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How to Fix Sage 50 Installation Error 1324

    Sage error code 1324

    Sage 50 Installation Error Code 1324 displays on your screen stating that the path transport folder contains an invalid character. It might be aggravating and perplexing to receive such an error message right after installing an application. This error generally takes place when Windows system locale is not set on non-English and this software doesn’t have a localized version that is non-English. In simple language, you can say this error takes place right after you choose English as an installation language. If you’re wondering how to fix Sage 50 Installation Error Code 1324 then don’t worry! The below write-up helps you out with one by one steps. Before you dig into the solution, it is pretty important to understand what exactly causes the issue and why. With this proper understanding, you can proceed with the troubleshooting methods to get this Sage 50 1324 installation error resolved at ease.

    Causes of Sage 50 Installation Error 1324

    When the user encounter the Sage error 1324 they receive this message i.e.

    Sage Error: “1324 The Path Transport Folder Contains An Invalid Character”

    This is a Sage 50 runtime error that occurs when a program or software encounters language selection issues. As it happens to be the most common error of sage 50, While installing if your language is not English, then there are chances that you may encounter this error. The causes of the error are:

    • When your Windows System Locale is not set to English but some other language.
    • When the Sage you have installed in your system does not have a localized version that are non English.

    Steps for Fix Sage 50 Error 1324

    When the error occurs then you’ll also get an Operating System Warning that advanced understanding of your computer’s operating system is required for this solution. Help is available from your system administrator. When you make a mistake in the Windows Registry, it can have a big impact on how your computer works. Sage is not liable for any problems that occur as a result of incorrectly editing the Windows Registry. Before implementing complex solutions, make a backup of your data.

    1. Turn off the East Asian language support in your Microsoft Windows by following the steps below:

    Turn off East Asian Language Support

    Sage 50 Install error 1324

    Perform the below given steps one-by-one and not to worry about the error occurred:

    For Windows XP

    Region and Lanuage Setting

    💠 Go to the control panel of your system.
    💠 Now select the Regional and language option.
    💠 You can see a Advanced Tab there.
    💠 Open it and then select the English for the non-Unicode programs in the drop down menu.
    💠 Finally click on OK and then restart the PC.

    Windows Vista or 7

    💠 Open the Region and Language option in the Control Panel.
    💠 From here go to the Administrative tab.
    💠 Now click on the Change system Locale option.
    💠 Now select the English language.
    💠 Click on the OK option and restart the PC.

    Windows 8/8.1/10

    💠 For the desktop version go to the control panel.
    💠 Select the Clock, language and Region option.
    💠 From here go to the Region option.
    💠 Now click on the Administrative tab, which is on the top.
    💠 From here select the option Change system Locale which is under the option
    💠 Language for non-Unicode Programs.
    💠 Select the English as the Western language.
    💠 Click on OK option and then restart the system.

    2. Now you will have to install the Sage 50 Accounting.
    3. Copy the simply folder from the installation CD to the C drive.
    4. Now restart your system in the Safe mode with the networking.
    5. From here install the Sage 50 Accounting from the Simply folder which is on the C drive.
    6. From the C drive install the Sage 50 Accounting software again.

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    We hope the above post helps you to fix Sage 50 Install Error Code 1324 and you can make the successful installation of your Sage software. But in case you need some additional help regarding the Sage 50 installation then it is suggested you to reach out to the Sage Experts. Sometimes the Sage customer Support is unable to respond back to the user due to some circumstances. In that condition you can contact the Accounting Problem. We are the Sage alternative consultancy who provide Sage support to the Sage customers worldwide. To connect with us you just need to dial the toll free Sage technical support number . We are always here for you.

    💠Frequently Asked Questions

    Can We Overcome Sage 50 Install Error Code 1324 If I Install The Software Under A Different Profile? If Yes Then How?

    Ans: Yes, you can try to check whether you can install the software utilizing an alternative user account:

    💠 Initially, press Windows + R keys together from your keyboard to open the Run dialog
    💠 Next, type the “logoff” and then hit the “Enter” key
    💠 Now, try to login with another user (if approachable)
    💠 If you don’t have another record, you can try to create one
    💠 And finally, try to install the software once again.

    Will The Fixing Of The Shell Folders Via Registry Resolve Sage 50 Install Error Code 1324?

    Ans: It may help sometimes when none of the ways work out. You can try to fix the Shell Folders via Registry:

    💠 The very first, open the Run dialog by pressing Windows + R keys from your console
    💠 Next, type, the “Regedit” and then hit Enter
    💠 The Registry Editor will open up

    In the Windows Registry, navigate to the accompanying area:

    💠 Software
    💠 Microsoft
    💠 Windows
    💠 CurrentVersion
    💠 Explorer u
    💠 Shell Folders
    💠 Make that the Value data is set to “C: Usersusername>Documents” in the “Personal” esteem. Your true username would go where it says username>. For example, if your username is “jsmith,” you’ll need to specify “C:UsersjsmithDocuments”
    💠 Restart your computer after closing the Registry Editor
    💠 Try once again to install the software if necessary

    Are There Any Other Errors Caused By A Language Conflict Between Sage 50 And The Windows Operating System, Other Than Error 1324?

    Ans: Yes, you can get ‘Error 1609: this error occurred while implementing security settings’ in addition to error 1324, this error also caused due to language conflict. If your Windows Operating System version is set to a non-English language, users and groups are not valid.