.
    • Next, is to click on the Ok button and further hit on Save to create a backup.
    • Click on View Results once the Rebuild procedure is completed.

    For a Data Integrity follow-up, verifying the company file is a good step taken. Ensure that the steps are followed up accurately to avoid unnecessary occurring errors.

    With a cloud-based subscription service, QuickBooks turns up with being a one-time investment software. It is considered to be a good investment as it’s just a one-time purchase. The software is woven in a way that allows effortless access to the entire database from any given location and at any given time period. Making it the most chosen among all.

    Perks of Download QuickBooks 2016

    QuickBooks 2016 comes with a plethora of obvious benefits. Every new and improved feature is created in a manner that runs around specific linings and makes QuickBooks 2016 much more feasible and easy in handling. Some of the enhanced features are listed below, take a look to find out about these advantages:

    • The most eye-grabbing feature is the dependability of existing files. While working on an existing database, backups are better kept with QuickBooks 2016.
    • QuickBooks 2016 most industry-specific feature is the laser printer compatibility for label printing, auto-copy of the shipping address, and others will help some users but not all.
    • The new QuickBooks 2016 version enables users to access and operate multiple files at a given period of time. It also holds space to create separate copies for users working over the same material.
    • Bulk transactions can now be deleted or cancelled in bulk. QuickBooks 2016 has induced transaction deletion also has been increased. This tool has the potential to save a significant amount of space on the machine or in the cloud.
    • One more effective feature of the application is the ability to generate reports on sales, taxes, and financing.
    • QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 allows you to override any pricing rule during a single transaction if necessary. Another useful feature of the Rule Editor is the ability to make rules exclusive.
    • Invoice creator contains a unique function that facilitates the management of financial resources and the careful handling of numerous obstacles.
    • Another beneficial feature of QuickBooks 2016 is the ability to produce reports on sales, taxes, and financing.
    • QuickBooks 2016 now has a restyled interface that helps to keep track of your bills more efficiently.
    • QuickBooks 2016 strengthens the previous version in a number of ways. The changes may not appear to be significant. On the other hand, the functionality they help in providing when used running simultaneously is quite staggering.
    • Moreover, QuickBooks 2016 allows users to easily assemble the finances and payroll everything into one place.
    • One more prominent notable aspect of QuickBooks 2016 is the capacity to combine quick and appropriate decisions.

    The Precise way to Download QuickBooks 2016 version

    The outlined steps are mentioned below to help you assist and ease the downloading procedure for QuickBooks 2016. Here’s how to do it:

    Total Time: 25 minutes

    To Procure the QuickBooks 2016 Version

    🔷 For the foremost step, to purchase the product, visit the Intuit website. 
    🔷 For the next step, select the number of users along with the QuickBooks version desired to purchase.
    🔷 Hit on the Buy Now button that appeared on the screen.
    🔷 In case of buying the QuickBooks payroll product, then choose the optimum Payroll subscription.
    🔷 Select on the Checkout option, if the payroll is not required then click on Continue without Payroll.
    🔷 Enter the Contact or payment information, if you are purchasing the QuickBooks.
    🔷 Sign in to log in to the existing account if you are already a QuickBooks user.
    🔷 For the final step, take up the given instructions to complete the purchase order.

    To Download the QuickBooks 2016 Version

    🔷 For the very first step, proceed to move to the link 
    🔷 After the subsequent step, browse and proceed to select the product that has been recently bought.
    🔷 Now, ensure to choose the right QuickBooks version i.e Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Mac, Accountant, POS, or Professional. 
    🔷 Once the version is selected, proceed to choose the correct year of the software 2016.
    🔷 Now, after the selected software year, you will see a prompt with a download button, further hit on the download button and it starts downloading the software.
    🔷 Once the downloading process is completed, Go and browse to Open the File Explorer.
    🔷 To acquire the .exe file, click on downloads done. 
    🔷 After the above-mentioned step, further, move to Run and Install the file.
    🔷 For doing the same, now enter the License key that has been given with the purchase made.
    🔷 A Zip file will be downloaded when we hit the download button.
    🔷 Double-click the folder in order to unzip the, further proceed to setup QuickBooks on your Desktop.
    🔷 Follow the onscreen instructions accurately in order to successfully set up the software. 

