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QuickBooks Error 136 – Causes, Symptoms & Resolution

    Stuck with QuickBooks Error 136?

    This error may interfere with your company’s normal operation and you won’t be able to access your company files.

    If you are also one of them who doesn’t know what to do and how to fix QuickBooks Error 136, then you don’t need to worry at all. Here, in this article, you will get a complete guide on what is QuickBooks Error 136, what are the causes behind this error, and what are the possible resolutions to fix this error.

    What are the Causes Behind QuickBooks Error 136?

    QuickBooks Error 136 doesn’t allow you to have access to your company files. Therefore making it difficult to run your business smoothly. So, before we jump up to the solutions to fix this error, it’s very important to know the reasons behind this error.

    Here mentioned below are all the possible reasons that can cause QuickBooks Error 136:
    ✔ Company files that are damaged or corrupt might be the problem.
    ✔ An error might appear because of the outdated software.
    ✔ Your system’s QuickBooks components might be the root of the problems.
    ✔ You might be unable to view the file.

    What are the Resolutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 136?

    Resolving  QuickBooks Error 136 is not a difficult process. Follow these resolutions below and you would be done.

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Opening Company File in a Different Location

    You may simply access the company file without running into QuickBooks error 136 by altering the file location.

    You can follow the steps that are mentioned below Opening the Company File in a Different Location:
    ▶ Open the folder containing all of your company’s files and important information first.
    ▶ When you arrive at the file location, begin looking for the “.QBW” extension file.
    ▶ Now click directly on the “QBW file” when you’ve located it.
    ▶ Afterward, select Copy from the right-click context menu.
    ▶ You may also just press the Ctrl + C buttons on your keyboard.
    ▶ Then, navigate to your desktop and click anywhere on the screen.
    ▶ Afterward, select Paste from the right-click menu. Instead, you can use the Ctrl + V keys. Your file will be transferred from its original place to the desktop screen as a result.
    ▶ You may now start QuickBooks Desktop by pressing the Ctrl key on your computer till you see “No Company Open Error” on your screen.
    ▶ Now you may select “Open” from the menu.
    ▶ Then, begin viewing the desktop file that you can currently copy.
    Finally, try to access the file from another place, and you will find the error has been successfully resolved.

    Suppressing QuickBooks Desktop Now

    You can start QuickBooks software using the suppress approach without encountering QuickBooks error 136.

    If you want to Suppress QuickBooks Desktop, then follow the steps that are mentioned below:
    ▶ First, find the QuickBooks Desktop software icon on the desktop of your Windows Computer.
    ▶ Now you may double-click the software icon once you’ve located it.
    ▶ Once done, you must hit the Alt key on the keyboard to start the QuickBooks software.
    ▶ Now that the password box is available, you may enter a secure password.
    ▶ Now your system can ask for the user’s default password as soon as your device shows up.
    ▶ Then our system can ask for the user’s default password as soon as your device shows up. You can stop holding down the alt key once you’ve added the necessary credentials.
    ▶ After that click the OK button here.
    ▶ Keep pressing the Alt key on your keyboard while the QuickBooks application starts.
    ▶ Later, when the system appears, you can release the Alt key.
    ▶ Finally, After following the above procedures, restart your QuickBooks Desktop.

    QuickBooks Desktop Update

    New upgrades for the QuickBooks software are released by Intuit. If your software has a new update available, it is advised to download and install it right away. 

    You can follow the steps listed below to check for and install QuickBooks updates:

    Check your QuickBooks version:
    The first thing you should do is make sure QuickBooks Desktop is up to date and check which version are you using.

    So, to check your QuickBooks version:
    ▶ Launch QuickBooks Desktop first.
    ▶ Use F2 (or Ctrl+1) to bring up the Product Information window now.
    ▶ Finally, check the release and version you are using then
    For QuickBooks, You Can Also Configure Automatic Updates.
    Follow these steps to set up automatic updates in QuickBooks:
    ▶ The first step is to choose from the Help menu is Update QuickBooks Desktop.
    ▶ Check if The Update Now tab is now active.
    ▶ Now select the Reset Update option to eliminate all previous update downloads.
    ▶ Then select the option to Get Updates to start the download.
    ▶ After the download is finished, restart QuickBooks.
    ▶ Finally, when prompted to install the updated release, accept the option.
    Manually Update QuickBooks.
    To manually update QuickBooks, follow the instructions listed below:
    ▶ Close QuickBooks and your company file first.
    ▶ The Windows Start button is now active.
    ▶ The next step is to do a search for QuickBooks Desktop.
    ▶ You must then select “Run as administrator” from the context menu when you right-click the icon.
    ▶ When you’re finished, you’ll get the No Company Open screen.
    ▶ While seeing the No Company Open screen, select the Help option.
    ▶ Now choose Update QuickBooks Desktop from the help menu.
    ▶ Select the Options tab after that.
    ▶ To mark everything, select Mark All here.
    ▶ Next, select Save.
    ▶ Select the Update Now tab’s Reset Update checkbox after that.
    ▶ When you are ready, click Get Updates.
    ▶ After that, choosing Yes will make the updates take effect.
    Finally, As the installation is finished, just restart your computer.

