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Download Quickbooks 2019: (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Mac & Accountant)

    Download QB 2019

    Because of its amazing feature set and ease of use, QuickBooks desktop 2019 has become a hit among users of this accounting software. Many people are upgrading their obsolete versions of QuickBooks for better functionality and access to new features.

    In this post, you’ll learn how to download QuickBooks 2019 (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, mac, & Accountant).

    Download Setup for QuickBooks 2019

    Before you even begin, you need to download the setup for QuickBooks 2019. The setup for all versions and editions of QuickBooks is available for free from Intuit’s website. You simply have to choose the correct version and then download the setup file.

    Here’s the link to download setup for QuickBooks 2019.

    Standard setup

    To download QuickBooks 2019, you need to select the correct version after you’ve selected the edition. Here are your selection options for version:

    • QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2019
    • QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2019
    • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019
    • QuickBooks Desktop Accountant 2019
    • QuickBooks Mac Desktop 2019
    • QuickBooks Point of Sale 2019

    Note: Even though you can download QuickBooks 2019 Desktop for free and install it on your system, you’ll have to enter valid license and product keys so that you can get started with the entire accounting software. Until you do so, you’ll only have access to some features and that too for 30 days only. After the end of the trial period, all the features will be automatically deactivated in QuickBooks 2019.

    Choice for Purchase

    You can purchase either a onetime license or a yearly subscription. With the onetime license, you’ll have to purchase the product again if you choose to upgrade to a later version.

    However, choosing a subscription enables you to get access to the software at a fairly low price, and you’ll have access to the latest editions of QuickBooks whenever they’re available. But you’ll have to pay the subscription fee every year.

    Install after Downloading QuickBooks Desktop 2019 Setup

    Ensure that you’ve downloaded the correct version of QuickBooks 2019 setup. Also check the product details of your purchase and match with the version of the product. If the product details are different, then you won’t be able to activate your accounting software after the trial period expires.

    Note: If you don’t have access to an admin account, then you won’t be able to authenticate the installation of this accounting software on your system. Even though you can download QuickBooks 2019 desktop setup, you cannot install it without the permissions granted by an admin account.

    Once you’ve downloaded the correct edition and version of QuickBooks 2019, you can go ahead with the steps provided below:

    • Browse to the downloaded QuickBooks.exe file and double click on it to launch the installer.
    • Agree to the license agreement so that you can proceed with the installation. You can take the time to read the agreement if you wish.
    • Choose Next.
    • Follow on-screen instructions and enter the Product and License numbers that are mentioned:
      • In the email sent to you by Intuit upon product purchase.
      • In the Purchased section of your Intuit account.
      • On the Cover of the installation disc.
    • Click on Next.
    • QuickBooks Desktop 2019 users have the following two choices for installing the software on their system:
      • Express Install: This is the simple method that uses the most general settings to install the software on your system, be it a private computer or a workstation. Here’s how to proceed if you selected Express install for QuickBooks 2019:
        • Tap the option Express Install
        • Hit Next, then Install.
        • Select Open QuickBooks after the installer finishes with the entire process.
      • Custom and Network Install: Want to install your software on the server and/or enable multi-user mode? Choose this option for the same. Here’s how to proceed if you chose customer and network install for QuickBooks 2019:
        • Click on the option Custom and Network Options
        • Select Next, then go through the multiple options provided and choose according to your requirements.
        • Click on Change the Install Location.
        • Hit Browse, in case you wish to change the default location for installing the program. Choose Next.
        • After the completion of the installation, restart your system and start QuickBooks..

    You don’t have to restart your system. You can simply choose the Start QuickBooks option provided to you by the installer. The installer will close automatically and you can get started with your accounting software.

    When you need to look at the errors that occur during installation, you can go through the following list to view the most common reasons:

    • Insufficient system resources
    • Incorrect serve keys
    • Conflict with other programs
    • Security software blocking the installation
    • Damaged setup file

    QuickBooks installation tool is available for free so that users can scan their system and find missing dependencies or any other issues that may interfere with the installation of this accounting software. Once you’ve decided to work with QuickBooks desktop, you need to know if the installation will be successful or not. This tool helps you with the same. Simply scan your system, and apply the various fixes offered by the tool.

