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Exporting Files from Peachtree Old to Sage 50 Premium

    Export files from Peachtree Old to Sage 50 Premium 2019

    Most of the entrepreneurs merge their business accountancy and management with Sag 50 software to handle the business smoothly. This accounting software offers many advanced features while upgrading from one version to another. Here you get all knowledge and assistance about β€œExporting files from Peachtree to Sage 50 premium”. To resolve any issue or get any information about Sage 50, callus at or visit our official website

    Steps for Exporting Files from Peachtree Old to Sage 50 Premium 2019

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    To Add the Important Data from Peachtree 2010 to an Existing Accounting Sage 50 File, you Need to Perform with these Steps

    πŸ’  First of all, open your business accountancy file in Peachtree 2010.
    πŸ’  Then, hold your click on selected document, export, availability and then transfer to IIF file.
    πŸ’  To export the window, go to the Vendors option and click on OK with the selected file name.
    πŸ’  After selection, save the selected file and again hold your click on this selected file and open Peachtree account 2010.
    πŸ’  Then highlight and select all the important data and save it.
    πŸ’  Again open your Sage 50 account and get confirmed about the whole processing.

    To Complete this Processing, Sage user must be in Single-user mode, Make Sure that you Should go Through with these Steps

    πŸ’  Go to the file>>import/export>> import file then click on OK.
    πŸ’  After that, select the Peachtree 2010 and follow on-screen instructions then click on NEXT.
    πŸ’  Before importing the selected file, you need to save a backup file.
    πŸ’  Import all the selected files and go to the .IIF file from Peachtree 2010.
    πŸ’  Then agree with all terms and conditions and go with the APPLY option.
    πŸ’  After that, click on NEXT and you are able to the necessary data or file.
    πŸ’  Important note: Microsoft excel, Peachtree 2010 version, MY OB 10v &11v, Quicken XG 2003, XG 2004 and XG 2005 versions are all import possible forms whereas Inventory data, customer, employee and general ledger are all of Sage 50 imports.

    To Transfer All the Exporting Files from Peachtree 2019 to Premium Sage 50

    πŸ’  First, open your Sage 50 account and make a new company file.
    πŸ’  To transfer Peachtree 2010 into Sage 50 accounting, click on YES and go with the NEXT option.
    πŸ’  Click on FINISH and you are all set to begin the conversion wizard.
    πŸ’  After GO click, verify the conversion list and click on the NEXT option.
    πŸ’  Then browsing to your business files and go with NEXT click.
    πŸ’  Choose the data you want to transfer go with NEXT click.
    πŸ’  To verified and confirmed fiscal year dates, open Peachtree2010.
    πŸ’  Then you need to enter the entire identity of your company file such as location and click on NEXT.
    πŸ’  After that, sage 50 product make a new company file and open the conversion process and click on NEXT.
    πŸ’  To end the running processing, click on finish.

    After following all the above steps, if you face any trouble with above steps, feel free to consult with our Sage technical support team via customer support helpline number or to get solution of your query, you can drop your query at our official website For more assistance, you can also chat with one of our knowledgeable technical experts via the SAGE LIVE CHAT link icon, which is shown on the right side of our official website.