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QuickBooks Cannot Communicate With Company File

    QuickBooks Cannot Communicate With the Company File

    QuickBooks accounting software is designed to provide the small and medium businesses with best solutions to all accounting problems. One needs to, however, allow a little leeway to errors and problems while working on an automated software. A common error encountered due to various reasons is ‘QuickBooks cannot communicate with company file‘.

    What to do when QuickBooks Cannot Communicate with Company File

    QuickBooks Cannot Communicate with the Company File

    It’s very easy to solve the problem if you can access the company file. If you cannot access the file, then the next step is to connect QuickBooks with your internet browser. It’s also possible that your computer doesn’t have enough memory or storage space. These solutions might not work for everyone, but at least they give you a starting point when troubleshooting this issue.

    The Accounting Problem tech support team works as a back end support to ensure the users have a steady and constant support while working on the software. Call in the help-desk numbers to resolve the issue.

    Why does QuickBooks Cannot Communicate With Company File Occur?

    This may arise due to the following problems:

    1. A third-party firewall is interfering with the software
    2. The connection to the server is lost or disconnected
    3. QuickBooks server manager is not running and creating the issue

    Steps to Fix QuickBooks Cannot Communicate with Company File

    First and foremost, try the ‘QUICKBOOKS FILE DOCTOR’ to learn about the error. To do that, you need to download and install the QuickBooks file doctor and run the tool to check and fix the error.

    If the error is not resolved, try the other solutions.

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Update QuickBooks to the Latest Release

    Updating your QuickBooks to the latest version released can also help fix the present problem. Go to the QuickBooks set-up and check if any latest updates need to be downloaded. If so, ensure you download and update your software before trying to communicate with the company file.

    Configure the Firewall

    The firewalls installed in the computer can try and block the QuickBooks to establish the connection with the server. Hence, it is essential to locate the firewall settings and check for security updates.

    🔶 Click on the START-UP menu on your desktop, and select ‘WINDOWS FIREWALL ‘from the options appearing on the menu.
    🔶 From the pop-up window, click ‘Advanced settings’ tab.
    🔶 Right-click on ‘INBOUND RULES’ and select the ‘NEW RULES’ icon
    🔶 Select from the ‘PORT’ options, and click ‘NEXT
    🔶 Click the ‘ALLOW ON THE CONNECTIONS’ tab and click ‘NEXT
    🔶 Now, give a name to the RULE you can identify, and perform the same operation for the outbound rule.
    🔶 Once finished, check if the error has been resolved and you are able to establish the connection with the company file. If not, perform the below solutions.
    🔶 Establish folder permissions
    🔶 Sometimes, a problem in setting up folder permissions to share company files may also create a problem. Setting up these permissions can resolve the issue and establish connections with the company file successfully.

    Check if the Permissions are Set Correctly

    🔶 Locate the folder on the desktop where your QuickBooks company file is saved.
    🔶 Right-click on the company file to select’ PROPERTIES’ icon
    On the pop-up window, click on the SECURITIES OPTION (on top) and select ‘ADVANCED
    🔶 Now, from the window, select the ‘USERXX’ file, and check if the permissions to the following folders are ‘allowed’.

    🔶 Readable data within list folder attributes tab, executable file within traverse folder, expanded attributes, write data within create files tab

    After finishing this operation, try to check if the same error pops up once again. After performing the above-mentioned operations, the error – ‘QuickBooks cannot communicate with the company file’ should have resolved completely. In case it still persists, call the QuickBooks technical support team for resolving the issue. The QB professionals at the helpline numbers provided can offer any kind of product help, related to the software.

    Contact Accounting Problem the QuickBooks Help Desk

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