    How to Find your Product and License Numbers

    When trying to activate QuickBooks 2019, you’ll need Product and license numbers so that QuickBooks can authenticate your purchase and give you access to all the features.

    Note: When you purchase QuickBooks 2019 directly from Intuit, you receive the activation keys via a mail on the registered email id. You can go to your inbox and find the email for the activation keys.

    QuickBooks 2019 users can recover their service key by following the steps provided below:

    • Go to Locate your License or Product Number page.
    • Input all the required information:Business email or the Business Phone number.
    • Choose Find license and product number.

    Note: all the users who bought QuickBooks 2019 desktop from a retailer need to find the activation keys that are mentioned on the cover of the installation disc. If you’ve lost the cover, you can get in touch with the retailer to obtain your activation keys.

    Steps to Fix QuickBooks 2019 Installation Errors

    Installation errors after downloading QuickBooks 2019 can occur for some users. There are a variety of tools available to easily get through these installation issues. Once you’ve fixed the underlying issue, you’ll be able to install the software on your system.

    Download and Install QuickBooks Tool Hub

    QuickBooks tool hub, a freeware provided by Intuit, contains multiple tools that help users fix errors related to this accounting software. It has features that can detect and even fix many of the errors related to network, program files, installation, and company files.

    Note: if the installation didn’t begin in the first place, then you need to download QuickBooks 2019 setup copy once again because this one may be damaged. Further, if you were prompted to install the software but don’t have the authentication details, then you need to connect with your system’s administrator.

    To use the QuickBooks Tool Hub and resolve installation errors, follow the steps provided below:

    • Restart your system.
    • If QuickBooks automatically launches at startup, Exit the program.
    • Download QuickBooks Tool Hub. Choose the location to which you want to save the downloaded file.
    • Double Click on the Setup file to launch the installer for this tool hub.
    • Follow the instructions given by the installer to install the program on your system. Click on Finish when done.

    QuickBooks tool hub works smoothly on most systems and doesn’t consume significant system resources. Once you open the tool, you’ll have access to multiple tools and features to diagnose and resolve errors related to QuickBooks 2019.

    Here’s how you can resolve the installation errors after you downloaded QuickBooks 2019 setup:

    • In the Search Menu, search for QuickBooks Tool Hub. You can type the name of the program in the search bar to find it easily.
    • When the tool hub appears, Choose Installation Issues from the provided options, then QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
    • After the tool scans and fixes underlying issues, you can Restart your system.

    On most systems, QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool takes around 20 minutes to finish the scan. It looks for computer specification and installed dependencies. If your system lacks resources or doesn’t have one or multiple dependencies installed, then this tool will let you know once it finishes the scan.

    Note: Lastly, installing the latest Windows updates available has helped some users in resolving the error. So you can go to the control panel and look for updates so that you can install them on your system.

    System Requirements for QuickBooks 2019

    Every software has its own requirements to run smoothly. There are minimum system requirements, which are the bare minimum that the software requires to run on a system. Having the bare minimum specifications never ensures that the software will work smoothly.

    To ensure smooth functioning of the software, always go for the recommended system specifications. Because resources will be shared with other programs, you’ll need to ensure that your system has enough resources.

    Check the system requirements for QuickBooks Desktop 2019.

    Upgrade to QuickBooks 2019 Version

    While some users may simply want to install a fresh copy of QuickBooks 2019 on their system, others may want to upgrade to it from a previous version. When you already have your workspace and preferences set up on a system, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to install a fresh copy of the software and get started from the beginning.

    So let’s begin with the upgrade process now, as we’ve already looked at the installation process.

    Note: Hate the technical mumbo jumbo? Get in touch with our experts via chat or call to get QuickBooks upgraded.

    Update Vs Upgrade QuickBooks 2019

    While updates are released regularly throughout the year, upgrades are released only once per year. Updates are small improvements or bug fixes, while upgrades change the entire data structure and introduce a variety of new tools and features.

