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Download QuickBooks 2022 (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Mac & Accountant)

    Download QB 2022 Desktop versions

    QuickBooks 2022 comes with amazing features that focus on better capture, organization, and analysis of your accounting data. Several new features have been introduced to make the lives of professional accountants and bookkeepers, and of managers and business owners easier.

    In this post, you’ll learn how to download QuickBooks 2022.

    Download Setup for QuickBooks 2022

    The setup for QuickBooks 2022 is available for free. After you’ve selected your product, year, and version, you can simply download the setup from the link provided below.

    Here’s the link to download setup for QuickBooks 2022.

    You need to select the right product before you download the setup. You can choose among:

    • QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2022
    • QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022
    • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2022
    • QuickBooks Desktop Accountant 2022
    • QuickBooks Mac Desktop 2022
    • QuickBooks Point of Sale 2022

    Note: Although you can download the setup file for QuickBooks 2022 for free, you need to purchase a subscription or license to activate the product. Without entering the service key, you can use the software for 30 days in trial mode. But after the trial period, all functions will automatically become disabled.

    Have you downloaded the QuickBooks 2022 setup file? To install QuickBooks Desktop 2022, follow the steps provided below:

    • Launch QuickBooks.exe by double clicking on the setup file.
    • Accept the license agreement, and follow the instructions given on the screen.
    • Click on Next.
    • Input Product and License numbers that you received via the registered email address or that are mentioned on the dvd cover for QuickBooks Desktop 2022.
    • Click on Next.
    • Choose the installation type for QuickBooks Desktop 2022:
      • Express Install: if you’re a first time user, or are simply reinstalling QuickBooks on another system, workstation, or server, then choose this option.
        • Choose Express Install.
        • Click on Next, then Install.
        • Click on Open QuickBooks when the installation of the accounting program comes to an end.
      • Custom and Network Install: if you want to host your company file or software on a server or enable multi-user mode, then you must choose this option.
        • Choose Custom and Network Options.
        • Click on Next, then choose the option that best describes your requirements from QuickBooks.
        • Click on Change the Install Location.
        • Choose Browse. If you don’t have anything specific in mind, then don’t change the default location. The default location is the program files folder.
        • Click on Next.
        • Once the installation completes, click on Open QuickBooks.

    Of course, errors can occur during the installation process because of several reasons including:

    • Insufficient system resources
    • Security software blocking the installation
    • Incorrect serve keys
    • Damaged setup file
    • Conflict with other programs

    You can use the QuickBooks installation tool to scan your system for any issues that may have to be resolved before you can successfully install the accounting software on your system. If the download of QuickBooks 2022 setup didn’t complete, then redownload the setup file so that you can have a working copy of the program to install it on your system or server.

    Steps to Find your Product and License Numbers

    Product and license numbers are essential for activating the accounting software. So before you download QuickBooks 2022, get these details and then proceed with the steps provided above.

    Note: At the time of purchase, you are automatically emailed all this information on the registered email address. So you can simply search for Intuit QuickBooks confirmation mail in your inbox.

    To recover product and license numbers, follow the steps provided below:

    1. Go to Locate your License or Product Number page.
    2. Enter either the Business email or the Business Phone number.
    3. Click on Find license and product number.

    Note: email containing the details for your purchase will be sent directly to the email address that was used to create the account through which the product was initially bought.

    Users who bought QuickBooks 2022 from a retail store can find this information on the cover of the disc. If, however, you’ve lost the package, then you can simply contact your retailer and enquire about your purchase details. As this product wasn’t purchased directly from Intuit, you won’t be able to find the details on your registered account.

    Steps to Fix QuickBooks 2022 Installation Errors

    After downloading QuickBooks 2022 setup and running it, if you encounter an error, you may have to resolve the underlying cause before starting over. A lot depends upon the error code, as it helps you in figuring out the underlying cause.

    Try the QuickBooks Tool Hub

    QuickBooks Tool Hub amalgamates many other tools that can resolve most of the installation, update, software, and company file errors. Because this tool is available for free, you don’t have to make any extra payment to fix installation errors that you encountered when you launched the downloaded QuickBooks 2022 setup.

    Here’s how to use the QuickBooks Tool Hub:

    • Restart your system.
    • Exit QuickBooks, if it launches automatically.
    • Download QuickBooks Tool Hub. Save the file directly on the desktop to locate it easily.
    • Launch the setup for the Tool Hub as soon as it has downloaded.
    • Go through the guided process, and click on Finish when the installation is complete.

    You’ve installed the QuickBooks tool hub on your system now. Now you can use the tools present in this program to resolve your installation errors related to QuickBooks 2022.

    Here’s how you can resolve the installation errors after you downloaded QuickBooks 2022 setup:

    1. Go to the Search Menu.
    2. Click on QuickBooks Tool Hub. You can type the name of the program in the search bar to find it easily.
    3. Choose Installation Issues, then QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
    4. Once the tool has scanned your system, restart your computer.

    QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool will take around 20 minutes to scan your system. It’ll look at system resources and check for dependencies. Once it has gone through the complete scan, you can see all the issues and how to fix them. Most of the issues are easily fixed directly by this tool, so that the user can rest easy during the process.

    Note: Update Windows before you launch the downloaded QuickBooks 2022 setup because many issues are addressed using update patches released by the software company.

    System Requirements for QuickBooks 2022

    If the tool detects that your system doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for installing and running the software, then you need to check this list and ensure that your system has enough hardware and all the dependencies available to install and run this accounting software.

    Check the system requirements for QuickBooks Desktop 2022.

    Upgrade to QuickBooks 2022 Version

    If you’re looking to upgrade to the QuickBooks 2022 version, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll look at the various steps to not only upgrade QuickBooks to 2022 but also ensure seamless transition. The new version has many features, and we’re going to explain those to you.

    Let’s get straight into it.

    Note: Hate the technical mumbo jumbo? Get in touch with our experts via chat or call to get QuickBooks upgraded.

    Update vs Upgrade QuickBooks 2022

    Every year, Intuit offers one upgrade for their flagship accounting software for desktop and Mac. This upgrade comes with significant enhancements and feature and software performance.

    Update, on the other hand, refers to installing the latest patches released for QuickBooks. Patches generally address performance issues and resolve specific errors identified previously.

    What to do before Upgrading to QuickBooks Desktop 2022?

    Before beginning the upgrade process, you should create a backup of your company file and store it on a separate system.

    Although your file isn’t deleted or altered during the upgrade process, it’s better to save a backup in case anything goes wrong.

    Nonetheless, QuickBooks will ask you about creating a backup of your company file before you try to import it into the upgraded version. We’ll explain the reason for the same after you’ve created a backup and upgraded the software.

    Create a Backup of QuickBooks Company File

    A backup file contains the bare minimum data that is in the company file. As the size of a backup file is significantly less than that of the company file, it becomes a great option for restoring data if anything goes wrong with the original company file.

    Restoring the data means that the backup file will be converted into a company file with the data available till the date on which the backup was created.

    Here are the steps to create a backup file in QuickBooks:

    • Log into QuickBooks with an admin account.
    • Select File from the top menu, then click on Switch to Single-User Mode. If you’re already in the single user mode, then move onto the next step.
    • Go back to the File menu, and Click on Backup Company, then on Create Local Backup.
    • Click on Local Backup, then Next.
    • Select the location for storing the backup file by clicking on Browse. Once you’ve made the selection, click on Open.
    • Choose the total number of backups to keep in the current folder. QuickBooks will automatically delete the oldest backup file that falls about of the predefined number.
    • QuickBooks will scan the company file to ensure that you can smoothly create a backup file from the currently open company file.
    • Click on Ok, and choose Save it now if you’re ready to create a backup file. You can review your preferences before you click on this button.
    • Click on Next.

    The backup process will start immediately. While QuickBooks creates the backup file, you can leave your system to ensure that system resources are free for use by QuickBooks. If the current requirement exceeds the system resources, then the process will fail and you’ll get an error.

    You can also use online servers and services to store your backup file. People often do so to ensure that they have a secure copy of the company file stored on a separate server.

    We’ve given the steps to restore the backup file in the FAQ section at the end of this post.

    Upgrade to QuickBooks 2022 Version

    Let’s get into the upgrade process itself. We’ll first upgrade the accounting software, then the company files.

    If you Purchased a One-time Version

    Here are the steps to upgrade QuickBooks 2022 version:

    • From the Help menu, Choose Upgrade QuickBooks.
    • Click on one of the available versions, and select Upgrade Now.
    • Choose Keep old version on my computer if you don’t want the older version to be removed by the upgrade tool.
    • Click on Let’s go, if you’re ready to upgrade your accounting software.

    QuickBooks will immediately start to download the new version for you. Then, it’ll install and activate the new version of your accounting software. After that, it’ll upgrade your company file for compatibility with the upgraded software.

    If you Purchased a Subscription for QuickBooks

    Users who have an active subscription of QuickBooks desktop will automatically be notified to upgrade the software once the new version is available.

    However, in the case if the upgrade option doesn’t appear automatically, you can follow the steps provided below to get the new version:

    • Click on Upgrade now when the upgrade notification appears.
    • Mark the option Keep the old version on my computer. This will ensure that the older version of QuickBooks isn’t automatically removed from your system by the upgrade tool.
    • Choose Let’s go.
    • When the upgrade finishes, click on Open QuickBooks.

    QuickBooks will automatically upgrade both the software and the company file so that you can get back to work immediately. As you’ve a subscription of QuickBooks desktop, you don’t have to enter any product or license information to get started with accounting in QuickBooks Desktop 2022.

