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Methods to Fix Sage 50 Pervasive PSQL is not Running

    Pervasive PSQL is Not Running

    The corporate industries are increasingly using Sage 50 for finance and accounting related projects. It is with the help of this software and its tools that the work is made smoother and faster. The features of the Sage application can be easily understood by the users which inevitably makes the operation easier.

    Pervasive PSQL is not Running

    There are some situations when a user might face technical glitch or errors when pervasive PSQL is restarted while working on the Sage Software? Let us take a look at some of the errors that occur while operating the application:

    • Reboot Sage 50 when it is not running
    • Try again when Sage 50 accounting cannot be started
    • Sage 50 cannot be started when pervasive PSQL is not running
    • Error after the power failure
    • Sage 50 U.S edition opens sometimes and the error appears after resuming the computer
    • The event viewer might display the following message:
    • Source: Pervasive PSQL
    • General: The grace period for error creating a record: -2147024891
    • The program gets crashed after immediately opening on the server
    • On the second attempt, the program might be opened.

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    Causes That Result In Sage 50 Error When Pervasive PSQL Needs To Be Restarted

    There are many possible reasons that can be the cause of errors. The user must be aware of the causes that lead to technical errors so that proper resolution can be taken to solve the issue. Let us have a sneak peek at below mentioned steps:

    • Pervasive PSQL does not run on the host computer
    • Pervasive PSQL is not started after resuming the PC
    • Pervasive PSQL does not resume after installing updates
    • Pervasive PSQL is suspended
    • Pervasive is stopped
    • The operating system is upgraded
    • Workstation crashes down ending Pervasive on server
    • Updates performed by Windows 10

    Resolution to fix Sage 50 Pervasive PSQL is Not Running

    After analyzing the causes for Sage 50 Pervasive PSQL is Not Running, take a brief look at below-mentioned pointers that can help to resolve Sage 50 errors.

    • Stand-alone setup
    • Reboot your computer system to quickly fix the issue in a stand-alone setup
    • After rebooting the system, restart your PC
    • Resume Pervasive PSQL
    • Important to note: If you are using Sage on a network, follow below-mentioned steps. Also, ensure that Sage software is closed on all system before proceeding
      • Click WINDOWS+R key
      • Type service.msc.
      • Select OK option
      • Press right click on Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine and restart your PC
      • Press double-click on Pervasive PSQL workgroup engine
      • Click on the recovery tab
      • Choose the option ‘Restart the Service’ in the first failure and ‘Drop Down Boxes’ in the second failure
      • Set Reset Fail Count to reset the PC after 1 day
      • Click on ‘OK’ option
      • Ensure Sage software opens on the server and workstation without posing any sort of error

    Note: Rebooting needs to be started manually, it does not operate automatically. Proper detection of the technical issue is very important to resolve the problem. In turn, this process helps in reducing the time incurred without hindering the work process.

    • Windows 10 updates were finished
    • Troubleshoot the errors with the aforementioned steps.

    Conclusion :

    Once you have completed all the steps, verify the errors by restarting your PC. If you are still not able to address the issue of Sage 50 error when Pervasive PSQL is not running, then you should get in touch with Accounting Problem technical support team on our Sage 50 Help Desk. We employ a learned technical support team that helps users struggling to fix errors while working on Sage software. The professionals try to resolve all software related issues efficiently allowing you to perform the work without any error.