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How to Fix Integration Issue with QuickBooks Merchant Services

    Integration Issue with QuickBooks Payments

    One needs to merge QuickBooks customers to resolve problems in integrating with a QuickBooks Merchant account. For this, it is really necessary that one does not encounter any problem with the company file. If required, one may perform a data check within QuickBooks.

    One needs to perform the merger of names in customer list if customers will not integrate correctly or into the Sync Manager.

    Merger of Names in Customer List may be Necessary in Following Situations

    • When customer’s names is no longer in use or one wants to reduce the numbers of customer’s names list.
    • When one wants to verify or rebuild to detect duplicate names.
    • When customers name is not correctly reflecting in reports or transactions.
    • When QuickBooks old customer name for which Merchant cannot be processed due to problematic error and new customers to be added for which Merchant is to be processed (This kind of modification is required when customer name has becomes corrupted and merger with new name will resolve the issue)

    However, Following Actions Cannot be Reversed Back

    • One cannot undo the merger process, as only partial customer information is transferred, hence backup of the company data file before attempting to merge the list is necessary.
    • One needs to remove job from customer before merger.
    • One cannot merge customer having job.
    • Merge two or more names simultaneously.
    • One needs to Run the Rebuild Data Utility before merging names and keep referring to your previous list.

    Remember: When one merges old name into a new name, we need to make sure to change the name of the old customer to match the name of the new customer.

    Steps for Fix QuickBooks Merchant Integration

    Following instructions are to be followed for integration and merger of problematic customer names list:

    • NEW customer name to be created in QuickBooks should be similar but slightly different from previous corrupted or problematic customer name (without duplicating any customer name).
    • Close QuickBooks application and run Sync Manager Sync, one need to perform a manual data sync.
    • Now one needs to confirm “NEW” customer name appearing in Rebill and create a recurring charge similar to previous values.
    • Next, go to QuickBooks and merge the OLD customer name into the NEW customer’s name merging old customer history with new one. This is done by renaming OLD customer name to match the NEW customer name.

    During the process message will pop “This name is already being used. Would you like to merge them”. Select the option “Yes” to complete the merger process.

    • Now close the QuickBooks and run the Sync Manager again to complete the process. After this process, previous problem should get rectified.
    • This process to be repeated for all the QuickBooks customer that are showing problem in Rebill.

    NOTE: When running QuickBooks Sync manager (Sync Now), it is advisable to have QuickBooks completely shut down including the process in the Task Manager to be sure there are no extraneous influences. Once problem is resolved, this will not be required in future.

    QuickBooks Technical Support Service

    QuickBooks Merchant Integration

    There are different causes that prevent downloading of data into QuickBooks like Merchant will not be downloaded but invoices are created or vice/versa, some or all customer names will not be synchronized. To merge QuickBooks customer to resolve Integration problems with a QuickBooks Merchant account, one needs to agree with the company file if one is performing a data check with QuickBooks after checking for duplicate names.

    In case user is having any doubt related to Integration or merger of problematic customer name list, one can get in touch with our QuickBooks Point of Sale Support team to clarify the doubts and problems related to QuickBooks product help at Quickbooks Support Phone Number.