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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 15102 – Payroll Update

    QuickBooks Payroll can be used to calculate employee wages and effortlessly alter any component of the salary. Because of the time and effort it saves, faults in QuickBooks Payroll must be fixed right away or the job will stop completely. One such error involving Payroll changes is QuickBooks Error 15102. When trying to update your QuickBooks Desktop or Payroll, you can run into this issue. This post will explain the causes and symptoms of QuickBooks update error 15102 and how to fix it.

    Introduction: QuickBooks Error 15102

    The QuickBooks Payroll update requires a number of system resources to perform, including a working internet connection, Windows Admin rights, and access to the update file download location. If any of the necessary elements stop working, QuickBooks will produce errors. When you experience payroll update issue 15102, QuickBooks will show “Error 15102: Failed to reset update”.

    Possible Reasons that Could Lead to QuickBooks Error 15102

    While updating payroll tax tables in the application, QuickBooks error 15102 might appear for a variety of reasons.

    The most obvious causes of the update error are listed below:-

    ❖ Shared download is enabled, but the URL you provided to download from is broken or inaccessible.

    ❖ Incorrect or incomplete installation of the QuickBooks program.

    ❖ The problem may occur if you run QuickBooks in multi-user mode in a terminal service environment.

    ❖ QuickBooks errors may result from using an old version of the program.

    ❖ If you don’t log in as admin when using Windows Vista, the problem can occur.

    ❖ When a firewall considers an update to be a security concern, it may disable the update process.

    Signs and Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 15102

    The following symptoms appear when the QuickBooks problem 15102 occurs:
    ❖ You are unable to download an update for your subscription to QuickBooks Payroll.
    ❖ This error shows up on the screen when you make a failed attempt to update the payroll.
    ❖ Every time that happens, QuickBooks freezes for a little period of time.
    ❖ PC performance is too slow.
    When these signs appear during a software update, you need to fix QuickBooks update problem 15102 right away.

    Things to Be Done Before Troubleshooting the QuickBooks Error 15102

    If you can open QB Desktop do the following for installing the latest update.

    A. Update your QuickBooks Desktop
    ❖ First, open your QuickBooks software
    ❖ Next, go to the Help menu and then click on the “Update QuickBooks Desktop” option
    ❖ After that, select the tab named “Update Now” at the top followed by clicking on the “Get Updates” option.

    B. Download QuickBooks Desktop
    ❖ Initially, open your QuickBooks software
    ❖ Next, move to the Employees menu and then click on the “Get Payroll Updates” option
    ❖ Now, select the “Download Entire Update” option
    ❖ Once done then select and click on the “Download Latest Update” option.

    How to Fix QuickBooks Error 15102?

    Here you can find the best resolutions to overcome the QuickBooks Error 15102:

    Total Time: 20 minutes

    Move to a Single-User Mode

    To fix QuickBooks issue 15102, try switching from Multi-user mode to Single-user mode. Update QuickBooks Desktop or Payroll in Single-user mode. Simply choose the “Single User Mode” option from the File menu to enter single-user mode. If you were able to update after doing this, you can switch back to the Multi-user mode. Continue reading for other ways to fix the mistake if it continues.

    Verify Mapped File Location is Correct

    ✅ Using the keyboard, press F2 or Ctrl+1 to check the file location path
    ✅ Then press the Ok button
    ✅ Navigate now to the Help menu >>> QuickBooks Desktop update
    ✅ Now, choose the Options tab
    ✅ Make sure the path to the download site is right
    ✅ The drive in the download location should match the drive that is shown in the product information if Shared Download is set to “Yes
    ✅ If Shared Download is set to No, the installation directory should be on the same drive as the directory where the download is located
    ✅ An invalid location path exists
    ✅ Select No if the option for the shared folder is Yes
    ✅ Select Yes if No for the shared folder is selected
    ✅ At last, click on the Save and Close button.

    Remap the Drive to a New Letter, if the Location is Correct

    ✅ First, close your QuickBooks company file
    ✅ Your drive should be remapped to a new letter
    ✅ Utilizing a fresh map drive, launch your company file
    ✅ Select the Help menu >>> Update QuickBooks Desktop
    ✅ Select the Options tab
    ✅ Turn Shared Downloads off then back on again
    ✅ Check to see that the download site is using the newly mapped drive
    ✅ In the end, select the Save and Close button.
    If the issue persists after trying all 3 resolutions, you can continue with the next resolutions.

    Run Your QuickBooks Desktop as an Administrator

    ✅ In the very first step, close your QuickBooks Desktop
    ✅ Click the right mouse button on the QuickBooks Desktop icon
    ✅ Choose the option “Run as administrator
    ✅ To give UAC authorization, select the “Yes” button
    ✅ In the end, launch QuickBooks after downloading it.


    Hopefully, these troubleshooting resolutions help you to enable to resolve the QuickBooks Error 15102. Moreover, this article discussed all the possible ways to fix the error. If you still experiencing the same issue, feel free to reach out the team of experts via QuickBooks Helpdesk Team.

    ☛ A Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the Other Ways to Resolve the QuickBooks Error 15102?

    There are additional ways to fix QuickBooks problem 15102 if these ones fail to work. To avoid this problem, you need also make sure QuickBooks is being executed as an administrator. Try updating your payroll after logging into QuickBooks using administrator credentials. You can do it resetting all existing update or check for update.

    How Do I Reset all Existing Update to Fix QuickBooks Error 15102?

    You can do it by following the below suggested steps:
    🔹 Open QuickBooks and then select the Help option
    🔹 Next, select the “Update QuickBooks Desktop” option followed by selecting “Update Now
    🔹 To delete every update currently in place, use the Reset Update QuickBooks Desktop option
    Restart the computer after QuickBooks Desktop has been closed.

    What are the Steps Involved in Checking the Update for QuickBooks Desktop?

    Choose “Update QuickBooks Desktop” from the Help Tab’s drop-down menu. In order to start the download update process, click Get Update after selecting the Update now option. Last but not least, restart QuickBooks Desktop. The most recent release will be prompted for installation.

    Important Note: QuickBooks should be updated to the most recent version and should not be out of date. The older versions of QuickBooks may no longer be compatible with your operating system or other applications because QuickBooks does not maintain support for them. Keeping QuickBooks up to date will help you avoid this.

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