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Sage Exchange Error – Not Able To Send Payment

    Sage Exchange Error Code

    All About Sage Exchange Error Not Able To Send Payment

    Sage 50 exchange error is an all-in-one payment manager, which can handle anything and everything related to payments. Not only does Sage Exchange allow you to pay to your customers or dealers, it also manages backed operations related to cash flow. So, instead of maintaining hundreds of spreadsheets and accounts, the Sage Exchange stores up all information in one sheet, thereby giving an opportunity for the users to compare or manage their finance efficiently.

    Sage exchange software comes with the promise of the back-up of Sage technical support team, whenever there is a requirement. Hence, in case of any error messages being displayed or the Sage exchange software not working, a call to the customer service number can fix up the issue immediately. While errors can be fixed with a call, they can also be resolved at our end, through some simple and well-documented steps.

    The Sage Exchange is the Sage product which manages the payments. This all in one payments system is fast, easy and secure system which makes your work easier. The Sage Exchange basically accepts and processes most forms of the payments. And the best part is that there is no cost with your Sage Payment Solutions merchant account. You can manage and have the access to all the types of the payments you offer your customers from just one place. It helps in improving your revenue. It is a time saving and consolidates all the payment types and their location just into a single screen and just with a single sigh-on. Sage Exchange even connects the payments with your back office. Thus it gives you a real-tile view of all your cash flow and the types of the payment you accept. Even though it manages all your cash flow, you may have some query regarding the working and processing of it. In that case, you can get in touch with the In that case, you can get in touch with the sage customer support by dialing their  Sage tech support phone number  . by dialing their Sage tech support phone number .

    What Is Sage Exchange Error?

    Sage accounting solution is a comprehensive package for any business. While a user can handle all the financial transactions and unlimited access to the benefits that Sage software offers, there are times when a technical error can cause an interruption in the work and the transaction being made.

    Exchange errors, or more commonly called the Sage Exchange error, refers to such technical errors or glitches that appears when a user tries to make a payment. Although it is not a common problem, many times, a simple mistake in keying in the bank account number or any other details can create technical errors. The technical errors come with definite codes for identification and can be handled by the Sage tech support team from their end when called for help. There are many exchanges or decline codes, and resolving them just takes a little time and patience at our end.

    The Sage Exchange is a wonderful product but there some situation when a sage user can encounter some errors like Sage Exchange Desktop error or Sage Exchange Error Code X901000. Even Sage Decline code 000005 also comes under the Sage Exchange error. The Decline codes are basically the bank errors.

    For instance, if, as a user, you encounter an error message with code – Sage error 000005, there are always solutions which can be tried at our end. Let us look at the steps that can appropriately be applied to this, to resolve the issue.

    Sage Exchange Error Massage

    Sage Exchange Error codes are the errors whichoccurs when a user is trying to make a payment using Sage Pay API.

    Error: “The Sage Exchange Desktop service is unavailable because your Internet connection is not working”

    Sage Payment Decline Codes
    63Decline code 000063
    Bankcard Gateway Decline Codes
    Chase Paymentech Decline codes
    Sage Payment Decline code 000000
    Sage Payment Decline code 000001
    Sage Payment Decline code 000002
    Sage Payment Decline code 000003
    Sage Payment Decline code 000004
    Sage Payment Decline code 000005
    Sage Payment Decline code 000006
    Sage Payment Decline code 000006 – ERROR 0008
    Sage Payment Decline code 000007
    Sage Payment Decline code 000015
    Sage Payment Decline code 000019
    Sage Payment Decline code 000028
    Sage Payment Decline code 000041
    Sage Payment Decline code 000043
    Sage Payment Decline code 000051
    Sage Payment Decline code 000054
    Sage Payment Decline code 000057
    Sage Payment Decline code 000061
    Sage Payment Decline code 000062
    Sage Payment Decline code 000065
    Sage Payment Decline code 000078
    Sage Payment Decline code 000091
    Sage Payment Decline code 000093
    Sage Payment Decline code 000096
    Sage Payment Decline code 0000CV
    Sage Payment Decline code 0000N7
    Sage Payment Decline code 0000R1
    Sage Payment Decline code 20005
    Sage Payment Decline code 313
    Sage Payment Decline code Final
    Sage Payment Decline code: 000014
    Sage Payment Decline/Error Codes For All POS Systems And Applications
    Sage Payment Decline: AVS Failure
    Sage Payment Error code 0000EA
    Sage Payment Error Code 930000
    Sage Payment Error Code: ERROR CVD 248
    Sage Payment Error: MAX SALE EXCEEDED
    Sage Payment Error: MIN SALE EXCEEDED
    Sage Payment Resolving Decline code 000014 with Sage Exchange Desktop
    Sage Payment TSYS Error Codes
    What does hold card or hold call mean?