    Users who purchased a one-time license can install all the updates for free, but need to purchase the activation keys when they upgrade to a newer version. So if you’re upgrading to QuickBooks 2019 from a previous version of QuickBooks Desktop, then you should purchase a license before you begin to upgrade your accounting software.

    What to do before Upgrading to QuickBooks Desktop 2019?

    Even though you may be in a hurry to get your hands on some of the new features in QuickBooks Desktop 2019, you should wait and create a backup of your company file so that you can have a restore point that works with the previous version once the company file is upgraded as well.

    When you import the company file into the later version of QuickBooks, the company file is upgraded by the accounting software before it is imported. This happens because of structural change in the database to make data processing more robust and efficient.

    But before you begin the upgrade process, QuickBooks will prompt you to create a backup of the company file. You can choose to do so at that point. However, we always recommend our users that they create a backup file and store it on a different device to ensure protection of their data.

    Read Also-: Which Versions Of QuickBooks Compatible On Windows 10

    QuickBooks Desktop Company File Backup

    The backup file is of substantially lower size than the company file. Most of the inessential data is stripped so that users have access to a restore point that can be used to quickly recover lost data.

    When users restore a backup file, QuickBooks creates a new company file using the data available in the backup file.

    Note: you shouldn’t use a backup file to share data with your accountant. If you do share accounting data with your accountant, then create a portable version of the software.

    The steps to create a backup file in QuickBooks desktop are provided below:

    • Launch QuickBooks Desktop.
    • Log into an admin account.
    • In the File menu from the top bar, choose Switch to Single-user mode. You don’t have to switch modes if you’re already in the single-user mode. Simply move to the next step.
    • In the File menu from the top bar, choose Backup Company, then Create Local Backup.
    • Click on Local Backup, then Next.
    • Click on Browse, and choose the Directory in which to store the program files. Click on Open once you’ve selected the directory.
    • Enter a number for the total number of backups to keep in the current folder. If you specify 2, then QuickBooks will only keep 2 of the latest backup files and delete the previous ones.
    • After scanning the company file, QuickBooks will initiate the creation of the backup file as soon as you click on Ok, then Save it now.
    • Click on Next when the process is over.

    The backup process doesn’t take long. You should have a complete backup file within the next 5 minutes. You can then transfer the backup file to a USB device to store it separately.

    Many online services offer cloud storage facilities that you can rely on to store your backup files. Storing on a cloud platform ensures that your backup file is safe.

    If you want to restore a backup file, then you can find the steps for the same in the FAQ section at the end of this post.

    Upgrade to QuickBooks 2019 Version

    Let’s get to the actual process of upgrading your accounting software. Once you’re prepared to move ahead with the upgrade process, you can follow the method given below.

    Total Time: 25 minutes

    If you Purchased a One-Time Version

    The users who purchased a one-time license of QuickBooks desktop can follow the process given below:
    🔷 Go to the Help menu.
    🔷 Click on Upgrade QuickBooks.
    🔷 Choose QuickBooks Desktop 2019 from the available versions. Then select Upgrade Now.
    🔷 Mark the option ‘Keep old version on my computer’ to prevent the updater from deleting the previous version of the accounting software.
    🔷 Choose Let’s go whenever you’re ready to upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop 2019.
    After downloading the upgrade files, QuickBooks will begin the installation of the new version on your system. You can enter the service keys provided to you at the time of purchase to start working with the software.

    If you Purchased a Subscription for QuickBooks

    Subscription of QuickBooks Desktop enables you to get the latest version of QuickBooks automatically without making any purchase. Because you’re already paying a yearly fee, you don’t have to purchase a license for the program.
    When the new version is available for your platform, you will get a prompt to install it. Follow the steps after that:
    🔷 Select Upgrade now to confirm the installation of the upgrade files.
    🔷 Mark the option ‘Keep old version on my computer’ to prevent the updater from deleting the previous version of the accounting software.
    🔷 Click on Let’s go, then Open QuickBooks when the process completes.
    When you follow this method, both the accounting software and the company file are automatically upgraded so that you can get started with accounting immediately.