    For Installing QuickBooks 2016 on Different System Editions

    Take up the following steps to properly Install QuickBooks 2016, ensure that the given steps are all laid out to put together a smooth and hassle-free installation process:

    • For the first step, to install the QuickBooks 2016 version proceed to click on the .exe file.
    • If the prompts appear asking for UAC permission, choose Yes to allow the UAC permission.
    • Next, for extracting the files, proceed to select Next to carry out the process of extracting files.
    • After the subsequent step, there will appear an Accept & Continue Button, hit on the same.
    • Once the above-mentioned steps are taken up, further proceed to accept the License Agreement followed by Next.
    • Select Next, once the License and Product number have been entered.
    • There will be two Installation types on the screen ‘Express’ and ‘Custom and Network Installation, choose one among these.
      • Custom and Network Installation: when the company file is necessarily located on the server or the network, this option serves to be more useful.
      • Express Installation: If the QuickBooks is being used on a single system where the company files are usually located, then this type of installation comes into use.
    • Once the installation type is selected, move ahead and click on Next.
    • A window will appear asking to replace the current version installed over the system, hit on Next to proceed.
    • The subsequent step will start the installation process. The process can take up a significant amount of time.
    • Once the installation procedure is completed, click on OpenQuickBooks.

    How to Activate QuickBooks 2016

    Once the installation process is completed, to run the same smoothly, take the following steps to Activate QuickBooks 2016 successfully:

    • The first step is to Open QuickBooks.
    • Go to the Help Menu and then click on Activate QuickBooks.
    • Now, take up the on-screen instructions that are presented on the screen to verify the information.

    Different Editions for QuickBooks 2016 for Download

    QuickBooks has enabled different editions all providing different features and benefits to cater to various sectors, also the uses that are brought together carefully and thoughtfully to put up with all size businesses.

    The various editions are QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Mac, or Accountant. QuickBooks Pro meets the most basic needs of most businesses, while Enterprise Solutions (QuickBooks’ most sophisticated and capable edition) provides expanded functionality and speed for even the smallest organisations.

    For a more detailed knowledge about the various editions, follow up the information listed below.

    QuickBooks 2016 Pro Edition:

    The workhorse edition is QuickBooks Pro. The edition provides and enables three users to access the same company file at a given time. The Pro version includes features such as creating estimates, job costing, entering and paying bills, invoicing, saving and distribution of reports, budgeting, forms as email attachments, tracking fuel economy, cash flow projection, customising forms and prices, and integrating with Word, Excel and hundreds of other applications are all available.

    This version is inclusive of all these features and plays out optimum traits to carry forward all these.

    QuickBooks 2016 Premier Edition:

    A multi-user edition upholds the QuickBooks Premier edition. This edition can pertain to up to five simultaneous users at a given period of time making it the best feature.

    The Premier edition also comprises advanced capabilities such as enhanced invoicing for time and cost, journal entries being reversed. It works on the outlines of managing inventory items from other products, applying pricing levels at specific material, creating budgets and forecasts. Premier edition also takes care of making purchase orders from estimates and sale orders, also export report templates, and operating various units of measurements of all items.

    The only edition which allows the users to be picked and choose from six different industry-specific editions namely including General Business, Contractor, Professional Services, Nonprofit, Manufacturing and Wholesale, and Retail when Purchasing QuickBooks Premier.

    QuickBooks 2016 Enterprise Edition:

    The most favoured edition of QuickBooks addition is the Enterprise edition respectfully, it’s a perfect fit for medium-sized businesses. With this edition, more than thirty users are allowed to access any corporate company file at a given time, which is twice as fast as the speed from the Pro and Premier editions.

    The Enterprise edition also possesses the power to track inventory across various warehouses and further generate consolidated data for all. This edition can hold over 100, 000 names in the list of the program’s database, including the Vendor, Customer, Employed, and Other names.

    By being the most effortless and having the capability of holding a large number of people accessing the company file at the same given time, the features are much more advanced and include a perfect ability to outsource the administrative workings to other users, can also help with assigning and limiting the user permissions, a much more all-inclusive audit trail. QuickBooks Enterprise edition outstands the other Pro and Premier editions in terms of speed, durability, and size making it much more feasible for working and medium size businesses.

