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Fix Sage 50 Huge and Speed Issue

    Huge Speed Issue in Sage 50-Accounting

    Speed in your accounting software has been a key point to increase efficiency and productivity. In this article, let’s take a look at how to increase speed of your Sage 50 in case it slows down.

    Steps to Make Sage 50 Faster

    🔶 Before you start any procedure, make sure that you take back up of all Sage company/data files.
    🔶 Now, make sure that you have disabled your firewall settings or anti-virus. Your sage may continuously be opening and closing files from behind. There is a file name Queue.dts which gets accessed by multi-user operations.
    🔶 Every time when your Sage gets access of such files, your firewall or anti-virus monitor and intercepts the operation of the user.
    🔶 The anti-virus may send into overdrive which can ultimately cause overhead on system.
    🔶 Now, if you disable your anti-virus, check whether your sage has been increased with speed or not. If doesn’t have any improvement, uninstall AV package from the server and from the client system.
    🔶 Now, test for few hours. If you don’t notice consistent and marked improvement in the speed of Sage software.

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    What if your Sage 50 is still slow?

    🔷 You should have at least 100 MB Internet Speed. Check speed of LAN.
    🔷 Ensure that you have new version of Sage with all updates installed.
    🔷 Ensure that the lock “Opportunistic Lock” is enabled.

    For Server Computer


    🔷 EnableOplocks REG_DWORD 0 or 1
    🔷 Default: 1 (Enabled by Default)
    🔷 Set to “0”
    🔷 Disable SMB Signing.
    🔷 From your TCP/IP, enable NetBIOS and then enable your network card.
    🔷 Make sure that you have all the same Sage Version.
    🔷 Now, perform a Data Check on Sage and then compress routine data.
    🔷 Now, try to change your default printer. Your Printer and Sage might look unrelated. Some printer drivers may find conflicts with your Sage.
    🔷 Now, make sure that you have enough disk space in your client computer and server as well.
    🔷 Make sure that you disable SMB signing.

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