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Fixing Sage Error Forgot Sage Drive Password

    Forgot Sage Drive Password

    The Forgot Sage 50 Drive Password error message appears while you are trying to connect to your Sage account. The error message normally reads, ‘You have entered an incorrect encryption password. If you have not been given this password, please contact the data owner’. Alternately you may also see the message, ‘The encryption password has been changed’.

    If you have more than one Sage account, you need to check if you are facing the same issue with your other accounts as well. If not, then proceed with resetting your password in the account where you are facing the issue.

    It is also important that you have a stable internet connection for your Sage Drive to function properly. Therefore, always maintain an internet connection with good speed of 4 Mbps or more for downloads and 2 Mbps or more for uploads.

    Causes of Sage Error Forgot Sage Drive Password

    Forgetting password is a common problem in all secured online platforms, be it email accounts, social site accounts, online banking accounts and commercial application software like Sage among others. There can be different reasons for the ‘Forgot Sage Drive Password’ message to appear:

    • It could be the simplest of instances – you forgot the password for your Sage Drive
    • You may be using the Sage Drive for the first time and do not know your password
    • You are setting up your Sage account for the first time

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    Steps for Fix Sage Error Forgot Sage Drive Password

    • In the ‘additional information’ section, click on link to the Sage Drive Management Center.
    • Choose ‘Forgot Password’ to reset your password
    • Type in your email address and answer the security question.

    Important – Keeping the page will ensure that you don’t have to start the process all over again, which can happen if you close or leave the page.

    • Check your email for the verification code and copy the code
    • On the page where Sage has asked you for the code, enter the code
    • Thereafter enter your new password and re-confirm the password in the given fields
    • Check if you are able to access your Sage Drive

    On all computers where you have installed Sage software you need to have the latest version of the software.

    Final Words :

    Contact our experienced Sage technical support team on the toll free number to make any inquiry or for further assistance with any issues related to Sage. The Sage technical support team is a third-party consultancy that provides critical assistance worldwide. The members of the Sage help desk team are highly trained, skilled and experienced.

    👉Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. Why is a Password Necessary to Access the Sage 50 Drive?

    Ans : When you try to connect to your Sage account, the error message Forgot Sage 50 Drive Password displays. ‘You have entered an invalid encryption password,’ says the error notice most of the time. Please contact the data owner if you have not been provided this password.’ Alternatively, the warning ‘The encryption password has been changed’ may appear.

    If you have more than one Sage account, you should check to see if the problem is occurring in all of them. If it doesn’t work, try resetting your password in the account that’s giving you trouble.

    Q 2. Why should I keep the Page Open Instead of Closing it?

    Ans :  Keeping the page will prevent you from having to repeat the process, which may occur if you close or exit the page.

    The newest version of Sage software must be installed on all machines where Sage software is installed.

    For your Sage Drive to operate effectively, you must also have a reliable internet connection. As a result, I always have an internet connection with a decent download speed of 4 Mbps or more as well as an upload file of 2 Mbps or more.

    Q 3. What can Cause the Sage Error to Forget the Sage Drive Password?

    Ans : It might be anything as easy as forgetting your Sage Drive password. You may have been a first-time Sage Drive user who has forgotten your passcode. For the very first time, you’re creating a Sage account.

    Open the link to the Sage Drive Management Center in the ‘further information’ section. To verify your account, select ‘Forgot Password.’ Fill out the form with your email address as well as the security question.