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Email Pay Stubs to Employees Directly

    Email Pay Stubs to Emp Direct

    In QuickBooks pay stubs emailed to employees directly. These are mailed as PDFs that require a password for maintaining the format and layout. After typing in the password, the pay stub can be saved and printed. Passwords enhance the security of the employee’s information.

    The company’s email address is used as sender (‘From’ field) and employee’s email address as the recipient (‘To’ filed). If the company file doesn’t have email address of the company or employee, users will be asked to provide the information when a pay stub is emailed to the employee.

    Emailing Pay Stub

    • First, email settings in QuickBooks must be verified.
    • Users must make sure that QuickBooks is updated to the current release.

    Updating QuickBooks

    • A new release update (such as from QuickBooks 2017 R3P to R5P) is different from an upgrade to a new version (such as from QuickBooks Desktop 2017 to QuickBooks Desktop 2018).
    • When users update to a new release, such as from R3P to R5P, some minor changes have to be made to the database. But the changes won’t affect the compatibility of the data file with previous releases.

    Manual Update

    Downloading from Internet for US QuickBooks

    • In the Downloads & Updates page, users must select the QuickBooks product from the Select Product drop-down menu. Then, from the Select Version drop-down menu, the correct version or year must be chosen and then Search must be chosen.
    • Next, Get The latest Updates must be chosen, followed by Save/Save File for downloading the update.
    • After the download is completed, users must double-click for installing the update. After the installation is over, the system might have to be restarted.
    • For manually installing updates across a network, the following can be done:

    -The install file can be accessed on the user’s computer from another system.

    -The install file can be copied to a flash drive and then to another system’s desktop.

    From QuickBooks Desktop Itself

    • In File menu, Close Company/Logoff must be chosen. If several company files are opened in QB Desktop, this step must be completed for every company.
    • Then in File menu, choose Exit.
    • Next, after Right-clicking on the QB Desktop icon, Run As Administrator must be chosen.
    • Then, in the No Company screen. Select Update QuickBooks from the Help menu.
    • Next, in the Options tab, choose Mark All, followed by Save.
    • Then, in the Update Now tab, select the Reset Update box and then choose Get Updates button.
    • Once Update Complete appears, QuickBooks must be closed. Now, QuickBooks must be reopened and if the message for installing update appears, choose Yes.
    • After the installation is over, the computer must be restarted.

    NOTE: If users have a Payroll subscription, the current payroll tax table for US must be downloaded for processing payroll in QuickBooks. The Payroll subscription must be active.

    Ultra Light Patch (ULIP)

    • The Ultra Light Patch (ULIP) feature in QuickBooks allows minor critical fixes to be delivered without any actual release patch. The release process will continue in the same form; for example, R is released as 2017 R5.
    • For applying the critical fixes, the steps mentioned in option 2 above must be taken. Before downloading the updates, Critical Fixes must be selected.

    Automatic Update

    • This can be done by downloading and installing the automatic updates immediately or by scheduling it for a download in the future.
    • Please contact our Accounting Problem QB Tech Support Team on how this can be done.
    • After updating, users must go to Preferences in the Edit menu. There, users must select Send Forms from the left pane and then go to My Preferences tab.
    • Then, in the ‘Send Email Using:’ section, one of the following must be selected:
    • Web Mail: If Gmail, Yahoo, etc. is to be used for sending emails
    • Outlook: If Microsoft Outlook is to be used for sending emails
    • For instructions on setting up the email service, users can contact the Accounting Problem QuickBooks helpdesk.
    • Once done, OK must be selected.
    • Next, users must make sure to be in single-user mode. To do this, go to File and then to Switch To Single-user Mode.
    • Now, in the File menu, choose Print Forms and then Pay Stubs. It must be made sure that the correct Bank Account is used.
    • Next, the from and through dates must be checked and updated to be in sync with the paycheck date. Then, the employee(s) to whom pay stub(s) must be emailed should be selected.
    • As an option, Preview can be selected for looking at the details of the pay stubs before they are sent. Then, Email must be selected.
    • Every employee’s pay stub password must be noted down and emailed to the concerned employee.

    NOTE: The employee’s password is created automatically. The password consists of the first 4 letters of the employee’s last name in lower case, and then followed by the last 4 digits of the employee’s social security number. The email can be modified to include information on how the password can be entered.

    • Next, OK should be selected twice and then every employee’s email should be entered and then OK selected again.
    • After checking that all the information is correct, Send Now should be selected.
    • For viewing the list of emails sent to employees, users must go to Employee Center, choose an employee and then in Employee Information, select the Sent Email tab.

    For further information/assistance, please call the Accounting Problem QuickBooks tech Support Team at this toll-free helpline number.