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Sage 50 Error your Database Engine on Computer [Server] is Unavailable

    Sage 50 database engine on computer is unavailable

    Sage 50 is a popular accounting program that reigns the accounting market that can take care of all the accounting and financial related tasks in an accurate manner as well as in a fast way. It has different tools that can make overall everyday finance related activities much easier than expected.

    Moreover, it has high safety related configurations. Therefore, one can completely rely on this software for storing important data in a secure way without any trouble. The company files can be opened and edited anytime anywhere across the globe. This creates a collaborative environment for everyone and working with clients in different locations becomes easier. When a user is working on a software, it is quite common for every user to face errors sporadically. However, there is nothing to worry as every error has a solution that can fix the problem. Get to know about the error in details.

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    Steps for Fix Sage 50 Error your Database Engine on Computer Server is Unavailable

    Let us discuss a common way to fix this Sage error which is understandable by every Sage user.

    Resolving Sage Error: “Your database engine on computer [server] is unavailable. Please make sure that the computer is logged in or that the database service is running.”

    • The user needs to close Sage 50 on all the systems.
    • Then the user needs to go to the server on all kinds of systems.
    • Then the user needs to track the server or the system that has all the data in the complete format.
    • Then the user needs to press Windows+R keys to open a Run prompt.
    • The user needs to type Services.msc in the correct manner. Then the user needs to click on OK.
    • Then the user needs to right-click Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine. After that, the user needs to move to Properties.
    • In case of Windows 7, Vista and Windows 8 computers, Start up type needs to be changed from automatic to Automatic (Delayed start). Then choose Apply and after that click on OK.
    • In case of Microsoft Windows XP computers, select the recovery tab.
    • Change the First Failure, second failure and ensuing failures to restart the service, choose Apply, then go to OK.
    • Check that the program can be opened by user on both servers and work stations.

    In case, the user needs to understand the process in a complete and elaborate manner, it is recommended to contact the Sage expert professionals at the Sage 50 experts team of They are available round the clock for any kind of assistance related to the Sage software. The user can also understand and ask other advanced steps from them and get their issues resolved.

    Final Words :

    The is well known accounting agency comprising of Sage experts who can help in resolving all kinds of errors related to the Sage software. It is a highly knowledgeable and experienced team that can help in fixing all kinds of errors in an accurate and easy way without causing any damage to the overall system or important data. Sage users can get in touch with this Sage Support team.

    👉Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. How can you Resolve the Damaged Files in the System Data Folder?

    Ans :
    ▪ Turn off the Sage 50 software. 
    ▪ Navigate to the location of the organization. 
    ▪ By pressing Ctrl+A, you can select all of the files in the directory. 
    ▪ Right-click on the highlighted files and select Properties. Select the Advanced button. 
    ▪ Verify the Encrypt contents to protect unchecked data. 
    ▪ Click OK, then Apply. 
    ▪ Click the OK button. 
    ▪ Now restart your Sage 50 software. 
    ▪ Check to see if the company’s Database Engine still has an error.

    Q 2. What are some Causes of Sage 50 Error Database Engine Unavailable?

    Ans : Some of the causes of Sage 50 Error Database Engine Unavailable? 

    ▪ You won’t be able to use the files you’re authorising if they’re encrypted or corrupted.
    ▪ They have access to the shared folder if they have authorization. 
    ▪ IPv6 is enabled properly
    ▪ If their -pvsw-.loc file is corrupted, or if it is pointed to the wrong server,

    Q 3. How can you Disable IPv6?

    Ans : Please follow the steps below to disable IPv6 on your desktop: 

    ▪ To begin, select the Control Panel from the Start menu.
    ▪ Once done go to the Change Adapter in the “Network & Sharing Center.” 
    ▪ Now go to Properties from the menu Network Connection.
    ▪ Once you see the message Internet Protocol V6.0 , uncheck the box  and then finally click OK.
    ▪ The networking tab is at the very top of the website.
    ▪ Finally restart your computer and check if the IPv6 is disabled.