    Upgrade to QuickBooks 2019 in Right Networks Hosting Environment

    Upgrading on a workstation, private computer or server has more or less the similar steps as mentioned above. However, upgrading the software on the Right Networks hosting environment differs in some important ways.

    Admin users in Right Networks hosting environment can upgrade the software for all the users present. But a standard user can only upgrade the software for himself or herself.

    This important distinction creates all the difference when you’re working on this platform.

    To upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop 2019 on Right Networks, admin users can follow the steps provided below:

    • Open the portal, and Log in with an admin account for Right Networks. You’ll require the correct user id and password to access the admin account.
    • Choose the Users option, then select each user for whom you want to upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop 2019.
    • In the User Detail Page, choose Apps you can Install.
    • Select QuickBooks Desktop 2019 and choose the correct version:
      • QuickBooks Desktop 2019 Pro
      • QuickBooks Desktop 2019 Premier
      • QuickBooks Desktop 2019 Enterprise
      • QuickBooks Desktop 2019 Accountant
    • Choose Install to begin the upgrade process.
    • A confirmation message will appear after QuickBooks 2019 has been downloaded and installed for all users.

    Note: before you begin the upgrade process, ensure that all users have logged out of their account. If not, then they may lose the changes that they made over the last session. After the installation, all users can find the icon for QuickBooks Desktop 2019 right on the desktop.

    Standard users can only download QuickBooks 2019 and install it on their own account. They cannot do it for the other user accounts on the network.

    New Features in QuickBooks Desktop 2019

    QuickBooks Desktop 2019 has many new features and accounting tools to help you manage your books and analyze the financial data. Let’s look at some of the major improvements in this version:

    • Industry and Inactive Item Reports

    To view the total inventory value with or without the inactive items, you can create reports easily in QuickBooks Desktop 2019. The process is quite simple. From the Reports menu, you can choose Inventory, and then select the resort that you want to create. Before creating the report, you can choose to Show Inactive Inventory Items.

    • Easy Bill Pay

    Want to pay bills easily using checks. You can now create checks for each vendor. QuickBooks 2019 prompts you to pay all the unpaid bills while easily using a check. You can also create a custom template for many of the forms in QuickBooks, enabling you to customize your entire experience.

    • Track the Status of Invoices

    When you send an invoice to your customer, you don’t even know if the customer has actually viewed the invoice. You only get a confirmation when the payment is made. Now, you can use the invoice status tracker to track the entire journey of the invoice. The following statuses are available for invoices in QuickBooks 2019:

    • Sent: you’ve sent the invoice through QuickBooks via the registered email to your customer’s email.
    • Viewed: the customer has viewed the invoice after opening the email. If the customer has disabled automatic download of images in email, then you won’t be able to see this status.
    • Paid: Any payments made towards the invoice can be viewed from the tracking page.
    • Partially Deposited: The customer has made a partial payment but some of the amount is still due.
    • Credit Transfer

    If you want to transfer credit to another account, then you can do so easily after downloading QuickBooks 2019 and installing it on your system. You don’t have to go through multiple steps to simply transfer credits between two jobs.

    • Easy Upgrade for QuickBooks

    If you want to upgrade your software later, then you can use the Easy Upgrade for QuickBooks feature, which easily downloads the latest version of the accounting software, installs it on your system and upgrades the company file.

    • Import IIF Files

    With improved accuracy to import IIF files, QuickBooks ensures that all your data is currently recorded by scanning the file, identifying and fixing the issues, then importing the data from the IIF files so that you can be assured of accuracy.

    • Accessibility Enhancements

    For anyone with visual impairment, QuickBooks new offers better accessibility features so that they can efficiently and effectively use most of the features offered by this accounting software. When the accessibility features are enabled, QuickBooks automatically announces the title of windows and fields whenever the user hovers on them or selects them. To make readability easier, all the links in QuickBooks are automatically changed to buttons so that users can quickly identify the option.

