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Employee is Missing from your QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

    Many scenarios can lead to the employee missing from QuickBooks Desktop Payroll error. The employee can be missing directly from the employee center. Or you may have removed the employee from a scheduled Employee is Missing from your QuickBooks Desktop Payroll. In this post, we’ll look at multiple ways to resolve this issue.

    In QuickBooks Desktop payroll, you can create a scheduled payroll list and an unscheduled payroll list. Both the lists serve an important function and help you in managing your employees.

    In rare cases, the name of an employee may not show up on one of these lists or both of these lists. And in some even rarer cases, the employee may be missing directly from the Employee Center. Let’s look at how we can resolve this issue.

    🔰 Solution for Employee Missing From the Employee Center

    Here are the steps to add the employee if he or she is missing from the Employee center:

    1. Go to the Employees menu.
    2. Click on Employee Center.
    3. From the Drop Down menu, select All Employees from the list.
    4. Find the missing employee and remove the x mark besides the name. A x signifies that the employee is inactive, so the name isn’t shown in the employee center.

    🔰 Solution for Employee Missing From Scheduled Payroll

    In some instances, the employee may show up in unscheduled payroll but not in Scheduled payroll. In this scenario, you can follow the steps provided below:

    1. Go to the Employees menu.
    2. Click on Employee Center.
    3. Find the Employee that is missing from Scheduled Payroll.
    4. Double click on the employee’s name to edit the information related to the employee.
    5. In the Payroll Info tab, select the Payroll Schedule option to view the drop down menu.
    6. Select the appropriate Payroll Schedule for the employee.
    7. When you run your payroll schedule again, the missing employee will show up in the list.

    In some cases, user settings may not be correct, leading to the employee not appearing in the scheduled payroll list. So when you correct the settings for the employee and choose the correct schedule payroll list, the employee name will start to appear.

    Employee is Missing from your QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

    But in some cases, the employee name may not appear in both Scheduled and Unscheduled Payroll Lists. In such scenarios, you can follow the steps provided below.

    1. Go to the Employees menu.
    2. Click on Employee Center.
    3. To open the Edit Employee Info window, double click on the employee’s name.
    4. In the Employment Info tab, remove the input from the Release Date field.
    5. Now run the payroll again.

    This time the name of the employee should appear in both the lists. You can use filters and sorting options to look for a particular employee. Once you’ve got the name showing up on the payroll list, you can prepare the payroll for that employee directly from QuickBooks.

    🔰 Conclusion

    Employee is missing from your QuickBooks Payroll list. This happens usually because of incorrect configuration related to that particular employee. So instead of a program error Employee is Missing from your QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, it is a settings error that you can resolve using the steps provided in this post.

    Note: If you can’t resolve the issue on your own, then you can reach out to our experts via QuickBooks Live chat or call.

    🔔 Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Purpose of QuickBooks Payroll?

    Ans: Payroll errors might happen far more quickly than you anticipate. Consider the workers for whom the net salary is their only form of funds. Consider what would happen if the money was not paid correctly or if the pay was not released on time. Such inconsistencies might have a negative impact on staff enthusiasm and, as a result, on corporate efficiency.

    While it is necessary to ensure correct and timely payroll, adherence with numerous legislation and requirements such as labor law, PF, PT, and other legal compliance is also essential. Noncompliance with these regulations can result in significant tax and regulatory ramifications.

    Is QuickBooks Desktop Payroll the Right Choice for me?

    Ans: Yes, it is, especially if you’re looking to use the accounting tools that come with the software. By integrating your accounting and payroll systems together, Employee is Missing from your QuickBooks Desktop Payroll you can substantially reduce both the time and effort that goes in managing your accounts and handling your employees.

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    What should I do if the Employee name Appears in the Unscheduled Payroll list, but not in the Scheduled one?

    Ans: It simply means that you need to edit the info of the employee in order to get the employee name back on the scheduled payroll list. Once you’ve followed the steps we’ve provided in this post, the employee’s name will appear in the QuickBooks Payroll List.

    You’ve to select the correct payroll list for the employee. If no payroll list is selected for the employee, then the employee won’t show up in the payroll list. When you edit info related to an employee from the employee center, Employee is Missing from your QuickBooks Desktop Payroll you can select the correct payroll list for the employee. Then the employee will show up in the list that you selected.

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