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How to Export QuickBooks Timesheet Data to QuickBooks Online?

    QuickBooks Timesheets is a time tracking program that streamlines your company’s operations. You can effortlessly track everyone’s development and monitor their working hours in your company. TSheets by QuickBooks can also be used to schedule your employees’ shifts or jobs. With QuickBooks Timesheets, you may also improve your team management. You’ll be introduced with QuickBooks Timesheets and the features of QuickBooks Timesheets will be discussed in this particular blog. Additionally, you’ll know the complete procedures for how to export QuickBooks Timesheet Data to QuickBooks Online. Stay Tuned!

    Introduction: Export QuickBooks Timesheet Data to QuickBooks Online

    QuickBooks Timesheets, often known as QuickBooks Time, is a tool for keeping track of time and scheduling work in a solution pipeline. Stakeholders save time and money as a result of this. Job costing, TSheets payroll, and invoicing are all replaced by this evolution, which replaces the old punch clock or spreadsheets. Employees in your company can track time from anywhere at any time with QuickBooks Timesheets. QuickBooks Timesheets can be seen on a smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop. QuickBooks’ TSheets is the only time tracking solution included in the software. Within QuickBooks, you have the option of performing TSheets payroll, completing the costing activity, creating invoices, and a lot more.

    Features of Export QuickBooks Timesheet Data to QuickBooks

    ➤ QuickBooks Timesheets has a number of unique features:

    1. Extraordinary employee scheduling software: Using TSheets by QuickBooks, you can quickly record your employees’ schedules. This is something that your entire team can benefit from. This is how a team’s workflow is synchronized. QuickBooks Timesheets allows you to achieve optimum balance between time tracking and job scheduling. Employees can also be notified when they have a post-new shift or neglect to clock in or out using this feature.

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    2. Exclusive Customer support: You can get free limitless phone or online help. QuickBooks Timesheets offers the greatest customer service. Team QuickBooks Timesheets responds to any queries as soon as possible.

    3. Faultless time for client invoicing and easy TSheets payroll: QuickBooks Timesheets delivers correct employee work hours, reducing the mess of payroll preparation. This facilitates the procedure. TSheets by QuickBooks can be used to track billable time against customers, projects or jobs, and classes. These precise hours can be used for more accurate job costing estimations and faster invoicing.

    4. Real-time Project tracking: With QuickBooks Timesheets, you can get rid of all the guesswork from your project. The ability to track the project in real-time is a huge plus for project managers. You can estimate the job in advance using QuickBooks Timesheets, then alter and continue. You’ve always made a comparison between estimated and actual working hours.

    5. Geofencing and Mobile time tracking using GPS: QuickBooks Timesheets Geofencing assures high accountability and transparency. This Mobile time tracking QuickBooks Timesheet will notify the employee to clock in or out when they leave a job site. This creates a more accurate TSheets payroll.

    Procedures for How to Export QuickBooks Timesheet Data to QuickBooks Online

    Before you start exporting timesheet data to QuickBooks Online, it is required to integrate QuickBooks Time and QuickBooks Online.

    ➤ Here are the steps for integration process:-

    Note: Before you set up the integration, make sure you’re the Primary Admin of your QuickBooks Online account.

    Go to Feature Add-ons, then Manage Add-ons in QuickBooks Time
    QuickBooks Online Integration from the drop-down menu and click Install

    Connect to QuickBooks is the option

    Now, the sign-in page for Intuit appears

    Sign in and choose the company to which you want to link if you have more than one

    Select Authorize when requested

    The Preferences window appears after the notification “You are now connected” appears.


    Find QuickBooks Time Tracking on and then select Learn more

    Next, sign in to your QuickBooks Online account in the new tab if prompted

    Choose the QuickBooks company you want to combine with QuickBooks Time if prompted

    On the Set up QuickBooks time tracking page, login to an existing account, or start a free trial.

    Now, export the Timesheet Data to QuickBooks Online using the steps suggested below:-

    You can export the data to QuickBooks after you’ve approved the timesheets

    Select QuickBooks in the top right corner of QuickBooks Time

    Choose Export All Approved Time from the drop-down menu

    Select Export all hours when the Proceed with export? popup appears

    Select QuickBooks >>> View Sync Log to get the export details from QuickBooks Time

    Select the Time tab to open Time Entries in QuickBooks Online to examine the timesheet data.


    We hope this information helps you to understand how to export QuickBooks timesheet data to QuickBooks Online, but sometimes you may encounter a number of challenges while using or performing the processes. If you have any questions about anything in this blog or are having problems with the process, you can contact our QuickBooks Helpdesk Team for a ProAdvisor assistance.

    ☯ A Frequently Asked Questions ☯

    What Does TSheets Import from QuickBooks?

    Your active employees, vendors, customers/sub-customers, service items, classes, and pay items are imported into TSheets. Every 5 minutes, additions and modifications to these in QuickBooks Online will be automatically imported into TSheets.

    Is it Possible to Import and Export at the Same Time in QuickBooks TSheets?

    No, TSheets has broken the importing and exporting procedures into two separate activities to make the sync go faster and give you more control over what happens.

    However, these two actions can be done one after one:-
    Every 5 minutes, QuickBooks additions and updates are automatically imported into TSheets. Next to the automatic imports, the sync log will show (Auto).
    Go to the QuickBooks >>> Preferences >>> Automatic import from QuickBooks, and make your options to disable or restrict this automatic import
    If necessary, a manual import can be done
    Click on QuickBooks >>> Import in the upper right corner of TSheets.

    Which QuickBooks Online Versions are Compatible with TSheets?

    QuickBooks Online Plus, Essentials, and Advanced are all compatible with TSheets.

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