    QuickBooks 2016 Mac Edition:

    The current 2016, improved edition of QuickBooks Mac edition has undergone quite a number of enhancements and can deliver a much organised performance and runs much faster than the regular given speed.

    The Mac edition is inclusive of features such as the direct printing on the envelopes rather than just labels, the new and most used one is the ability to adjust columns on the given forms i.e. invoices and payments. The edition has particularly made the tedious task of filling and completing the spreadsheets in a much organized and less time-consuming manner. Which gives the users free space to devote time to other particular duties eliminating the waste of time.

    Quickbooks 2016 Accountant Edition:

    The Accountant edition allows users to access the features such as finding discrepancies using prior account balances, writing off invoices as bad debt.

    This edition also allows managing lists more adamantly with QuickBooks’s review list modifications function.

    With the help of Accountant edition separating books by time and year with period copy reporting capabilities. All these advanced features help the users to access QuickBooks more effortlessly.

    Download QuickBooks 2016 Desktop Versions Below:

    QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2016

    QuickBooks Premier 2016

    QuickBooks Enterprise 2016

    QuickBooks For Mac 2016

    QuickBooks Accountant 2016


    QuickBooks is more accurate accounting software that indeed keeps the users on top priority, along with various recent techniques, Innovations, and Improvements. With easy options in versions, it keeps getting better and better and it cannot be overlooked by businesses.

    The making of bills, custom invoices, the printing of checks, managing lists, and finding multiple inconsistencies is just the tip of what the QuickBooks 2016 version software is capable of, it does not end here, the enhancement in this version carries a lot of advancements it even includes multiple new tools and Improvements for CPAs and SMPs, with the added benefits of improved reports and countless new features. End the overthinking, and switch to QuickBooks 2016 version for all business needs.

    The above-mentioned information is laid out to provide you with a detailed understanding of the QuickBooks 2016 version. It has enlisted all necessary details, features, and important methods to carry forward the downloading processes. If you are still facing any issues or have any doubts concerning the process of downloading the QuickBooks 2016 version or being able to adapt and run the same, you can connect with our customer helpdesk.

    💠Frequently Asked Questions💠

    Can One Download QuickBooks with the Help of a CD?

    Yes, QuickBooks can be easily downloaded with the help of a CD. Here’s how to do it:
    ▪ First, proceed to install the CD and then further let it Run.
    ▪ A window will appear with onscreen instructions, click on Install Now.
    ▪ QuickBooks accounting software will be ready for use in a while.

    What is a Script Error Code in QuickBooks 2016?

    A Script error code in QuickBooks 2016 leaves the user perplexed about their existence. With this, the root causes remain untraceable for the users. 
    When this error occurs, the user analyses the QB software and explores that a specific webpage is not leading, denoting that there is a problem with the script of that specific page.

    What are the Specific System Requirements for QuickBooks 2016 Enterprise Edition?

    Along with the common system requirements. For adapting to the QuickBooks 2016 Enterprise edition, here’s what Enterprise edition demands:
    ▪ 32-bit Compatibility.
    ▪ Intel Pentium Processor 2.4 GHz or later
    ▪ RAM: 4 GB Hard drive space: 1GB of free space is required.
    ▪ Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 are the supported operating systems.

    What Can one do if one Faces Errors after the Downloaded Version of QuickBooks 2016?

    You can first browse the Firewall settings and download the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool in order to copy the file to a new location. 
    Further, check if all programs are accessible or not.

    Is it Possible or is there a Way to Download the Updated Installation File in QuickBooks?

    Yes, it is possible to access the installation file of updates in QuickBooks. Here’s how to do it:
    ▪ First, proceed to Open the download and then Update the same.
    ▪ Next, is to select the country, product, and lastly, the version.
    ▪ For the final step, hit on the Download Option.

    Is it Possible to Verify the QuickBooks Version within the Software?

    Yes, it’s possible to carry this out, you can proceed to press the F2 key on your keypad or board, to open the product information window. 
    The appeared window will share the QuickBooks version that is currently being used by the particular system. 

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