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How to Fix Sage Error Code E02

    We are going to talk about Sage error code e02 in this particular blog. This issue is related to the printer when the printer overheats or the paper is not properly inserted into the input tray, resulting in error code e02. Therefore the paper feed rollers are unable to pick up the paper from the paper tray. Don’t panic! This blog post gives you a brief introduction to Sage error code e02, signs of the error, troubleshooting steps to fix it easily and few important tips to avoid the error code e02 to happen again. Stay Tuned!

    What is Sage Error Code e02?

    It is a printer issue that often happens when you are using a canon printer in your Sage software. Canon is one of the trusted well-known printers that provide high-quality printing facilities. At times, Sage error code e02 troubles you when you’re trying to print invoices, receipts, reports, etc. It is a common error that isn’t going to harm your device.

    Signs of the Sage Error Code e02

    There are multiple warning signs that occur before the error and it is important to be aware of them. Take a look at the following:

    ✔ The printer is not printing correctly

    ✔ The issue related to fusion

    ✔ Leakage of ink

    ✔ The printer has become overheated

    Troubleshoot Sage Error Code e02 with Following Steps

    The steps suggested below are easy and simple to execute. They will undoubtedly be going to assist you in resolving the error code e02 as quickly as possible.

    Total Time: 40 minutes

    Disconnect the Network Connection

    You must put your system into relax mode to recover this issue. You simply need to turn off the printer’s network connection.

    Check the Ink Cartridge

    When the printer is overheated, the ink in the printer is also affected. And, in case you didn’t know, ink is heat-sensitive. Due to the extreme compression caused by heat, ink leakage occurs, resulting in an empty ink cartridge. So, go to the Cartridge section and see if the ink is leaking; if it is, either change the cartridge or clean the printer well.

    Check the Tray

    Also, ensure that the printer tray isn’t overflowing with paper. Remove half of the sheets from your printer if it is overwhelmed with them. Don’t stuff too many papers in there. It will cause damage to your device.

    Remove the Cables

    Remove the cords from the printer after turning it off, and if you have a LAN wire connected, remove it as well.

    Look for the Paper

    Also, look inside the printer to see if there’s any paper stuck inside. If you come across any paper or scrap, carefully remove it. If you try to pull the paper, it will only get halfway through the printer, causing damage to the printer’s delicate parts. As a result, you should gently remove the scarp or paper.

    Restart Printer

    It’s now time to turn the printer back on. Simply connect the printer’s cables, plug in the wire, and switch on the printer. Connect your printer to an appropriate internet connection once it has turned on.
    ✔ Check to see whether the internet is connected to any other devices.
    ✔ Also, make sure there aren’t any obstacles between your device and the router.

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    Important Tips:

    Make a note of the following points to avoid making this error again:-

    ✔ When the printer is not needed, do not turn it on.

    ✔ Printing a large number of files at the same time is not a good idea.

    ✔ Do not force yourself to print if you suspect something is amiss with your printer.

    ✔ If the print feels hot to the touch, don’t print it and give your printer a chance to cool down.

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    Hopefully, this blog is useful for you and helps you rectify the Sage error code e02 with ease. If in any case you will be stuck somewhere or get confused then just feel free to make us a call on Sage Customer Helpdesk. Our experts will definitely help you by providing instant solutions to you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the Common Ways to Remove the Printing Issues in Sage Software?

    You can apply the following troubleshooting to fix the common printing problems in Sage:
    ☛ Verify the Margin Settings
    ☛ Verify the printer spool setting
    ☛ Verify the printer driver
    ☛ Rename the General key.

    What is the Additional Troubleshooting to Fix Sage Error Code E02?

    You can try the following troubleshooting, if the above steps won’t resolve the error code e02:
    ☛ If the message appears when trying to access a saved print file, re-create the file.
    ☛ Check that the check stock is in the correct tray of the printer. The checks may not print properly if they are loaded in the manual tray.
    ☛ PING the network printer to see if it’s up and running and fully accessible via the network connection.
    ☛ Using the Page Setup button in the top left of the Print Preview; you may access the Crystal Report margins.

    How Do I Verify that the Correct Printer Driver is Installed?

    The below steps help you to verify that the correct printer driver is installed:
    ☛ Select the Start >>> Settings >>> Printers from the Start menu
    ☛ Right-click the printer you want to look at the drivers for and select Properties
    ☛ To examine the printer driver in the Driver box, go to the Advanced tab
    ☛ Check to see if the driver is configured to PCL 5e
    ☛ To exit, click the Ok button.

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