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QuickBooks is Unable to Send Email to Outlook

    Unable to Send EMail from QuickBooks

    When you are QuickBooks is unable to send email to Outlook, it could be due to several reasons such as – QuickBooks is functioning as administrator, incomplete QuickBooks installation, incomplete Outlook installation or a damaged MAPI32.dll file. It could also be because you didn’t set your email preferences correctly. This problem arises also if you leave your Outlook open while trying to send an email through QuickBooks. It is always a good idea to check if your email is functioning well from other MS Office applications like Word or Excel.

    In order to make sure that your QuickBooks doesn’t continue to function in administrator mode you need to follow a few steps – Select Properties on QuickBooks and then select Compatibility; next, when you come across the option, ‘Run this program as Administrator’, Deselect it and click OK.

    Difficulties in QuickBooks Outlook Integration

    You might find that Outlook is not working on your QuickBooks application but is working fine on some other applications. It might not appear in the preferences for email set up in QuickBooks. In such a situation you could try and install Outlook’s desktop version and inform QuickBooks customer care about it; they will do the necessary linking.

    Steps to Fix QuickBooks is Unable to Send Email to Outlook

    • Open your QuickBooks account and choose ‘Edit’, followed by ‘Preferences’ and ‘Send Forms’.
    • On the ‘My Preferences’ option, choose ‘Send email’ after selecting your preferred option and then click OK.
    • After your preferred option has been set correctly, choose ‘Edit’, followed by ‘Preferences’ and ‘Send Forms’.
    • Follow this up by choosing the ‘My Preferences’ option, and the ‘QuickBooks email’ option and then click OK.
    • Next, go to ‘Edit’, ‘Preferences’ and then go to Outlook Express and click OK.
    • After this, you must close QuickBooks and restart Windows and QuickBooks before you try to send any email.