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How to Fix Corrupt or Damaged QuickBooks Database Error?

    Repair QuickBooks Access Database

    There are several reasons due to which QuickBooks access database gets corrupted. These reasons include:

    • The large size of QuickBooks file i.e. above 200 MB.
    • Low RAM and virtual memory.
    • Database corruption due to improper system shutdown or other technical reasons.
    • Due to virus attacks on the hard drive.

    Whatever is the reason for the corrupted QuickBooks database, you can follow the below steps to try and repair it.

    QuickBooks Access Database Repairing Manually

    For Manually Repairing your QuickBooks Database, You can Follow the Below Steps:

    Step 1. At first, you need to log in as administrator and choose a single user mode.

    Step 2. Select File> Utilities> verify data.

    Step 3. Now open the verify result screen, and expand to see errors.

    Step 4. You can repair the database with the help of see online articles option or contact the support team.

    QuickBooks Access Database Repairing using Rebuild Tool

    This inbuilt tool in QuickBooks can help in fixing the minor issues in your QuickBooks data.

    Step 1. First of all, click on File> Utilities> Rebuild Data. Then click “OK”

    Step 2. The steps on the screen will guide you to save the backup and the tool will repair your file automatically. It will take some time, and will seem like that app is stuck, but if you can move your cursor, it means that the tool is working. When the tool finishes working click on “OK”.

    Step 3. In this step Click on File> utilities> verify data.

    Step 4. The tool will check the file for issues and once the issues are detected by the tool you can click on the “Rebuild Now” option.

    QuickBooks Access Database Repairing with the help of QuickBooks File Doctor

    The QuickBooks file doctor tool can help you in fixing the common errors. For this, you will have to download QuickBooks Tool Hub. After the download, you can follow the below steps to fix common errors:

    Run Quick Fix my file

    Step 1. Choose the “Company files issues” tab from the tool hub.

    Step 2. Click on Quick fix my file> OK.

    If you are still facing database issues you can follow the below steps to fix or repair them.

    Run QuickBooks File Doctor

    Step 1. Select the “Company file issues” tab from the tool hub. And then launch “Run QuickBooks File Doctor”.

    Step 2. In the QuickBooks file Doctor, browse and choose your company file.

    Step 3. Now click on Check your file> continue.

    Step 4. Now enter your admin password and click on “Next”.

    Step 5. The scanning of your data will start.

    The QuickBooks file doctor will scan your file, it may take more than 5 minutes for completion of the entire process. You can open your QuickBooks company file once the scan process is finished. Even if your scan is showing as unsuccessful, your issues will show as resolved.

    You can try and repair your QuickBooks access database by any of the above processes but in case you have any further queries, you can dial a toll-free number and our QB technical support team will help you.


    How to Repair QuickBooks Database?

    To safely repair your QuickBooks database, use the Rebuild Data tool. This tool can be found under File in the Utilities menu. On the information window, select OK to continue.

    How to Restart a QuickBooks Database Service?

    If the QuickBooks database service is not running and you’re unable to connect to it, you can restart this service. On a Mac or PC, open the Services window by clicking on the Apple icon in your system’s top-left corner and typing services.msc into the command line window. Locate QuickBooks DB in the left pane, right-click on it, and select Restart from the dropdown menu.

    Why QuickBooks File Get Corrupted?

    QuickBooks File corruption is caused by factors such as extensive overtime work, a lack of RAM memory, and not using the right edition of QuickBooks.