    Opening Company Sample File

    You may check if you can open the files in QuickBooks by opening the company sample files.

    You can Open the Company Sample File by following the steps that are mentioned below:
    ▶ On the desktop, double-click the QuickBooks program icon.
    ▶ Keep pressing the Ctrl key on your keyboard as you do this.
    ▶ Now hold down the Ctrl key continuously.
    ▶ This will open the “No Company Open” window that appears on your screen.
    ▶ To open a sample file, select Open a sample file when the “No Company Open” windows show. This selection needs to be further below.
    ▶ You must now select one of the company sample files from the list of alternatives.
    ▶ Next, launch the file.
    Finally, you can restart your Windows machine after the firm example file has been opened.

    Ending QuickBooks Processes in Task Manager

    The first thing you should do if QuickBooks error 136 prevents you from accessing company data is to stop any active QuickBooks processes.

    To end QuickBooks Processes in Task Manager, follow the steps that are mentioned below:
    ▶ On a Windows Computer, click right on the Taskbar to begin.
    ▶ Next, select Start Task Manager.
    ▶ Go to the Process tab at this time.
    ▶ After that, select the Image Name header to sort the outcomes alphabetically.
    ▶ Now select End Process from the menu.
    ▶ When finished, look for the QBW32.exe file.
    ▶ Then select End Process from the menu.
    ▶ All of the QuickBooks processes that were operating in the background will cease as soon as you finish the process.
    Finally, you can attempt to launch QuickBooks and access your company data.

    Click Here:

    QuickBooks Runtime Error 13 Type Mismatch

    Take Away

    Background processes frequently cause application conflicts as a result of which you are unable to access QuickBooks or its company files. You may also disable QuickBooks Desktop and company files. If you want to get rid of QuickBooks Error 136 or you want to prevent your software from error then you should Install any new updates for your software if they are available to prevent this error. You might also attempt opening the company file in another location. Not just this in the Windows Task Manager, you may end processes connected to QuickBooks.

    Now that you have a complete guide on how you can resolve QuickBooks Error 136, you can just follow all the steps correctly and you would find your Quickbooks software error-free. However, if you are still stuck or have any queries then you can reach out to the customer helpdesk for quick and easy assistance.

    FAQ’s ✍

    You can Resolve QuickBooks Error 136 by QuickBooks Desktop Update but can you Also Setup Future Updates Automatically to Avoid any Future Errors Due to Old Version of QuickBooks?

    If you don’t want to update QuickBooks right now but would like to set up automatic updates, then follow these steps that are mentioned below:
    ☞ The first option you need to select from the Help menu is Update QuickBooks Desktop.
    ☞ The Options tab should then be chosen.
    ☞ Click Yes to enable automatic updates.
    ☞ The next step is to select “Close.”
    ☞ Finally, if updates are made available for QuickBooks, they are downloaded automatically.

    Note: If you wish to share automatic downloads with other computers on your network, be sure to select the “Yes” box next to each device.

    Before Updating QuickBooks to Latest Version to Fix QuickBooks Error 136, is it Important to Make a Backup of your Company Files?

    Yes, it’s important to make a backup of your company files so that you don’t lose any important data while resolving QuickBooks Error 136.

    To backup your files, follow these steps:
    ☞ First, select File from the QuickBooks menu.
    ☞ Then select the single-user option next.
    ☞ Now return to the File menu.
    ☞ After you’re done, choose the backup company.
    ☞ Now select Create Local Backup after that.
    ☞ After that select Local Backup next.
    ☞ Pick Next from the window’s menu.
    ☞ Click Browse to choose a location to save your backup company file in the Local Backup Only section.
    ☞ Immediately after selecting the number of backups you wish to keep.
    ☞ Before you save your backup file, this will run a test to make sure it’s in perfect condition.
    ☞ When you’re prepared, select OK as the following action.
    Finally, you must choose Next and save it right away.

    To Successfully Resolve QuickBooks Error 136, How Can You Restart Your Computer and it is Necessary?

    Yes, restarting your computer is necessary to resolve QuickBooks Error 136.

    To do this, take these steps:
    ☞ You must first go to the search field on the bottom right.
    ☞ Click the power icon after that.
    Finally, click the restart or shutdown option.

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