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QuickBooks File Extensions, Formats, Types, and Usages

    QuickBooks Desktop File Extensions List

    QuickBooks desktop software comes with different file extensions for different types of files stored in it. Knowing these file extensions help in understanding them better and also in recognizing them when you work on them or send them for internal processing. Here are the detailed QuickBooks desktop file extensions lists for both Windows and MAC.

    The QuickBooks file extensions slightly differ in MAC and Windows, and one needs to understand the difference to be able to work on the software better. Errors can cause due to saving files with wrong extensions, and hence, it is mandatory to study the list before beginning. It is also possible to call the Accounting Problem QuickBooks Premier Support team for support regarding the same, or for any errors while working on the software.

    List of QuickBooks File Extensions for Windows

    Here is a list of file extensions that one come across while operating on Windows:

    ExtensionsType of FileWhat does it stand for
    *.QBMPortable file for QuickBooksThe *QBM file are smaller files, that are ideal for sharing purposes. It is a QuickBooks company file.
    *.QBBBackup file for QuickBooksThe QBB file extensions are used as backup files for the QBW files or the files which store essential company records, such as templates, letters, finance and images.
    *.QBWPrimary Company file for QuickBooksThis is the extension used for all company files in QuickBooks. Several essential records such as financial records, templates, images and letters are stored in these files.
    *.QBRReport template for QuickBooksThe QuickBooks saves files with QBR extension, when a template for a memorized report is exported.
    .*QBIImage file extensionsThese file extensions save the transactions that are written, until the time they are shifted and posted to hard drive.
    *.QBOBank statement file (Online) for QuickBooksAny bank statement (electronic) downloaded from a bank or other financial institution, get stored with this file extension.
    *.QBAAccountant copy of the working fileThis extension file is used for accountant’s review
    *.AIFImport file for accountant’s copyFile with *.AIF extensions are created when exporting accountant’s copy. These are used for importing it into QuickBooks user’s company file.
    *.QBJJournal entries (General)Any general entries created by accountant can be imported into User’s company file, using these extensions.
    .*QBXReview copy export file (Accountant’s)This is a backup file created as an accountant’s copy of the QuickBooks user file. This will be converted into accountant’s copy when the accountant restores it.
    .*QBYImport file used as Accountant’s copyA file with this extension is provided by the accountant to be imported into company file, after they have marked any changes.
    *.1PAThis is for US users only and for PAYROLL use.Used for creating forms 940 and 941

    There are several other file extensions, used separately for Fixed Asset manager for US users and QuickBooks statement writer files.

    List of QuickBooks File Extensions for MAC

    QuickBooks provides different file extensions for the MAC users. Here is a list of file extensions for MAC users.

    Extensions for MACType of fileWhat it stands for
    .*QBBBackup fileThis extension is given to backup files which are compatible in Windows too
    *.QBMBBackup fileDisk backup file for QuickBooks on MAC (for MAC 2012 and earlier versions)
    .*QB2014Data fileFor QuickBooks 2014 (MAC version)
    .*QB2015Date fileFor QuickBooks 2015 (MAC version)
    *.QB2016Date fileFor QuickBooks 2016 (MAC version)
    *.plistPreference file extensionsFor storing registration and other preferences set for QuickBooks on MAC

    Why Accounting Problem

    QuickBooks software operations differ in MAC and Windows. QuickBooks Support is provided through Accounting Problem tech support team for any queries regarding file extensions. Call the QuickBooks helpdesk number 1 844 313 4856 for making complete use of the software or for resolving any errors faced while operating the QuickBooks software.