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Fix QuickBooks Error Code C=47

    QuickBooks Error Code C=47

    QuickBooks Error code C=47 is an error message that triggers an issue on the system because of the wrong settings of the web explorer or internet explorer. This incorrect browser configuration is the major reason for the error message C=47 in QuickBooks. When this error happens it interrupt the window cleanup, and failed to search out transactions. The below article talks about the troubleshooting guide to fix QuickBooks error code C=47. You will get to know the reason of the issue of the error and solutions to fix the issue.

    ♻ What is QuickBooks Error Code C=47?

    It is one of the payment errors which usually happen when you try posting the payment to your client. It often triggers because of the incorrect settings of the internet explorer. During a cleanup of windows server 2008 then the QuickBooks user faces the issue. This error message indicates the system is failed to discover the transactions and Update.

    ♻ What are the Causes of the QuickBooks Error Code C=47?

    There are several reasons behind QuickBooks error message C=47:

    ● QuickBooks data file gets corrupted or damaged
    ● Old QuickBooks data file backup is already there
    ● Incorrect internet explorer settings
    ● Wrong SSL settings
    ● Transaction log file in damaged file folder

    ♻ What are the Methods to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code C=47?

    Below are the multiple resolutions to opt for to rectify the QuickBooks error C=47:

    Total Time: 25 minutes

    Check and Rebuild Data on the Company File

    You are required to verify and rebuild data on the QuickBooks desktop. If there are data files company files errors then here are instructions you need to follow:

    Run Rebuild Data Utility:
    ● Click the File button and then choose the utilities option to begin the company file
    ● require hit option named rebuild data
    ● Choose OK
    ● It will back up the company file
    ● hit OK option
    ● It will display rebuild has been completed
    ● Click OK

    Run Verify Utility

    Once there is corrupted data by using the Rebuild data utility then run the verify utility.

    Following are the steps:
    ● Firstly the hit menu
    ● select the tab named utilities
    ● choose Verify data
    ● If the QuickBooks failed to spot the active issue with the data then hit the OK button
    ● Once you are done with this then might be needed to proceed to re-use the company file
    ● If you verify corrupted data issues then you will get Window with an option named rebuild now/view issues

    Driver System Updates

    ● Firstly reboot the computer once the un-established driver
    ● Configure the driver option and then wait for it to proceed
    ● hit the Start button
    ● Choose sort device manager
    ● check out the result and then select the gadget button
    ● you required to update the driver software option
    ● it will appear a new window
    ● click browse the system option for driver system
    ● it will display gadget drivers list
    ● Monitor and discover the driver
    ● At last hit next button

    Virus Scan

    Firstly scan the viruses then you need to solve the steps:
    ● Scan the computer for viruses then there will display an error message during loading\3\LXCRtime.dll
    ● It will scan the antivirus and clean all the system junk
    ● Fix the QuickBooks error C=47

    QuickBooks Desktop Updates

    You can update QuickBooks desktop to advanced release to resolve the error.

    Here are the instructions in the process:
    ● You are required to initial verify if the QuickBooks system is updated or not. In case the update does not updates then the next step is to update the same
    ● Now resort to the file after updates
    ● Search for the lists option and hit on it
    ● Find the charts of accounts then locate the view menu
    ● Hit OK
    ● Click menu list then ensure hit on the option named resort list
    ● Choose the item list and perform changes
    ● Verify the item list
    ● Now follow the same procedure with a customer list
    ● After this, you require to click customer center
    ● Click option named customer and jobs
    ● Hit View menu
    ● Choose resort lists with the submenu items and now give a click on it
    ● Now close the QuickBooks once you resort
    ● Reboot the computer and open QuickBooks Desktop
    ● At last, verify if the error persists.

    Run a Quick Repair to Resolve the Issue

    Now you can quickly repair with.dll with the below steps:
    ● You are required to discover the issue once downloaded.
    ● It will resolve the loading\3\LXCRtime.dll error
    ● Hit repair option
    ● It will display a dialogue window
    ● Choose Select all options and resolve the issue

    Internet Explorer Configuration in QuickBooks

    If the above solutions failed to try internet explorer configuration in QuickBooks desktop. When you can update the internet explorer then you can use standard settings to browse.

    Here are the steps to configure the QuickBooks internet explorer:
    ● Open QuickBooks Desktop
    ● Click the Help option and choose internet connection setup
    ● Hit tab named use my computer’s internet connection settings
    ● Choose Next button
    ● Click the Advanced connection settings tab
    ● It will display the internet options page with changed settings

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    🔹 Closure

    Here the article came to an end! We hope the information eliminated the need of utilizing more efforts to sort out the issue. If still the QuickBooks error code troubling you then it is best is to contact the experts to save time. Contacting a reliable professional is super easy, give a live chat, or simply drop an email at [email protected] with the concern. The team will contact you as soon as possible without keeping you up in a queue.

    🔔 Frequently Asked Questions

    How Would I Fix the QuickBooks Desktop?

    ➧ Hit Windows+E buttons to display the computer page
    ➧ Choose uninstall/Change a program
    ➧ It will display the QuickBooks software
    ➧ Hit Uninstall/Change
    ➧ It will display a window named QuickBooks installation
    ➧ Hit Next
    ➧ Select the radio button named repair then hit the Next button
    ➧ Choose Repair and then hit Finish

    How Can I Modify the Compatibility View Settings in Internet Explorer?

    Here are the steps to change the settings in Internet Explorer:
    ➧ Open Internet Explorer
    ➧ Choose Tools tab
    ➧ Click menu named Tools
    ➧ Choose menu named Compatibility view settings
    ➧ Write into the field named Add this website, fill “” ● Click Add ● Now repeat the procedure for both”” and https://*”
    ➧ Hit Close

    What if I am Unable to View Internet Explorer in Windows 10?

    Microsoft Edge has replaced internet explorer with the main web browser.

    Here are the steps to open the internet explorer through Edge:
    ➧ Firstly open the Microsoft Edge
    ➧ Choose the tab with the three dots at the window right corner
    ➧ Click open with internet explorer
    ➧ Now follow the instructions to delete the cache:
    ➧ Open the system and then display chrome
    ➧ Hit more button
    ➧ Choose More tools
    ➧ Click Clear browsing data
    ➧ Hit All time to delete everything
    ➧ After this place, a mark on the boxes named cookies and data of the site & cached images & files
    ➧ Hit Clear data

    What are the Files that I Need to Check to Fix the Error C-47?

    ➧ Damaged QuickBooks data file (.QBW)
    ➧ Check if the transaction log file is in the same folder containing QBW
    ➧ Backup of QuickBooks data file (.QBM or .QBW)

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