    Upgrade to QuickBooks 2022 in the Right Networks Hosting Environment

    While steps to upgrade on your system or a server are similar, the steps to upgrade to QuickBooks 2022 version in the right networks hosting environment are a lot different.

    While standard users can install QuickBooks only for themselves, and admin user can install it for everyone.

    Here are the steps to install QuickBooks for all owners on Right Network:

    • Log in to your Right Networks account. Enter the correct email address, then the password. If you don’t remember the password, click on Forgot Password and follow the method to reset your password.
    • Click on Users.
    • Choose the user/users to whom you want to apply the license.
    • Go to the User Detail Page.
    • Click on Apps you can Install.
    • Choose the correct version of QuickBooks Desktop.
    • Click on Install.
    • After the accounting software is installed on your system, you’ll receive a confirmation message. And an icon of the software will be available on your home screen.

    Tell all users to sign off before they open their account to view the icon of QuickBooks on their home screen. All users can now securely access QuickBooks over the network. You can even enable multi-user mode, which isn’t available when you install on a single desktop.

    If you’re a standard user on the Rights Network, you won’t be able to install the software for all users, but only for yourself. So here are the steps to upgrade QuickBooks for a single standard user on the right network:

    • Go to My Account page of Right Networks.
    • Enter Email address and Password to sign into your standard account.
    • Click on Apps you can install.
    • Choose the version of QuickBooks that you want to upgrade to. In this case, choose QuickBooks Desktop 2022. You can also select the version: Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Accountant.
    • Click on Install App.
    • Wait for the installation to finish. You’ll get a confirmation message when it does.

    To launch QuickBooks, you can double click on the newly created shortcut for the software. You’ve successfully upgraded QuickBooks desktop to the 2022 version in your standard user account. The upgrade won’t show up on the other user accounts, so if you want to upgrade for everyone, then retry from an admin account.

    Note: if you’re planning to install on other servers, then you can use the steps provided to upgrade the local desktop version to get the 2022 version of QuickBooks.

    New Features in QuickBooks Desktop 2022

    So you’ve downloaded QuickBooks 2022 setup and installed it on your system. Now you can get started with this accounting software and get more done easily. Here are a few key features that have been either introduced or improved in QuickBooks 2022 version.

    Faster Performance

    Because of improvements in code, the accounting software is noticeably faster than all the other previous versions. Intuit calls this Enhanced Computing Power, which is compatible with 64-bit computers. Almost all modern computers can benefit from this enhancement in performance.

    Note: QuickBooks 2022 isn’t compatible with 32-bit computers, so you need to upgrade to a 64-bit one if you’re looking to work with QuickBooks desktop 2022.

    Use Mobile to Capture Vendor Invoice

    Users can now use their mobile to simply take a pic of a vendor invoice and then transfer the pic to QuickBooks. Using the latest algorithms, QuickBooks desktop will extract all the important details from the picture and automatically update the data in the company file.

    Users require an account associated with Intuit in order to use this feature. You’ll have to manually permit upload of vendor bills in QuickBooks.

    Melio for QuickBooks – Bill Payment Made Easy!

    You can schedule several types of payments, especially towards vendor bills. You can select a particular date to make the payment, and the payment will be automatically processed by Melio. After the payment of the vendor bill, the bill will be marked as pain in QuickBooks. You can easily check the data to verify the payment.

    Easier Cash Flow Management

    The improved accounts payable approval process makes cash flow quite easy for all users. Because most users don’t have to waste too much time on approving accounts payable, they can stay efficient.

    You can find all the bills that require immediate payment on the dashboard. So you don’t have to spend too much time on finding bills that are going to be due soon.

    Use QuickBooks Mobile to Attach Documents

    Don’t want to launch your system to upload a document to QuickBooks? Now you don’t have to. Simply launch the mobile application for QuickBooks and scan the document before ou send it to the desktop software. All the attachments are automatically synced so that you can easily record all your data and keep receipts.

    Customize Payment Stubs

    If you need to create several vendor bill payment stubs and then email them out, you can customize the template for the payment stub and apply the template to every email that you send to your vendors. The data is mentioned on the basis of the template. And you can create multiple templates to always have many options when sending payment stubs.

    Discovery Hub

    The discovery hub provides a preview of all the new features available in QuickBooks 2022. When you go to this hub, you can see a compressed view of all the features. Select any of the features to learn more about it. In fact, complete tutorials are provided so that you can understand the topic and the features and effectively use these to enhance your efficiency.

