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How to Embed QuickBooks ProAdvisor Badge in Email Signature

    Embed Quickbooks ProAdvisor Badge

    Although embed QuickBooks ProAdvisor badge in email signature, and all badges give a great visual representation, there is also a way of projecting it as an email signature. The email signature on the ProAdvisor badge gives an added advantage to the professionals and can be done, with email programs such as Gmail and outlook. Before doing that, however, you need to have the ProAdvisor badge downloaded and ready.

    QuickBooks accounting and desktop software is a versatile tool, which supports all the financial requirements of small and medium-sized businesses and also endeavors to deliver its best whenever wherever required. As an effort to make more people aware of the tools, and use it to the maximum extent, the QuickBooks customer support team started with the ProAdvisor training modules and ways to embed Badge in the Email Signature. These training and certification modules help to account professionals to learn the nuances of the software and how it can be put to use or personalized for a small scale business.

    Once you become the QuickBooks certified professional or a ProAdvisor, you are allowed to put in a profile. This profile comes with detailed information about the certifications taken, and the badges earned. Since badges are a visual representation of your area of expertise, it makes it easier for any businesses to identify a ProAdvisor depending upon their requirement, and call for help, whenever needed.

    How to Download ProAdvisor Badge

    ➤ Login to the QBOA site

    ➤ Select the ‘PROADVISOR TAB’ and click on ‘CERTIFICATION

    ➤ Click on the tab on the right side of the certification (green coloured certification icon, showing that your certification is complete) to download the badge.

    Once the badge is ready, you can work on to embed it as an email signature. If there is a problem in downloading the badge or locating it, call our QuickBooks support numbers for assistance. You can make unlimited phone calls to our QuickBooks tech support or the QuickBooks Support for help regarding the software related queries.

    Steps to Embed the Email Signature

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Saving the Image

    🔶 The image of the badge needs to be saved to the desktop before trying to embed it in the email.
    🔶 Click on the DOWNLOAD tab to get the image. The image will be downloaded to the ‘downloads’ folder on your computer.
    🔶 Copy and Save the URL:
    🔶 Save the URL of the ProAdvisor site (where the badge is), and copy it to use it later for hyper linking.

    Hyperlinking the Badge in Signature Section

    Now, with a copy of the image in hand, and the URL of the page where you have downloaded it, you can directly go to the email client (Gmail or outlook) and perform the operation to get the new signature.

    🔶 Open the email account, and if it is Gmail, click on to the ‘Signature‘- go to ‘settings’ on the right-hand top of the Email, and click on it.
    🔶 Under the ‘SIGNATURE’ tab, upload the saved image, and hyperlink it to the page where you have the image.
    🔶 You are all set to use the badge as an email signature in Gmail.
    🔶 For other email clients too, you can check the settings and perform similar operations to get your personalized signature, with the badge.
    Hyperlinking the badge and the signature will allow your clients to click on it and directly look at your credentials in the ProAdvisor site.

    Conclusion :

    Embed your badge as the email signature, to grow your business! Call the QuickBooks support to learn more about it. Any problems or technical glitch while embedding the signature can be dealt with, by placing a call to our QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number team. Show your relevant credentials to your customers by embedding the badge as an email signature, to have a successful career as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Call the QuickBooks product helpline.