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How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code C = 1327

    Undoubtedly, QuickBooks offers many amazing tools and features to make the accounting process simple and smooth. However, internal application flaws can cause multiple issues and sometimes irreversible technical errors like QuickBooks Error Code C = 1327. It is an installation error indicating that a problem with your destination drive must be addressed and fixed. Error code 1327 usually caused by a corrupted .NET Framework. It also displays a warning message that reads, “The drive [X:] is invalid”. To explore more about QuickBooks Error Code C = 1327, make sure to read this article till the conclusion.

    Introduction: QuickBooks Error Code C = 1327

    When you attempt to install QB software, you may get the QuickBooks Error Code C = 1327. Additionally, you’ll get the following message when you insert the installation media and start the installation process: “The Drive (drive letter) is invalid. Or Invalid drive (drive letter)”.

    In the My Computer section, you’ll discover a list of drives. These drives divide the memory of the machine. In the below section of the article, we’ll go over how to fix QuickBooks Error Code C = 1327 in a detailed troubleshooting step.

    Possible Reasons that Causes QuickBooks Error Code C = 1327

    The root factor behind the occurrence of error 1327 is the inaccessibility of the drive while installing the software. Apart from that, there are many other factors that could lead to this error and few of them are jotted down:

    • The current device has internal damage
    • The user has insufficient access permissions
    • Error code 1327 can also be caused by a corrupted or damaged Microsoft .Net Framework
    • Incorrect registry settings
    • Disconnection from the network drive or an external storage device without warning.
    • Installing QuickBooks or restoring a backup company file from an external drive.

    How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code C = 1327

    Here are the best possible methods to get rid of the error code C = 1327:

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Fix Windows Registry

    ● To open the Run window, press and hold Windows + R on your keyboard
    ● Type Regedit in the search tab and click the Ok button
    ● The Registry Editor window will open up
    ● Next, you need to look for the  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\ Microsoft\ Current Version\ Explorer\Explorer\ Shell Folders
    ● After that, find for entries relating to the drive letter given in the error message displayed in your application
    ● C:\ should be used to replace the wrong drive letter
    ● Save your modifications and restart your computer then download the updates once again
    ● Finally, reverse the modifications you made and reboot by following the procedures above.

    Resolve Microsoft .NET Framework Related Issues

    ● In the bottom left corner of your screen, click the Windows Start key from your keyboard
    ● Type the Control Panel in the search window and double-click on the same tab
    ● Next, select the Programs tab from the new screen
    ● After that, select the “Turn Windows features on or off” from the drop-down menu
    ● Now, you are asked to enter the login information
    ● To confirm your action, fill the complete detail
    ● Remove the check-mark next to the Microsoft.NET Framework
    ● The Framework will be turned off
    ● After that, re-launch your system
    ● Finally, re-enable the framework by following the steps outlined above.

    Delete/Remove Network Drive

    ● Initially, select Programs from the Windows button
    ● Select Windows Explorer from the list of options
    ● Under the Tools tab of the menu above, pick “Disconnect Network Drive”
    ● To confirm, click the Ok tab
    ● Go back to the Tools menu and select Map Network Drive
    ● Remove the check mark from the Shell File option and type in the right path
    ● To confirm, press on the Ok button
    ● Finally, restart your computer and reinstall QuickBooks.

    Ensure that Storage Devices have Proper Connection

    Ensure that the computer’s connections and other devices are correctly connected. Check to see if the USB or Flash devices you’re using to install QuickBooks desktop are connected and working properly.

    Craft a New Windows User and Install Windows

    For Windows 10
    ● To begin, go to the Windows Start tab followed by selecting the Settings tab
    ● After that, go to the Accounts and select Family and Other People
    ● The next step is to choose to add someone else to this PC
    ● To complete the process, the user must enter a new password, name, and password hint before pressing the Next button.

    For Windows 7 & 8
    ● First, you have to select the Windows Start tab
    ● Next, type the Control Panel into the search window
    ● Then choose user accounts, then manager another account
    ● The user must create a new account in order to proceed
    ● The user must then choose Administrator and give it a name
    ● Select create account as well, and then restart your system
    ● After that, log into the computer with administrative credentials
    ● Finally, reinstall the software.

    Alternative Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error Code C = 1327

    While logged off the network, the user can install. The methods are different for Windows 10 and Windows 7 or 8. Let’s have a look at them:

    Windows 7 & 8

    • On the start tab, the user should select the control panel
    • Using the drop down menu, choose small icons on the screen
    • Launch the network and sharing centre now
    • After that, select Change Adapter Settings
    • The next step is to right-click each of the listed adapters and select deactivate when applicable
    • You may now receive a notice indicating that the connection has been lost
    • Keep the window open until all connections have been disconnected, then reinstall QuickBooks desktop
    • When the installation is complete, the user must return to the network connection windows and enable the network connections.

    Windows 10

    • To use Windows 10, open the run window and press the Windows + R keys
    • Then go to the control panel and hit the Ok button
    • Select small icons in the drop down arrow after clicking view by
    • The network and sharing centre was then opened
    • Change the adapter settings as well
    • Next, do a right-click each of the adapted items in the list and select deactivate/disable
    • You may now receive notifications indicating that your connection has been lost; do not attempt to reconnect to the network
    • When all connections have been removed, the user must leave the window open and then reinstall QuickBooks desktop
    • When the installation is finished, go back to the network connections windows and enable the network connections.


    In this article, we’ve compiled the most important information related to QuickBooks Error Code C = 1327. The information includes quick introduction of the error, its causes, and troubleshooting methods to fix the error. Following the steps above, we hope this bug will be resolved for sure. But in any case, if you are still experiencing the same difficulty then reach out to the QuickBooks Customer Helpdesk.

    A Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Reassign Drive Letter to Fix QuickBooks Error Code C = 1327?

    It is very simple, just click on the Windows Start and then click on the Programs tab. Next step is to select the Administrative Tools followed by clicking on the “Disk Administrator”. Perform a right-click on the drive and then hit the option “Assign Drive Letter”. Finally, select the Original Drive Letter.

    What to do if Improper Network Connectivity Gives QuickBooks Error Code C = 1327?

    You can simply verify your connectivity with the network drive by following these steps:
    ● To launch the Run dialogue box, press Windows + R and type CMD in the text box
    ● Next, click Ok, then type PING (IP Address of Your Network Drive) followed by pressing the  Enter key
    ● Select Network and Sharing Center from the Control Panel
    ● Right-click each adapter on the screen and select Change Adapter Settings
    ● Select Disable and disregard the notice displayed by Windows
    ● Try installing QuickBooks, and if everything goes smoothly, right-click each adapter and select Enable.

    How to Reassign Drive Letter in Windows 2000? Does it Help me to Get Rid of QuickBooks Error Code C = 1327? 

    Initially, click on the Windows Start and then select the Settings tab. Select the Control Panel and then double-click on the Administrative Tools. Once done then select the computer Management. Now, you have to right-click on the hard drive or CD-ROM Drive that you want to change the letter of. Select the Change Drive Letter and Path. After that, click on the Edit tab and then select the original drive letter. Finally, hit the Ok button.
    Yes, it can help you getting rid of the error code 1327, if there is a problem with your drive letter.

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