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How to Fix TurboTax 1152 error Extracting to the Temporary Location Extracting?

    TurboTax 1152 Error Extracting

    When a user stores data in a system using a software application, it is expected that those details are retrieved or extracted easily when needed.

    TurboTax 1152 error extracting issues are quite commonly faced by users when it comes to retrieving information from the system whenever it is required.

    There are instances when users need certain data to be extracted to make sure a particular program is installed properly. These files to be retrieved need to be kept in a temporary folder for use. But the 1152 TurboTax error restricts files to be extracted to the location.

    Factors to Consider Before Trying Professional Fixing Methods

    Instead of trying different methods of fixing errors instantly, it is important to make sure that users consider some of the vital points and check their software requirements or minor tricks to resolve the issue. Given to this facet of resolving the error, here are some factors that you can consider before you go for a professional fixing of the TurboTax 1152 error extracting the files or data.

    • Make sure the operating system you’re using supports the software (TurboTax here) you want to install
    • Try deleting the content that is already in the temp folder
    • Ensure plugging in the device only after you have installed vendors software and drivers
    • Try disabling antivirus from your system temporarily in case you are using one. This may resolve your TurboTax 1152 error extracting issue

    Fixing TurboTax 1152 Error Extraction

    If you have tried all the four options mentioned in the above section and you are still facing the problem, you can follow the following method to fix the TurboTax 1152 error extraction:

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    Solution for TurboTax 1152 Error

    The first and the most preferred option for fixing the TurboTax 1152 error extracting is to run disk clean up. This will help you get rid of the system files and folders that you don’t want any more. The removal will also include the temporary files. To clean your disk, you are expected to follow the following steps:

    1. Open Disk Cleanup. To do so:
    2. Click on the Start menu
    3. Go to All Programs
    4. Choose Accessories
    5. Select System Tools
    6. Click on Disk Cleanup
    7. Disk Cleanup Options dialog box opens. There, you:
    8. Choose whether you want to clean up your own files or the files on the system/computer
    9. Verify your authorization when asked. A prompt may ask you for an administrative password or confirmation for administrative permission
    10. Type the password or provide confirmation
    11. For further Disk Cleanup:
    12. Drive Selection dialog box appears
    13. Select the hard disk drive to be cleaned
    14. Click OK
    15. To delete:
    16. Click the Disk Cleanup tab
    17. Select the check boxes for files you wish to delete
    18. Click OK
    19. Confirm the above steps by clicking Delete Files

    Other Recommendations

    Once the above-mentioned steps are performed, it is recommended to users to clean book and then reinstall the program and check if the TurboTax 1152 error still persists. You can run the software setup.exe to check the same.

    If you perform the steps to resolve the 1152 extracting error and find that the problem continues to restrict your installation, you should contact our TurboTax customer support team. However, when you’re using our products and services, we make sure you don’t face any issues. We are there to help you 24*7.

    We provide efficient technical support services to customers who show complete faith in us. With our effective and instant TurboTax helpdesk support, we never disappoint our customers. You can reach us at at any hour of the day and our TurboTax technical support team executives will guide you through the solution process step-wise.