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How to Activate View My Paycheck in QuickBooks

    The View My Paycheck eased the employer’s task to allow employees to view their paycheck details. With the right credentials, the workers have access to their paycheck data 24/7 from virtually anywhere. Instead of employers taking the pain of sending payroll info, workers have self-service and are able to display their paychecks via the View My Paycheck. Additionally, employees can now have full knowledge of their current and year-end tax deductions and their payroll is calculated. If you’re also looking to make your task easy then you are on the right platform. This ultimate guide gives you deep insights into how to Enable View My Paycheck for QuickBooks.

    Requirements to Enable to View My Paycheck for QuickBooks

    There are certain requirements you need to keep in mind or need to consider before Enable View My Paycheck for QuickBooks including:

    • Make sure that you have the latest version of QuickBooks as well as the system requirements meet with the version that you’re using.
    • Go to the Employees tab then hit the “Manage Payroll Cloud Services” and then go back to your homepage and verify that whether your paystubs have been updated or not.
    • Ensure that you’ve also updated Tax Tables in your Update latest version of QuickBooks.
    • In case, you are unable to locate the payroll cloud services then it might be possible that your version is not updated with the latest version that includes the cloud payroll and other maintenance released.
    • Also, ensure that you’ve logged in as Administrator in QuickBooks.

    Steps for Activate View My Paycheck for QuickBooks

    • Initially, you have to download and install the QuickBooks software
    • Next, you can see a window appear on your screen prompts you to log in
    • Now, enter your username and password provided by Intuit
    • In case, you don’t have an Intuit account then you need to create your account first
    • Once the installation is done then go to the employees’ tab in the main menu
    • And then hit the option named “Manage Payroll Cloud Services
    • Now, a Payroll Cloud window open
    • Within the same, look for the “QuickBooks workforce status” option
    • And then turn on by checking the checkbox which is labeled with “QuickBooks workforce status
    • Create or verify your pin when prompted and then hit the “Save changes” button
    • Once you’re done then hit the “return to QuickBooks” within the confirmation window
    • Finally, you can check View My Paycheck has been activated.

    Steps for How to Send Paycheck Information from QuickBooks to View My Paycheck

    • In order to send your Paycheck information from QuickBooks, you need to generate a paycheck as you normally do in your QuickBooks company file
    • Make sure that you hit the “Send to Intuit” option when the confirmation window pops up on-screen
    • Afterward, hit the “Next” button
    • Next, hit the “Send” within the Send/Receive window
    • Enter your pin of Payroll Service when prompted

    Benefits of View My Paycheck

    There are lots of benefits that can get after enabling View My Paycheck and also helps you in reducing the burdensome of paycheck related tasks. Check out the benefits:

    • Employers no longer have to worry about missing a paycheck or have to appoint a person to give workers pay stubs. They can only change it and workers can review it on View My paycheck for themselves.
    • View My Paycheck lets workers print their pay stub conveniently by saving it as a pdf.
    • Employers no longer need to generate a paycheck and then assign it directly to each employee. They will easily update the data and it can be viewed online by workers. It saves a lot of time and you can utilize them on other productive works.
    • It’s completely free to access my paycheck, the workers just need to build their Intuit account and customize its functionality to the fullest.
    • You can access both your new and older pay stubs at any time and from anywhere on View My Paycheck.


    The guide ends here with all the relevant information regarding how to enable View My Paycheck for QuickBooks. go through this guide until the end to get a clear understanding of it and how it benefits you and your employee. Looking for more information or have any queries; feel free to reach out to the team of experts via QuickBooks Customer support 1-347-967-4079. If you are unable to reach out to them via a toll-free number then go with an alternative by dropping an email [email protected] or do a QuickBooks live chat support.