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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 3180

    QuickBooks Error 3180 – Status message: “There was an error when saving a Sales Receipt (or Credit Memo)” or “Sales tax detail line must have a vendor” takes place if you have a damaged payment item. You will receive such an error message while working on QuickBooks Desktop, Payroll, or POS. When an error occurs, you may see error messages on your screen that may hamper completing on-going activity. In this blog post, you’ll come to know the potential causes of the QuickBooks Status Error Code 3180 as well as the appropriate troubleshooting solutions to mend it as soon as possible.

    What Do You Understand with QuickBooks Error 3180?

    In QuickBooks POS error code 3180 is a 3000 series error code that says there is a problem while saving a sales receipt. There are a number of factors that can evoke such error messages like incorrect vendor expense settings, damaged or corrupted QuickBooks company file, and more. Another reason could be the creation of a paid out using the sale tax payable account. It could possibly be because the sales tax payable account is set as the target account for one or more items on receipts. It may display several error messages, such as:

    “Sales tax detail line must have a vendor”,


    “There was an error when saving an Employee list, element Employee, Name”.

    To keep QuickBooks running smoothly, you must resolve this issue as soon as possible.

    Reasons of QuickBooks Error 3180

    QuickBooks error code 3180 could be caused by a number of factors. We have listed some of the possible reasons that could lead to such an issue. Identifying the exact reasons behind QuickBooks error can help users to make the troubleshooting pretty easy and effortless.

    • Account mapping of the sales tax payable account is inappropriate
    • It is quite possible that your QuickBooks sales tax item is not linked to any of the vendors
    • Damaged QuickBooks company file
    • Settings Vendor expense is not done correctly
    • For one or more products on receipts, you use the sales tax payable account as the target account.
    • Antivirus software could lead to such issue
    • Damaged voucher
    • QuickBooks give the error code 3180, if your account accidentally got deleted
    • Using the sale tax payable account, a Paid out was generated.

    Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 3180

    When QuickBooks status code 3180 occurs, you may notice the following symptoms:

    • System stop responding to the given input by keyboard or mouse
    • Sales receipts cannot be saved
    • All of sudden, QuickBooks will shut down without warning.
    • The notice QuickBooks error 3180 will appear on your screen including:

    “Sales tax detail line must have a vendor”,

    Or “There was an error when saving an Employee list, element Employee, Name”.

    How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 3180?

    After analyzing the exact reasons behind the error code 3180 that users often experience while using software. Now, it’s time to execute the solutions to fix the error efficiently:

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Merge the Items in QuickBooks

    ● Initially, open your QuickBooks software
    ● Next, go to the List >>> Item
    ● Now, you have to choose the option to include inactive
    ● After that, pick the tab “Type Header” in order to sort the list
    ● Once done with that, rename the Point of Sale payment items
    ● Right-click on the payment item that starts with QuickBooks Point of Sale and select Properties
    ● Select Edit Items and change the item’s name to OLD
    ● After pressing the Ok button, run the Financial Exchange from POS
    ● Merge the duplicate items in QuickBooks Desktop
    ● Do a right-click on the payment method with a name of OLD
    ● Remove OLD using the Edit Item option
    ● To confirm the action, click the Ok tab and then the “Yes” button.

    Assign the Vendor to the Sales Tax Item Before Proceeding

    ● irst, you have to open the QuickBooks Desktop
    ● Select the List from the drop-down menu
    ● To go to the Item, you have to click on the same
    ● Select the Include Inactive option
    ● Now, select the Type header to order the list alphabetically
    ● In the end, ensure that all sales tax items have a tax agency attached to it.

    QuickBooks Status Code 3180, Change the Tax Preference

    ● Go to the File tab in QuickBooks Point of Sale
    ● Select Company from the Preferences menu
    ● Select Accounts from the Financial menu
    ● Check that the QuickBooks Sales Tax Payable is only mentioned in the Sales Tax section of the Basic and Advanced tabs
    ● If it isn’t completed, make the necessary changes and conduct the financial exchange to ensure that QuickBooks status code 3180 is resolved.