    Steps for Fix Sage Exchange Error

    Before going into the solution, one needs to remember that each problem on the Sage exchange software is coded as an error and each error has a specific reason or cause for appearing unless you have a connectivity issue.

    For Sage Error 000005, the code is a DECLINE CODE, which appears because your bank does not honor this transaction or cannot allow it. The payment which you have picked to complete cannot be authorized by the bank. The reason may be because of insufficient funds (that appears with a 0000051 code, although), or anything unknown. The best possible solution is to call up the bank to get the details on the account, and the payment details. Also, ask the customer for whom the payment is being made, to contact their bank for the cause of decline.

    Causes of Any Decline Code May Be Due To The Following Reasons:

    • Wrong credentials being keyed in
    • The card has expired
    • Insufficient funds in the user’s bank account
    • Problem with the location
    • Violating Fraud rules of your bank

    If you are looking especially for Sage Error code 000005, call in the bank for details and wait for a few hours, or at least a day before attempting to make the transaction again.

    For other error codes, such as 000051 (transferring sufficient funds can resolve this issue) or Sage error 000057, calling up the bank can manage the issue directly from your end. Although, call up the Sage technical support team to ensure you understand the issue and know how to resolve it.

    Steps for Resolve Sage Error Code 10

    Another error code that the users of Sage accounting software can encounter is the error code 10.

    The Sage Error Code 10 indicates – Invalid Merchant ID or invalid MKey. The error code appears when you are making the payment. Since a merchant ID or the Mkey column has to be filled up while making the transaction, a mistake in the numerical or any other part of the key can generate this error.


    The best way to resolve this issue at your end is to follow the below-mentioned steps:

    • On the column given for Merchant ID and Key or Mkey, delete the entries already present.
    • Click ‘OK’ to save the changes. Now, the column for MKey is empty. Find out the correct right key on the top, right corner of the monthly statement in Sage page.
    • Enter this original key without error, and click ‘SAVE’.

    Try to make the same payment again, to check if the error message persists and the nature of Error is the same. (it is giving the message as error 10)

    The MKey need to be first deleted and then re-entered and saved, for the error to be resolved. There are no ‘EDIT’ options available in Sage Accounting Software to exchange one Merchant ID and key for the other. Remember to ‘Save’ the Mkey when you have entered the correct digits.

    Other Exchange Error Codes:

    Apart from 10, 51, 57 and 5, there are some otherDECLINE ERROR CODES that can appear while making payment on Sage Accounting software. Errors like 04, 41, 07 and 43 appear when you have one or more problems similar relating to:

    • Card lost or stolen or is flagged for pickup from the issuing bank

    If this happens, it is better to call the bank or the numbers available at the back of the card, to report the issue and ask for an alternative. The Sage experts or the Sage customer support team can guide you through the process. Call in the Sage Customer Support numbers provided to resolve the decline errors immediately.

    When a user encounters the error “Unable to start Communication Service”. It generally occurs in the Sage Exchange Desktop 1.0.


    When this error occurs it means that either you or your application is trying to run more than one case of the Sage Exchange Desktop. In such situation you can follow the steps below:

    • There is a Sage Exchange Desktop icon on your window.
    • Right click on it.
    • Now select the Exit option.
    • Now you will have to right click on your system tray.
    • Select the Task Manager.
    • Click on the Process tab in the Task manager.
    • Now you will have to scroll down until you reach the Sage Exchange Desktop.
    • Now right click on the Sage Exchange Desktop.
    • Select the End Task option.
    • Now you will have to scroll until you reach the Sage Exchange Legacy server.
    • Now right click on the Sage Exchange Legacy Server.
    • Select the End Task option.
    • Go to the Start menu now.
    • Select the Programs option.
    • You will have to open the Sage Payment Solutions folder.
    • Finally click on the Sage Exchange Error.

    Now after following the above steps you can resolve this error. But even after resolving the errors you have some queries, you can contact the Accounting Problem for assistance. Their sage toll free technical support number. The Sage expert will definitely come to your aid.

    Final Words :

    Our Sage technical support team offers a complete solution to all problems related to the software However, they provide you with a ticket and revert back again with the solution, as and when the problem is resolved. The support team’s toll free number and they offer 24 *7 assistance for all issues relating to the Sage software.