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Sage 50 2018 Drop Down Lists Slow to Display

    Sage 50 2018 Drop Down Lists

    Sage 50 is among the most recommendable accounting and bookkeeping generally preferred by all class of small and medium businessman to fulfill their financial and accounting requirements. It is accounting software that can easily be used and it is fabricated to make user’s experience more exciting.

    With the fall of 2017, sage 50 2018 came into existence. This accounting software is very much compatible to work with offline but can be synchronized with cloud service. Whenever any upgrade is introduced, all the bugs and errors that were there in the previous versions are now fixed. It is now integrated with various add-on tools and highly improvised features that actually boosts your business. Sage 50 2018 was launched in two major editions: Sage 50 Canada Edition and U.S. Edition. Various versions of Sage 50 2018 are available according to your requirements. It is accomplished software but you may face various issues while downloading, installing or even while working on the software.

    Sage 50 2018 Drop Down Lists Slow to Display Issue

    Sage 50 2018 have resolved all the previous issues and bugs of the older versions. It is designed using various enhanced features and extra add-on tools. Even though it is an exceptional software, there are certain instances when your software may crash due to any technical issue. One such issue that may be encountered are drop down list errors. You may face issues like drop down list like items, customers’ names, etc. while opening and the procedure is quite slow. This issue is often described as:

    Reason for Sage 50 Drop Down Lists Slow to Display

    • Related to maintenance records that slows the display in R2018
    • When jobs or option in the drop down are unable to respond.
    • Drop down list is locked in Sage 50
    • Slow Drop down in Sage 2018
    • Drop down may not be responding after upgrade.
    • Sales Invoices and Sales Order does not respond to Sage 50 Edition.

    Causes of Sage 50 Drop Down Lists Slow to Display

    • This problem mainly affects the record list of clients and vendors etc.
    • When the managed list is opened or at the time of managing the list, the issue may appear.

    Resolution for Sage 50 Drop Down Lists Slow to Display

    You can resolve this drop-down issue of Sage 50 2018 in only one way. You need to update your sage software to the latest available version. If you do so, the problem will be sorted out from your Sage 50 2018 and the drop-down list will be up and running as usual.

    To go for in-depth detail of the issue, you can contact us on our 24/7 available Toll-Free Number or Sage Live Chat Support with our Sage 50 technical support team, we will revert you with much needed answer.


    Why Sage 50 Slow Over Network

    Sage 50 is not supported on a wireless environment. Ask your network administrator to link the server to the workstations through a hard connection. Experiment with different CAT 5 hardwires and check that the connection is strong enough to run Sage 50 smoothly.

    Sage 50 Slow Performance Windows 10

    The Windows 10 operating system has a tendency to slow down when using IPv4. To ensure that your computer is able to function properly, you will need to enable an IPv6 connection on your system. To do this, go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings.

    Why is Sage 50 so Slow?

    Sage 50 has a lot of different components that can cause speed issues for users. The most common speed issue is data corruption. This can happen if the user doesn’t have enough RAM to run the software, or if an individual computer’s hard drive crashes. Environmental issues like antivirus software, network settings, and other software can also cause performance issues in Sage 50. A known issue which happens often is when there are multiple users who try to access Sage 50 simultaneously over the internet.