    Make Sure the Receipt Isn’t Being Paid Out with Sales Tax Payable

    ● Select Sales History when you open QuickBooks Point of Sale
    ● Select Customize Columns with a right-click on any column
    ● Make sure the QuickBooks Status is selected
    ● Check for any missing receipts
    ● Select the receipt, then Reverse Receipt if any of these receipts are paid out to sales tax payable
    ● Re-create a paid out and re-run the financial exchange using a non-sales tax payable account.

    QuickBooks Error Message: The Posting Account is Invalid

    The notice “Status code 3180: QuickBooks error message: The Posting account is invalid” may appear when the incorrect type of QuickBooks Desktop account is used in QuickBooks POS account mapping. The problem can be rectified by moving accounts around in QuickBooks Desktop and POS.

    The procedure is as follows:

    In QuickBooks POS

    • Select the “Preferences” from the File menu
    • Go to the Financial section, select the Company followed by the Accounts tab
    • Make sure the accounts are appropriately mapped on both the Basic and Advanced sections
    • Run the financial exchange by clicking the “Save” button.

    In QuickBooks

    • From the List option, choose the Item List
    • You’ll need to double-check each item on the list to make sure it’s using the correct account
    • Finally, run the financial exchange.

    Wrapping Up!

    Expectedly, this information helps you to fix the QuickBooks Error 3180, but sometimes you can face several issues while performing the above solutions. If that is the case or you’re facing any difficulty then you can get our Experts help from QuickBooks Helpdesk Team.

    A Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Do We get QuickBooks Status Code 3180: Problem with Saving the General Journal Transaction?

    We may Receive this Error Message in QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks POS Due to a Number of Factors Including:
    ● Damaged voucher
    ● There is an inactive account in which items are linked
    ● Incorrect mapped account on sale of items
    ● Account got deleted for any reason.

    How Do We Fix QuickBooks Status Code 3180: Problem with Saving the General Journal Transaction?

    You need to recreate the voucher and then double-check the accounts to fix the problem.
    To do so, perform the following steps:
    ● First, the voucher must be reversible
    ● Then run the financial exchange after you’ve recreated it appropriately
    ● Go to the Home tab and select “Sales History” to recheck the accounts
    ● Make a list of all the items that have been affected
    ● Go to Home >>> Item List >>> Edit to complete the process
    ● Under the QuickBooks option, double-check that the account mapping is correct
    ● Make sure the accounts that are affected are active as well
    ● At last, click the ‘Save’ button to start the financial exchange.

    When Can I Receive a Status Message: Sales Tax Detail Line Must Have a Vendor in QuickBooks? How Do I Overcome this Problem?

    You may see the error message “QuickBooks error message: Sales Tax Detail Line must have a Vendor” when attempting to save a Sales Receipt (or Credit Memo).
    Here’s why this happens:
    ● If there is no vendor associated with the sales tax item
    ● The sales tax payable account’s account mapping is wrong
    ● If the sales tax payable account is specified as the target account on receipts
    ● If a paid out is created using the sales tax payable account.
    You Must Take the Following Steps to Correct the Error:
    ● In your QuickBooks Desktop application, go to the “Lists” menu.
    ● Choose the “Item List” from the drop-down menu
    ● After that, go to the ‘Type’ heading and select the “Include Inactive” option
    ● Ensure that all sales tax items have a tax agency associated with them.
    Now you Must Check the Tax Preference in QuickBooks POS by Following the Steps Below:
    ● Select the Preferences from the File menu
    ● Under the Financial section, select Company >>> Accounts
    ● Ensure that QuickBooks sales tax payable is indicated as “Only” in the sales tax row in both the Basic and Advanced tabs
    ● Run the financial exchange after changing it to “Only” for entries that don’t have it.

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