    Important Points in QuickBooks

    When you launch QuickBooks, you need to know a few key features that will guide your workflow. We’ve provided a short list below:

    • Chart of Accounts: every account in your company file will show up in the chart of accounts. You can navigate across your company file using this feature. The ability to analyze data is also available only because of this feature. However, the unique structure of your chart of accounts will largely depend upon the industry that your company belongs to. So understand this concept properly before you create your company file.
    • Vendors: a vendor list in QuickBooks contains the information of all the vendors from whom you make purchases. You can send vendors purchase lists and get goods and raw materials delivered. You can make the payment directly through QuickBooks, or even record checks that you used for paying the vendor.
    • Customers: a customer list in QuickBooks contains the data of all the unique customers who purchased products or services from your business. Having this data right inside QuickBooks makes it easier to create invoices and send them to the customer.
    • Invoice: QuickBooks always makes invoicing quite easy. You can use the customer data or create a new customer and fill in the purchase details to create an invoice. Then, you can send the invoice via email to the customer. You can include a payment link in the invoice so that the customer can go to the link and make the payment. When the payment is made, you’ll receive the confirmation.
    • Item and services list: this list contains information about each item and service that your company sells. Using this list, you can easily enter data into various forms such as invoices and bills. Amount associated with each item appears automatically on the invoice. You can enter a discount percentage if you’re selling the item at a discounted price.

    Knowing the fundamentals of QuickBooks and accounting can help you in easily managing your books. For professional bookkeepers and accountants, the software can enhance efficiency so that they can easily record all the financial data and analyze it on a later date.


    If you’ve successfully followed the steps in this post without encountering any errors, then you should’ve upgraded QuickBooks to the 2022 version. You can sign into your company file and get back to work with better features available for both accounting and organizing. And the tool also comes with multiple new reports and templates for better data analysis.

    Note: If you encountered a problem while upgrading QuickBooks, then contact our accounting and software experts via chat or call.

    đź””Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I Reset Password for QuickBooks Desktop Company File?

    Even though you’ve downloaded QuickBooks 2022 setup and installed it on your system, you’ll require the company file password to launch and upgrade the company file and start working with your previous accounting data. If you’ve lost the company file password, then you can recover it with the steps provided below:
    1. Click on I forgot my password.
    2. Fill in the required details including the license number of your product.
    3. Enter the email address, phone number, and ZIP code entered while purchasing the product.
    4. Click on Ok.
    The Customer Account Management portal provides information about all of your previous purchases.

    QuickBooks doesn’t have my Purchase info anymore. What should I do?

    This happens usually when the registered email address and the one used to create the admin account in QuickBooks are different.
    If the upgrade tool cannot find your QuickBooks Desktop purchase, then you’ll have to re-enter both the license and product info.
    Here are the steps to find your product and license numbers to activate QuickBooks desktop:
    1. Go to the Customer account maintenance portal (CAMPs).
    2. Sign into your account.
    3. Look at purchases and select the product to view Information.
    Alternatively, you can open the email that you would’ve received when you made the purchase for a QuickBooks license. This email contains both the product and the license keys.

    Something went wrong while Upgrading QuickBooks to the 2022 Version. How can I Restore my Backup File to get my Data Back?

    The good news is that you have a recent backup that you can use to restore your company file. Go through the following steps to create a new company file by restoring a backup of the company file:
    1. From the File menu, choose Open or Restore Company.
    2. Click on Restore a backup copy.
    3. Choose Next, then Local Backup, then Next.
    4. Browse and select the backup company file (with .qbb extension) to restore your company file data.
    5. Browse to the location where you want to store the new company file created using the backup file. Click on Open.
    6. Click on Save.
    Note: If you already have a company file with the same name as the backup file in the same folder, then you should change the name of either of those to ensure that the restored company file doesn’t override the original company file.

    Even though I have a Subscription to QuickBooks, I did not Get the Notification that the QuickBooks 2022 Upgrade is available. How do I Upgrade now?

    You may have deliberately or accidentally disabled one time messages in QuickBooks because of which the software cannot notify you about the available upgrade. When you reset these settings, you’ll get the notification for the available upgrade.
    To reset preferences for one time messages, you can follow the steps given below:
    1. In the Edit menu, Choose Preferences.
    2. Click on General.
    3. Choose My Preferences.
    4. Click on Bring back all onetime messages, then Ok.
    5. Restart QuickBooks.
    Now you should receive a notification stating that a new version of the accounting software is available.

    Should I Download QuickBooks 2022 Setup if I Simply want to Move QuickBooks to another System?

    It’s not important to download QuickBooks 2022 setup if you’re planning to migrate your accounting software to another system. The migratory tool inside QuickBooks can help you in transferring both the company file data and the program files to the new system. Once you’ve copied the data and program to the external device, you can simply plug in the device in to the new system and transfer the entire program with company files.
    The migratory tool is available for free inside QuickBooks, so you won’t have to pay any extra amount to access this feature. Further, you don’t have to download QuickBooks 2022 setup to install the program on your new system. The migratory tool will automatically install QuickBooks on your new system.

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