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QuickBooks Error Code 12 0 Hosting Multi User Access

    QuickBooks Error Code 12 0

    This article discusses QuickBooks error code 12, 0 and provides few solutions to fix the error. QuickBooks error 12, 0 occurs when users don’t have proper administrator rights for certain processes/functions. It occurs due to wrong system settings configuration or any irregularities in Windows registry.

    QuickBooks Error Code 12 0

    When this error occurs, the following message is displayed:

    “QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close.”

    Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 12 0 Hosting Multi-User Access

    • Windows registry is cluttered
    • Entries of non-existent programs are faulty
    • Errors in software installation
    • Faulty user input
    • System errors

    Due to this error, the following might happen:

    • The QuickBooks error code (12,0) is displayed and the program window crashes.
    • Windows will state that an issue has been identified and Windows has to be shut down to prevent any harm to the computer. The problem is caused by the accompanying file.
    • The system crashes frequently.
    • Windows slows down and response to mouse and keyboard input is slow.
    • The system keeps freezing periodically.

    Steps for fix QuickBooks Error Code 12 0 Hosting Multi-User Access

    The solutions must be tried in the order shown below. If one solution works, the remaining ones need not be tried. If at any point, users feel that they are unable to complete any of the steps mentioned in the solutions, they should seek an expert’s help. Alternatively, they can also contact the Accounting Problem QuickBooks Tech Support Team.

    Total Time: 20 minutes

    System Restore

    🔶 After selecting the Windows Start button, users must type System Restore in the search field and press Enter. Next, select System Restore from the results. Then, type in the admin password.

    🔶 Next, users must follow the instructions in the Wizard for selecting a restore point. Once done, restart the computer and open QuickBooks again.

    System File Checker

    🔶 After selecting Start, users must type in “command” in the search field. Then, while pressing down Ctrl + Shift, press Enter. This will open up the Permissions dialog box. Users must select Yes.
    🔶 This will open up a black window/box, which is the command prompt window.
    Here, users must type in “SFC/scannow” and press Enter. The System File Checker will be initiated, and it will begin scanning for the error (12,0)and other file-related problems.
    🔶 Once this is done, users must follow the commands displayed on the screen.

    Update Windows

    After selecting Start, users must type “update” in the search box and press Enter. This will open the Windows Update dialog box. If there are any updates, users must select the Install Updates button.

    Try to Open the Company File

    🔶 Users must first verify the version of QuickBooks. So, if the QuickBooks Desktop version is 13.0, the service will be QBDataserviceuser23.0.
    🔶 Users have to navigate to Services.msc and find out if the service that is mentioned above has been stopped or still running.
    🔶 Users must then select Run, followed by Services.msc.
    🔶 Next, users must right-click on QBDataserviceuser23.0 and then go to Properties. Here, if the service has been stopped, users must restart it.
    🔶 Now, users must try to open the company file again. But if the error persists, they must try the next solution.

    Reopen the Company File

    🔶 First, users must right-click on Client Data. Then, users must select Properties, followed by selecting the Security tab.
    🔶 Now, users must find out if they have the permission to access the folder. If they don’t, they must acquire the required permission.
    🔶 Once the permission is granted, users must try to reopen the company file.

    If the error isn’t fixed despite trying all the solutions mentioned above or users feel that they need more information on the topic, they should contact our Accounting Problem QuickBooks Technical Support Team at this toll-free helpline. The Accounting Problem QuickBooks helpdesk is available 24X7 to resolve any QuickBooks-related issue.