    Note: to use these new accessibility features, users must install JAWS (Job Access with Speech) on their device. This tool automatically integrates with QuickBooks to enable accessibility features for visually impaired people.

    • Optimization of the Data Files

    Company files can quickly get bloated because of the vast amount of data. Further, the structure of the company file isn’t efficient, so the company file ends up consuming a lot more hard disk space than it actually should. To resolve this problem, users can now use the Data File Optimization feature to condense their company file without deleting any accounting data.

    Note: instead of deleting any accounting data, the Data File Optimization features simply removes the entire audit trail from the company file so that unnecessary space consumption can be avoided.

    • Easy Migration to Another System

    If you regularly migrate QuickBooks from one system to another, then you’re going to love the new QuickBooks migratory tool that automatically creates a migration package inside a USB flash drive while encrypting the company file data. You can then plug the USB flash drive into the new system and initiate the migration.

    • Manage Payroll Permission

    Note: this feature is only available for QuickBooks enterprise users.

    To protect payroll data from unauthorized users, you can set permissions to both view and create payroll transactions and reports. The Edit Role window provides a complete overview of the current access level granted to each user. An admin account can easily change the access levels to restrict access for certain users or to enable access for certain users.

    • Easily Fulfill Orders

    Note: this feature is only available for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019 users.

    If you regularly have to fulfill orders, then you can do so using the pick, pack, and ship feature that has been enhanced to improve efficiency and flexibility. Once you’ve customized this feature according to your business needs, fulfilling orders will become as easy as pie.

    • QuickBooks Payroll 2019 New Features

    For QuickBooks Desktop Payroll 2019, the latest features enable employers to quickly and reliably tract sick and vacation time. You can also view the balances and shortfalls directly from the software.


    In this post, we’ve mentioned all the steps to download QuickBooks 2019 version and install it on either your desktop or server. We’ve also given the steps to upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop 2019. At the end of the post, you can find the new features available in QuickBooks 2019 version.

    Note: If you encountered a problem while downloading QuickBooks 2019 or installing it on your system, then contact our accounting and software experts via chat or call.

    👉Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I Reset Password for QuickBooks Desktop Company File?

    You can protect your QuickBooks company file using a unique password. Without the password, the company file data cannot be accessed. So you cannot even upgrade the company file until you authorize the access with the correct password. To recover the lost password for your company file, you can follow the steps provided below:
    ▪ Choose the I forgot my password option.
    ▪ Enter the details, which include license number for the product.
    ▪ Input other essential information like email address, phone number, and ZIP code.
    ▪ Choose Ok.
    You can view all this information via the Customer Account Management portal.

    How should I Create Chart of accounts after Downloading QuickBooks 2019 Version?

    Once you’ve installed the program and launched it, you can create a new company file. When it comes to creating a chart of accounts for your company file, it is better to go by the industry that your company works in. All that matters is that the chart of accounts in your company file assists you in capturing, organizing and analyzing data effectively and efficiently.
    Now you can choose the industry to let QuickBooks automatically create the chart of accounts for you, or you can manually create the chart of accounts according to your own requirements. If you don’t have sufficient accounting knowledge, then going with the former will be better.

    I don’t know what happened, but my System shut down while the Company File was Upgrading, and now I cannot Access my Company file. I do have a Recent Bbackup, but how do I Rrestore it?

    Restoring a backup file is quite easy. You can go to the Restore from a backup option and follow the instructions to get your data back. However, if you created the backup a long time ago, then you’ll have to reenter all the data that you recorded after the date the backup was created. This, you’ll have to do manually.

    Should I Download QuickBooks 2019 Setup if I Simply want to Move QuickBooks to another System?

    To move QuickBooks to another system, you can use the inbuilt migrator tool that comes with the 2019 version. You can also migrate the older version, but it’ll require a lot of manual work. The easier option is to migrate after you’ve upgraded both the accounting software and the company file.
    So yes, you can download QuickBooks 2019 version and install it if you simply wish to migrate QuickBooks to another system. However, if you’re technically savvy, then you don’t have to download QuickBooks 2019 version.

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