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Sage 50 Decline Error 000062

    Sage Error 000062

    Everyday millions of transaction happen all over the world. Many transactions fail due to some error or the other. Few declines cannot be resolved immediately and need to be addressed by professionals to resolve them.

    There are Two Types of Bank Errors:

    • Decline Error: These types of errors arise when the bank declines the payment due to some reasons like card expiry, wrong card number, insufficient balance in the account or the place of payment i.e. there are certain restrictions in the type of business where the card can be used are known as the decline errors.
    • Gateway Rejections: This type of errors happens when the bank blocks the customer’s card. It implies that transaction has not cleared verification request as set by the gateway. The rejection may happen while processing or after authorization of the request.

    Service Industry code or SIC used by every business, which is a four digit number is for representing the merchants business and industry type. By using SIC code, the business commits to operate as a responsible business and ensures high level of customer satisfaction.

    Sage error code 00062 is the invalid service code; and falls under the bank error category. The Sage 50 error code 00062 occurs when the bank refuses to make the payment or the card is used in certain places where it is not supposed to be used for payment. The declined payment is considered as unsuccessful transaction. In such cases, customer should contact with the bank for further queries and bank may suggest some alternate payment methods.

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    When the Error Occurs, Customers may Find the following Display:

    Transaction code000062
    Transaction messageDecline

    Steps for Fix Sage 50 Error Code 000062

    • Certain cards have some restrictions like it has to be used in certain types of businesses only. For example, FSA cards cannot be used in other places other than pharmacy and EBT cards are only used in grocery.
    • The SIC code that is discussed above indicates the customer industry type.
    • The error code also implies that it is the declination of customer card from payment which also means that the card cannot be used for any further transaction.

    Conclusion :

    If there are further queries regarding the error, please feel free to contact our Sage Support. Sage software has unparallelly benefits as it is loaded with extraordinary features which are essential for the growth of small business. So it is important to deal with Sage error code promptly as it is an integral part of business. To resolve the error, one can contact our Sage Experts at the toll free number and get the queries resolved 24*7. With their experience and expertise, get your queries resolved quickly.

    👉 Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. How can I Force Quit my Sage 50?

    Ans : First of all, Select Ctrl, Alt, then Delete. Then, click on Start Task Manager. Next, click on the Processes tab. Finally, locate the Peachw.exe file. Right-click on Peachw.exe and tap on End Process or End Task.

    Q 2. How can I find the Serial Number of my Sage 50?

    Ans : You can check the serial number inside your Sage 50 product.
    Steps you need to follow: 
    ▪ First, click “Help”
    ▪ Then, Select About Sage 50 Accounting from the top toolbar.

    Q 3. Can I Install Sage Instant Accounts on two of my Computers?

    Ans : Each Sage Drive user is allowed to install the software on one other device to facilitate sharing the Sage Accounts data through Sage Drive. You have to install the software on another computer, in the same or a different location, using backup and restore to move the data between the two of your computers.